Fiscal Year Summary Report DateDate of IncidentCompanyPreliminary Description of Incident
FY 201010/02/0909/20/09OZ Technology, Inc., Rathdrum, ID 83858Decedent was working inside a mobile home, mixing propane and butane to make a substitute refrigerant. A fire occurred. The cause of death was determined to be carbon monoxide asphyxiation.
FY 201010/02/0909/21/09Dennis Powell Loggin, St. Maries, ID 83861Decedent was driving a log truck uphill to pick up a load of logs. The truck left the road and went 200 feet down a hill. Decedent was thrown for the truck.
FY 201010/02/0909/23/09Hines Construction Company, Sparta, GA 31087Employees were installing roof trusses 20 feet from ground level, when 50 trusses fell in a domino effect crushing the employees. One employee fatality and to employees were hospitalized.
FY 201010/02/0909/24/09U E Power Train dba Bucks Engines, Amarillo, TX 79109Decedent was observed standing behind the parts counter, conscious but bleeding from the head.
FY 201010/02/0909/25/09Innovative Masonry, LLC, Hoboken, NJ 07030Decedent fell 4-ft, 8-inches off a platform, striking his head.
FY 201010/02/0909/25/09St. Peter Catholic Church, Deland, FL 32720Decedent was cleaning the grout on the walls with a pressure washer, containing water, and was overexposed to carbon monoxide.
FY 201010/02/0909/25/09Tyson Foods - River Valley Animal Foods, Scranton, AR 72863Decedent was dumping a load of offal from a tractor trailer. He was in the process of dumping offal into a bin when the tailgate malfunctioned. Decedent was freeing the tailgate, it released, and the load swept the decedent into the offal bin. Decedent drowned in the bin.
FY 201010/02/0909/26/09Artistic Painting Company, Grand Praire, TX 75050Decedent was using a scaffold above 10 to 15 feet while painting. Instead of extending the scaffold, he used a step ladder on the scaffold, and feel off the scaffold.
FY 201010/02/0909/26/09UPS, Louisville, KY 40202The decedent returned from his break to his work area and was sitting when he fell over. He was transported to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead. It was determined the decedent died from natural causes.
FY 201010/02/0909/27/09Colorado Bell Hotel & Casino, Laughlin, NV 89028The decedent was not feeling well and left work early. While he was sitting waiting for the bus he collapsed and was non-responsive from an apparent heart attack. He was transported to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.
FY 201010/02/0909/28/09B & C Auto Inc., Davenport, IA 52806The decedent was removing a part from an elevated truck. The truck fell crushing the decedent.
FY 201010/02/0909/28/09Brinks, Inc., Evansville, IN 47711Decedent was assisting in unloading material when he fell from the back of the truck, striking his head.
FY 201010/02/0909/28/09Jacoby Feed & Seed, Melvin, TX 76858Employees were installing a tilt-wall into a trench. Decedent was inside the trench when the earth collapsed.
FY 201010/02/0909/28/09Nelson Brothers Construction Co., Eagle Mountain, UT 84005Decedent was operating a roller compactor on a grade. The compactor tipped over and fell on the decedent resulting in the decedent's death.
FY 201010/02/0909/28/09Zachary Construction Corp., Mansfield, LA 71052Decedent was walking across a tank and fell through a hatch into a tank of boiling water. He either drowned or died of thermal burns.
FY 201010/02/0909/29/09Macy's West, Las Vegas, NV 89107Decedent collapsed in the Macy's West store. CPR was performed. The decedent passed away at the hospital.
FY 201010/02/0909/30/09Hoffman Sawmill, Jasper, IN 46546Decedent was unloading logs from truck in sawmill yard. While releasing straps one of the logs rolled onto the employee.
FY 201010/02/0909/30/09Randy's Pro Landscaping Service, LLC, Milburn, NJ 07041Decedent was trimming a tree and fell 60 feet to the ground.
FY 201010/02/0909/30/09Weight Farm, Bellfonte, PA 16823Decedent was inside a silo loading the feeder from a ladder. He became wedged within the ladder cage in a fetal position and suffocated.
FY 201010/09/0909/19/09Escalera Maintenance Corporation, Las Vegas, NV 89123The worker was assigned to perform irrigation maintenance work in an apartment complex. The worker was asked by a couple moving for help moving furniture. While moving a piece of furniture, the worker got on the truck, fell to the ground and hit his head. The worker was taken to the hospital where he died 14 days later.
FY 201010/09/0909/25/09C & S Wholesale, Mauldin, SC 29607The worker was operating a pallet jack, when entering an intersection drove into the stairwell.
FY 201010/09/0909/30/09Mattress Discounters, Las Vegas, NV 89128The worker was found behind the sales counter unconscious and unresponsive. The worker was pronounced dead at the scene by the coroner's office at 4:30pm.
FY 201010/09/0910/01/09International Shipping Agency, Inc., San Juan, PR 00902Worker was run over by an intermodal container.
FY 201010/09/0910/01/09Odyssey Painting, McKees Rocks Bridge, Pier 16, McKees Rocks, PA 15136Worker was sandblasting under a bridge and fell 124-feet from a two-point suspension scaffold.
FY 201010/09/0910/01/09Price Gregory Construction, W. Monroe, LA 71292Worker was inside the engine compartment of a backhoe changing the filters and was struck by the counter weight of another backhoe.
FY 201010/09/0910/01/09Y O Ranch Partnership, Mountain Home, TX 78058Worker was loading a wild barrsinghuas into a holding pen. The animal gored the decedent in the leg and back.
FY 201010/09/0910/02/09Doherty Construction, Deerfield, IL 60015Worker was putting in metal studs and was found on the scissor lift.
FY 201010/09/0910/02/09Target, Lady Lake, FL 32159Worker was found unresponsive in the employee restroom.
FY 201010/09/0910/03/09Albuguerque Treatment Center, Albuquerque, NM 87121The worker was in route to the Bernalillo County Detention Center to dispense medication to inmates and was struck by another car on the I-40 Frontage Road.
FY 201010/09/0910/03/09T. A. Operating LLC dba Petro Lube Center, Jackson, MS 39201Worker was assigned to check out a semi-trailer's front right air bag. While positioned between the two trailer axles, he was struck on the head by the left front air bag's base cup.
FY 201010/09/0910/04/09Frontier Drilling, Salem, WV 26426Worker was performing work on a gas drilling rig and was struck in the chest by a drill pipe.
FY 201010/09/0910/05/09Butler, Fairman & Seufert, Inc.The worker was measuring the roadway as part of the painting process when struck by a vehicle.
FY 201010/09/0910/05/09Holts Mechanical, San Antonio, TX 78219Worker was carrying tools to the other side of a metal corrugated roof and fell 25-feet through one of the skylights.
FY 201010/09/0910/05/09Marine Fabrication and Repair, Houma, LA 70360Worker was performing welding duties aboard a marine vessel. An electrode from his welding equipment contacted the sweat on his neck, causing an electric shock.
FY 201010/09/0910/05/09McPherson Electric, Tallahassee, FL 32305Worker was electrocuted.
FY 201010/09/0910/06/09Ace Flooring, Inc., Mesa, AZ 85205The worker was crushed under a 12-foot long, 3-inch diameter carpet roll.
FY 201010/09/0910/06/09Daughtry Tree Service, Archer, FL 32501Worker was trimming trees and was electrocuted, after the aerial lift contacted an overhead powerline, causing the bucket truck to become energized.
FY 201010/09/0910/06/09Kroy Industries, Inc., Ulysses, KS 67880Worker was operating a line 2 extrusion machine and was struck by a plug at the end of the line.
FY 201010/09/0910/07/09Buckhorn, Inc., Springfield, MO 65803Worker was cleaning the hardened plastic from the mold. He was standing in between the mold plates when the machine started and was crushed between the mold plates.
FY 201010/09/0910/07/09Fox and Hound English Pub and Grille, Parma, OH 44129Worker was cleaning a pizza oven and was found later, unresponsive in the break room.
FY 201010/09/0910/07/09Golden Strip Transfer, Inc., North Charleston, SC 29408Worker was locking down a shipping container to the bed of his truck and was struck by the rubber tire crane.
FY 201010/09/0910/07/09Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Las Vegas, NV 89101The worker was traveling in a patrol vehicle when the patrol vehicle left the road, struck a stationary object and rolled over. The worker was taken to the hospital where he later died.
FY 201010/09/0910/07/09Pages Creek Marine Services, Inc., Wilmington, NC 28411The worker used a set of 2-ton underslung hoists to raise a boat on a trailer. The boat fell, crushing the worker between the boat and the left rear of the trailer.
FY 201010/09/0910/07/09Werner Construction, Inc., Norfolk, NE 68701Worker was washing flights on an auger of a concrete machine and was pulled into the flights of the auger.
FY 201010/09/0910/08/09Wayne's Plumbing, Taylor, TX 76574Worker was under a home doing plumbing work in a tunnel, dug under the concrete foundation using an electrical shovel type drill, and was electrocuted.
FY 201010/09/0910/09/09Duckels Construciton Inc., Steamboat Springs, CO 80487Worker was struck by a pipe cap in the back.
FY 201010/09/0910/09/09Radley Electric, Sour Lake, TX 77659Employees were splicing a de-energized downed oil field line. The oil field line got into a 7300-volt line, electrocuting one worker.
FY 201010/16/0909/14/09Rio Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, NV 89103The worker complained of a headache and was transported to the hospital. The worker passed away from natural causes on September 24, 2009.
FY 201010/16/0909/16/09Rocky Mountain Roofing Company, Albuquerque, NM 87114The worker was installing metal coping at the roof edge when he lost his balance and fell tot he ground. The worker was hospitalized and died on October 9, 2009.
FY 201010/16/0910/12/09Cliff's Auto Service Center, Springtown, TX 76082Worker was changing a fluorescent overhead light and was electrocuted.
FY 201010/16/0910/12/09Hill Construction Corp., San Juan, PR 00908Worker fell 70-feet into a gap that was on the formwork while removing the excess plaster.
FY 201010/16/0910/12/09Masonry Preservation Group, Inc., Philadelphia, PA 19103Worker was in the cage of an aerial lift with the boom extended 95-feet when the lift tipped over, falling to the ground.
FY 201010/16/0910/12/09Reilly Construction Co. Inc., Ossian, IAThe worker was replacing a pivot pin on the equalizer bar under a bulldozer. The bulldozer was supported with jack stands. The worker was under the bulldozer when it fell off the jack stands and crushed him.
FY 201010/16/0910/13/09Lambert Roofing, Paisley, FL 32767Worker was carrying tiles on residential roof. He backed up into an overhead power line and was electrocuted.
FY 201010/16/0910/14/09Diamond Jacks Casino & Resort, Bossier City, LA 71111Worker was investigating a water leak in a public stairwell between the 1st and 2nd decks. He opened a secured door leading to the exterior of the boat and fell through.
FY 201010/16/0910/14/09Material Sciences Corporation, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007Worker was wrapping an 18,000-lb steel coil while the coil was on an exit coil cart. The steel coil came off from the cart and fall on the worker.
FY 201010/16/0910/14/09Morgan Keller, Inc., Union Bridge, MD 21791Worker was crushed between a truck and a building.
FY 201010/16/0910/15/09Stamer, Inc. dba Fulton Plumbing, Heating, Air, Atlanta, GAWorker was working in an unprotected trench installing a sewer/water line. A portion of the trench caved in, fully engulfing the worker and trapping another employee, who was hospitalized.
FY 201010/16/0910/15/09Terra Engineering, Ltd., Peoria, IL 61604Worker was in the process of installing traffic counts and was hit by a motor vehicle.
FY 201010/16/0910/16/09Borggard Construction Corporation, Northboro, MA 01532Worker was working on a skid steer machine and was pinned between the arms of the machine and the machine frame.
FY 201010/16/0910/16/09Fellow Roofing, Ltd., Broadview, IL 60155Worker was performing roofing work on a low slope roof and fell through an unprotected skylight.
FY 201010/16/0909/06/10Village of Tarrytown Tarrytown, NY  10591Two workers were killed from a possible fall and/or oxygen deficiency while entering a permit-required confined space manhole.
FY 201010/16/0910/11/10Rose Hill Conference Center Nashville, NC  27856Worker was operating a small tractor that overturned and pinned him underneath.
FY 201010/16/0910/13/10BAE Systems, York, PA 17408Worker was operating an aerial lift and got caught between the lift and an overhead door's overhang.
FY 201010/16/0910/15/10Willoway Nurseries Inc., Huron, OH  44839Worker was operating his personal vehicle at a railroad crossing and was struck by a train.
FY 201010/16/0910/16/10(Company name not determined) Long Beach, CA 90603Fisherman was electrocuted on a boat at sea as he was changing a capacitor in a breaker box.  (U.S. Coast Guard is investigating.)
FY 201010/16/0910/17/10Haberle Steel Inc., Souderton, PA  18964Worker was crushed by a section of steel plate.
FY 201010/16/0910/18/10ArcelorMittal, Vinton, TX  79835Worker was lighting up a gas furnace.  An explosion occurred and the worker was struck on the head by falling debris.
FY 201010/16/0910/19/10Bush & Burchett, Inc., Catlettsburg, KY 41129Worker was measuring a grade for the bridge brackets, outside the life-line system, on the I-64 bridge when he fell approximately 30 feet to the ground below.  He was wearing a fall protection harness, but was not tied off.
FY 201010/16/0910/20/10Federouch Landscape Supply, Carnegie, PA 15106Worker without fall protection was replacing sections of a roof.  He fell through a 40-inch opening in the roof and down 31 feet to the ground.
FY 201010/16/0910/20/10Roy Case Construction, Mountain Pine, AR 71956Worker was operating crane when crane tipped.  Worker fell and was crushed between crane cab and a wall.
FY 201010/16/0910/21/10Qualico Steel Company, Inc. , Webb, AL 36376While changing and wiring two heaters, worker turned on electricity to check wiring.  He forgot to turn off the electricity and was electrocuted by 480 volts upon contact.
FY 201010/16/0910/21/10Wright Brothers Construction Company,Inc., Charleston, TN 37304Worker lost control of an articulating dump truck at a landfill.  The truck flipped over, pinning the operator under the motor compartment.
FY 201010/16/0910/22/10Alliance Electric LLC, Harpers Ferry, WV 25425Worker was holding end of the hose while pouring concrete from pump truck.  Truck's boom contacted overhead line, electrocuting worker.
FY 201010/16/0910/22/10Grayco Construction Co. of TN, LLC, Conway, AR 72032Worker had parked a water tank truck on an incline.  While filling the truck's tank, the truck rolled down the incline and over the worker.
FY 201010/16/0910/23/10TKH Northeast, Inc., Hornell, NY 14843Worker was operating an earth roller that tipped and crushed him.
FY 201010/16/0910/23/10Universal Plumbing, Augusta, GA 30904While worker was uncovering a sewer pipe with a shovel in a trench approximately 6 feet deep when the trench collapsed.
FY 201010/23/0907/21/09Marino Construction, San Juan, PR 00918Two workers were plastering walls at an elevated height of 150-feet, a mast scaffold was used as a working platform. The scaffold platform became loose and fell to the ground, killing the two workers.
FY 201010/23/0909/27/09Flat Top Ranch LLC, 2521 Fishhook Park Road, Prescott, WA 99348The worker was attempting to hook up a tractor grader to a semi that lost traction while ascending a hill. The grader was parked in front of the semi. The grader lost brakes, rolled back crushing the worker between the grader and the semi truck.
FY 201010/23/0910/02/09Oakwood Apts., Lake Jackson, TX 77566Worker was doing repairs on the roof of apartments using a 24-foot aluminum extension ladder. He descended from the ladder, stepping on the first step and fell 20-22 feet.
FY 201010/23/0910/07/09All About Care Heating & Air Conditioning, Winston Salem, NC 27107The worker was working on the roof on a home when the worker fell through a hole in the roof and hit his head against the concrete floor of the basement. He was transported to the hospital where he was pronounced dead on October 9, 2009.
FY 201010/23/0910/08/09AAA Seattle Best Autobody Inc., Seattle, WA 98133The worker was removing a bumper from a wrecked SUV. The worker jacked up the rear of the SUV and was underneath removing the bumper when the jack collapsed pinning the worker.
FY 201010/23/0910/08/09Town of Plainfield Polic Department, Plainfield, CT 06374The worker collapsed while responding to an aggressive dog call at a resident's address. The worker died 9 days later in the hospital.
FY 201010/23/0910/14/09Maderera Donestevez Inc., Carolina, PR 00979The worker was working on dispatching merchandise and was pinned against the merchandise by the fork lift being driven by another employee.
FY 201010/23/0910/15/09Color Corporation of America, Louisville, KY 40210The worker collapsed while filling production barrels. The worker was transported to the hospital where he later died.
FY 201010/23/0910/16/09JSJ Tile & Stone, Inc., Bradenton, FL 34209Worker was struck by a pick-up truck that was backing up from a warehouse.
FY 201010/23/0910/16/09Souter Construction, Menifee, AR 72107Worker fell off a boarding ramp to a docked tug and drowned.
FY 201010/23/0910/16/09Tri-County Trucking & Excavating, Hermann, MO 65041Worker was unloading a D76 Dozer and was trapped by the dozer.
FY 201010/23/0910/17/09Steve Bolin Logging, Hamburg, AR 71646Worker was waiting in line to be loaded out at a mill. He had exited his truck to check on something on the trailer in front of him. While doing so the truck pull forward. The trailer tires struck and traveled over the worker.
FY 201010/23/0910/17/09Wong Potatoes Inc., Merrill, OR 97603The worker was run over by a trailer while harvesting onions.
FY 201010/23/0910/18/09American Packaging Corp., Columbus, WI 53925Worker was using a hand-held grinder on floor bolts when sparks ignited flammable vapors in the area.
FY 201010/23/0910/18/09E & C Construction Oc., Newark, NJ 07104Worker fell 30-feet from a roof to the ground.
FY 201010/23/0910/18/09Mark-It Stripping Corp., Berywn, IL 60402Worker was marking a roadway for striping operations and was struck by an automobile.
FY 201010/23/0910/18/09Marlette Homes, Inc., Ledyard, CT 06339Worker was installing trimming and fell, hitting his head against the kitchen island.
FY 201010/23/0910/19/09Unknown, Broomfield, CO 80023Worker was doing construction operations and was struck by a road grader.
FY 201010/23/0910/20/09Dobson Brothers Construction Company, Lincoln, NE 68501During the interface between an asphalt paving machine and the asphalt truck, the rear tire of the truck exploded. The worker was struck be the exploding tire debris and release of pressure.
FY 201010/23/0910/20/09Hunter Maintenance & Leasing, Inc., Chicago, IL 60609Worker was replacing a hydraulic cylinder which raised the hopper of a street sweeping vehicle. The decedent had raised the hopper and was working within the framework, when the hopper dropped, crushing the worker between the hopper and the framework.
FY 201010/23/0910/20/09Sutherland Builders Inc., Penn Yan, NY 14527Worker was struck/crushed by walls and roof of a building after a dump truck fell onto the building.
FY 201010/23/0910/21/09Ace Roofing, Carbondale, CO 81623Worker was working in the attic space of a residential home securing a ventilation line and fell through the attic floor.
FY 201010/23/0910/21/09Harris Rathole Service, Midland, TX 79701Worker was holding the lid of a derrick truck while the derrick was being raised. The derrick contacted overhead power transmission lines and the worker was electrocuted.
FY 201010/23/0910/22/09Johnson Western Gunite Company, Kermit, WV 25674Worker was operating an excavator and was crushed after the wall collapsed on the excavator.
FY 201010/23/0910/22/09P & B Partitions, Inc., Verona, PA 15147Worker was in the process of moving a scissor lift using a lull to move it from floor to floor. Worker entered the scissor lift to drive it off the forks, a portion of the concrete plank landed on the worker, who was in the scissor lift.
FY 201010/23/0910/23/09Brug Electric, Golden, CO 80401Worker was working on a light fixture from a ladder 15-feet above the ground and fell, possible shock.
FY 201010/23/0910/23/09David Gooding Inc., Brockton, MA 02302Worker was sruck by an object that fell from a shelving rack.
FY 201010/23/0910/23/09TD & I Cable Maintenance, Lakeland, MN 55043The worker was pulling cables or cutting cables and hit a 13,000 line and was electrocuted.
FY 201010/30/0910/22/09Downey's Contracting LLC, Lexington, KY 40510The worker was descending a ladder when suddenly he collapsed to the ground. CPR was administered but the worker's heart did not respond. The coroner ruled out the fall as a cause of death.
FY 201010/30/0910/24/09Corrosion Control Specialist, Pascagoula, MS 39581Worker was dismantling a 40-foot high scaffold and fell.
FY 201010/30/0910/25/09CRI, Shawano, WI 55992 (Accident - Zumbrota Minnesota)Worker was unloading bulls from a truck into the chute. One bull kicked the gate, knocking the worker over, hitting his head on the concrete. There was traumatic head injury with brain swelling.
FY 201010/30/0910/25/09Gulf Stream Marine Inc., Brownsville, TX 78526Worker was unloading a vessel and was struck by a loose spinning cargo sling chain.
FY 201010/30/0910/26/09Insituform Technologies, Inc., West Hartford, CT 06107Worker was crossing a street to get to a work zone and was struck by a motor vehicle.
FY 201010/30/0910/26/09Val-O-Mo Farm, Inc., Elmwood, WI 54740Worker was operating a skid-steer cleaning out a dairy cattle barn near an outdoor manure slurry pit. The skid-steer and the worker fell off the end of the push-off platform into the manure slurry pit, trapping the worker in the vehicle. Worker died of suffocation due to inhalation of manure.
FY 201010/30/0910/27/09Hardin Memorial Hospital, Elizabethtown, KY 42701The worker had shortness of breath upon arriving at work. The worker was taken to the ER and went into cardiac arrest and died. The cause of death was cardiac arrest or pulmonary embolism.
FY 201010/30/0910/27/09J & M Trucking, Ely, NV 89301The worker was driving to Duckwater. The left front tire on the concrete blew out, which caused the truck to flip killing the worker.
FY 201010/30/0910/29/09Ceres-Midland, Fairmount, IN 46928The worker was trapped in a large auger attached to a grain silo.
FY 201010/30/0910/29/09Pike Electric, Inc., Mount Airy, NC 28719The worker was performing maintenance on a power line when he was electrocuted.
FY 201011/06/0910/22/09Linde Material Handling North America Corporation, Summerville, SC 29483A forklift mast fell on the worker.
FY 201011/06/0910/25/09A-Core Concrete Cutting Inc., Salt Lake City, UT 84111The worker completed jack hammering a small section of concrete when a vehicle on the freeway went through the work site barricades, struck the worker, dragging him before striking a concrete barrier. The driver fled the scene killing the worker.
FY 201011/06/0910/26/09Cemeterio Mayaguez Memorial, Inc., Mayaguez PR 00681The worker was moving and cutting marble and granite covers. While the worker was working on one cover, it fell on the worker killing him and injuring another employee and the owner.
FY 201011/06/0910/28/09Insulation Maintenance & Contracting, LLC, North Las Vegas NV 89030The worker was insulating pipes from a scissor lift, when co-workers noticed the worker collapsed and unresponsive. The worker was transported to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.
FY 201011/06/0910/28/09Twin City Fan Companies, Ltd., Pulaski, TN 38478 (Accident NC)The worker was working in a confined space fixing the motor to a fan. At 4:30 the worker collapsed while inside the confined space. Worker was taken to the hospital where the doctors say the brain activity has deteriorated and will probably not come back around. Worker is not deceased at this time.
FY 201011/06/0910/29/09D&M Construction, Chandler, IN 47610Worker was working alone replacing gutters, louver and other work prior to painting. The worker fell from a step ladder onto flat roof. The worker did not seek any medical attention at the time. The worker was found unresponsive that same night.
FY 201011/06/0910/29/09Twiggs & Twiggs, Monck Corner, SC 29461The worker was cutting the limbs of a felled tree. A tree being cut struck the worker.
FY 201011/06/0910/30/09Cooper Plastering, Inc., Bullard, TX 75757Worker was working from a mechanical mezzanine and fell 14-feet through a hole in the floor to the lower level.
FY 201011/06/0910/30/09Myers Contracting Company, New Carrollton, MDThe worker fell of of roof.
FY 201011/06/0910/30/09Seattle Police Department, Seattle, WA 98124The worker was shot multiple times in the head, neck and shoulder.
FY 201011/06/0910/30/09United Parcel Service, Inc., Lousville KY 40213While on lunch the worker suffered an asthma attack. The worker was taken to the hospital but did not survive.
FY 201011/06/0910/31/09Crowley-Sheppard Asphalt Co. Inc., Chicago Ridge, IL 60415Worker was flagging traffic in a road construction zone and was struck by a truck.
FY 201011/06/0910/31/09Roth Painting, LLC, Bellaire, OH 43906Worker was walking down steps from a utility room when he slipped or tripped.
FY 201011/06/0911/02/09BS Truckline, Inc., 4080 East Lake Mead Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89115The worker was travelling on a highway and his vehicle swerved off the highway, went airborne and hit an embankment causing the worker to sustain fatal injuries.
FY 201011/06/0911/02/09KBK Industries, LLC, Pfeifer, KS 67660Worker was delivering a fiberglass tank. He was retracting the knuckle boom on the crane back to travel position. The boom contracted a power line. Worker suffered injuries from electric shock.
FY 201011/06/0911/02/09McCabe Tree Service, Harwich, MA 02645Worker was on an aluminum extension ladder that had been extended 30-feet cutting limbs from a tree, lost his balance and fell.
FY 201011/06/0911/02/09Owensby & Kritkos, Inc., St. James, LA 70086Worker was working from scaffolding platform, while setting a ladder, lost his balance and fell through a 1-foot opening between the work platform and guardrail systems, 30-feet to the ground level.
FY 201011/06/0911/02/09Plaquemine Point Shipyard, Sunshine, LA 70780Worker was performing maintenance on a tank area within the dry docked barge and upon exiting the area complained of experiencing breathing difficulties.
FY 201011/06/0911/02/09Renaissance on Peachtree, Atlanta, GA 30319Worker was using a ladder to change a light bulb and fell from the ladder to the ground.
FY 201011/06/0911/03/09CHS Inc., Inver Grove Heights, MN 55077After unloading truck, worker went to next bay and struck a few vehicles and the building across from the delivery site.
FY 201011/06/0911/03/09US Aqua Vac, Inc., Deerfield, IL 60015Worker was diving under water cleaning a pond and drowned.
FY 201011/06/0911/03/09WL Construction, Inc., Western Springs, IL 60558Worker was placing a stepladder over a stairwell to retrieve wood from a job built scaffold. Worker was standing on the ladder when the ladder shifted and fell 14-feet into the concrete stairwell.
FY 201011/06/0911/04/09MJM Carpentry, Unionville, CT 06085Worker was setting steel beam in house foundation and making adjustments to level the beam. The beam dislodged from its support and fell onto the worker.
FY 201011/06/0911/04/09Penns Woods Tree Company, Allentown, PA 18109Workers were removing a tree by cutting the trunk into sections from an aerial bucket truck. The log was dropped 15 to 20-feet from the bucket, the worker operating the chipper had not cleared below and the log struck him on the head.
FY 201011/06/0911/05/09IHP Industrial, Inc., St. Joseph, MO 64503Worker was found on top of an air conditioning unit on a roof.
FY 201011/06/0911/05/09International Tank Co., Lima, OH 45804Worker fell 50-feet out of an Aerial Work Platform.
FY 201011/06/0911/05/09VNM Erector, Inc., Miami, FL 33126Worker was performing roadway repair and was struck by a vehicle.
FY 201011/13/0910/29/09William E. Lewis Logging, Inc., Greenville, NC 27834Worker was struck in the head by the top of a dead tree that was falling.
FY 201011/13/0910/30/09Greenman-Pedersen Inc., Edison, NJ 08837Worker was crushed by steam roller.
FY 201011/13/0911/02/09Randy Wagers dba R & B Roofing, Hyden, KY 47162The worker fell from the scaffold after being electrocuted. The worker died at the hospital while receiving treatment.
FY 201011/13/0911/03/09Wal-mart Store #58, Russellville, AR 72802Worker was in the process of removing a box that contained a bicycle from a storage rack. He was standing on the second or third step of a step ladder. The box fell forward and he fell from the ladder, striking his head on the floor.
FY 201011/13/0911/04/09K&W Aviation, La Porte, TX 77571Worker was riding on a golf cart, stood up and fell, hitting his head.
FY 201011/13/0911/06/09LAI Construction Services, Frederick, MD 21701Worker was backed over by bucket truck.
FY 201011/13/0911/06/09New Castle Hauling LLC, Foster, KY 41043The worker was operating a skidder during a logging operation when the skidder turned over. There were no witnesses. The worker was pinned under the skidder. Emergency services arrived and was pronounced dead.
FY 201011/13/0911/07/09Roger Schartz & Sons, Inc., Rose Creek, MN 55970Worker fell from top of truck and later died 11/8/2009.
FY 201011/13/0911/08/09Combe Laboratories, Inc., Rantoul, IL 61866Worker was looking up at a box performing work activities and passed out, hitting his head.
FY 201011/13/0911/09/09LU Incorporated, Clinton, TNTwo workers were checking tensioning on cables for a cable guardrail along the intestate when a pick-up truck pulling a trailer lost control and crossed the median striking both workers.
FY 201011/13/0911/09/09Wal-mart Supercenter, Las Vegas, NV 89123The worker collapsed in the dairy areas and was found unconscious and unresponsive by an employee. The worker was transported to the hospital where he was pronounced dead from an apparent heart attack.
FY 201011/13/0911/10/09Midwest Steel, Inc., Kansas CIty, MO 64108Worker was elevated in an aerial lift that collapsed.
FY 201011/13/0911/11/09Egenolf dba Horner Industrial Services, Indianapolis, IN 46225Worker was working alone and found by other employees having either fallen into or been inadvertently crushed by a moving part on a piece of equipment.
FY 201011/13/0911/11/09Quail, Inc., Springfield, IL 62703Worker was removing a tarp from his pickup truck and was struck by a wheel end loader, crushing him.
FY 201011/13/0911/12/09Garden City Coop, Inc., Dighton, KS 67839Worker was performing duty in a grain bin and was engulfed by grain.
FY 201011/13/0911/12/09Guardian Fiberglass Inc., Inwood, WV 25428Worker was found caught up in a roll up machine that tolls up fiberglass insulation.
FY 201011/13/0911/13/09O&G Industries, Inc., Hamden, CT 06518Worker was engaged in work activities including rough terrain forklift operations and construction work and was walking up an incline away from the Lull carrying a screw gun box and was struck by the right rear tire of the Lull.
FY 201011/13/0911/14/09Lopez Landscaping, San Antonio, TX 78266Worker was deep in a trench wrapping fence wire around the roots of an oak tree being transplanted. The wire broke and he was caught in a cave-in.
FY 201011/13/0911/14/09Miguel & Ulises Navarro, Suwanee, GA 30024Worker was re-roofing a home and while walking on the ridge of the roof, he slipped, falling to the deck below.
FY 201011/20/0906/09/09Canagra Food Inc. dba Conagra Snack Foods Division, Garner, NC 27529An explosion and collapse of the building structure resulted in 4 worker deaths with the fourth succumbing to his injuries 11/19/2009.
FY 201011/20/0910/20/09Gerald B. Denny, Oxford, NC 27565The worker was repairing a skylight on the roof. He fell through the skylight area to the concrete pad. The worker died on the scene.
FY 201011/20/0910/30/09KLN Enterprises, Inc., Perham, MN 56573Worker fell through open catwalk.
FY 201011/20/0911/02/09C.N. Construction, Inc., Killeen, TX 76549Worker was christmas treeing three roof opening frames and the frame at the bottom of the rigging came off the hook, striking the worker.
FY 201011/20/0911/09/09Keen Energy Services, Nacogdoches, TX 75961Worker contracted H1N1 flu.
FY 201011/20/0911/11/09Opportunity VIllage, ARC, Las Vegas, NV 89146The worker was working inside a rental car office. Worker was found unconscious by a customer near the office counter. He was transported to the hospital where he later died.
FY 201011/20/0911/16/09Big Lade Planting, Belle Glade, FL 33430Worker was driving a tractor pulling wagons in sugarcane harvesting, went off the road into a canal, drowning.
FY 201011/20/0911/16/09Bon Harbor Shell Station, Owensboro, KYWorker was fatally shot during the commission of a robbery.
FY 201011/20/0911/16/09John COllier Logging, Inc., Filmore, IN 46128Working at a private residence curring down trees, the worker was struck b a limb in the head and died.
FY 201011/20/0911/17/09Associated Marine Equipment, Manchac, LA 70421Worker was in the process of removing a boom from a crane and knocked out 2 bottom pins from the heel section. The heel section came down, striking the worker.
FY 201011/20/0911/17/09Bristol Tennessee Essential Services, Bristol, TN 37620The worker was climbing a utility pole to perform routine maintenance work and came into contact with a high voltage line.
FY 201011/20/0911/17/09Cactus Drilling, LLC, Elk City, OK 73644Workers (2) were struck by a load being raised by a crane when rigging spreader came loose.
FY 201011/20/0911/17/09Enterprise Holdings, Weymouth, MA 02188Worker was crushed by an automobile that was rolling backwards.
FY 201011/20/0911/17/09JJ Concrete, Inc., North Sioux CIty, SD 57049Worker was setting foundation forms. An excavated dirt wall caved in, burying and crushing him.
FY 201011/20/0911/17/09Moreau's Material Yard, Des Allemandes, LA 70030Worker was riding a lead system when the crawler crane tipped over causing him to be thrown from a platform, striking the boom of the crane.
FY 201011/20/0911/17/09Spring Kingdom, Inc., Houston, TX 77055-5402Worker was trapped and crushed by a concrete pallet.
FY 201011/20/0911/17/09Valcourt Building Services, Montclair, NJ 07044Worker was caulking an AC unit and fell off the balcony.
FY 201011/20/0911/18/09Brown Transport, Inc., West Alexandria, OH 45381Worker was dumping waste from papermill site that is being torn down, when dump trailer made contact with power lines. The worker exited the truck cab and was electrocuted.
FY 201011/20/0911/18/09Elevating Boats LLC, Houma, LA 70363Worker was in a nearby workshop when the boom of a 200-ton crane collapsed into the workshop fatally injuring the worker.
FY 201011/20/0911/18/09Pro Medica Health Systems, Toledo, OH 43606Worker was struck by a van that was backing in.
FY 201011/20/0911/18/09Topp Industries, Rochester, IN 46875The worker was removing a starter part. It slipped off the mandrill and fell onto the worker killing him.
FY 201011/20/0911/18/09Trico Excavating, Appleton, WIWorker was unloading pipe and was crushed between the pipe and front end loader.
FY 201011/20/0911/19/09Dal-Tile Corporation, Cincinnati, OH 45242Worker was transferring granite slabs and a slab fell, crushing the worker.
FY 201011/20/0911/19/09West Selden Construction, Incorporated, Boston, MA 02122Worker was in the process of climbing the frames of a scaffold to get to his work station and collapsed, falling 25-feet from the platform to the ground below.
FY 201011/20/0911/20/09Brubaker Transfer, Inc., Morton, IL 61550Worker was standing along side his semi-trailer, as it was being unloaded by a powered industrial truck. A bundle of steel weighing 2700-pounds fell, striking him.
FY 201011/20/0911/20/09Keen Energy Services, Nocogdoches, TX 75961Worker was part of a land based oil rig & natural gas well drilling rig crew and contracted the H1N1 flu.
FY 201011/20/0911/20/09Pittsburg Glass Works, Chillicothe, OH 45601Worker was operating an order picker and struck a rack, which pushed a pallet of glass onto the order picker.
FY 201011/20/0911/21/09Nomac Drilling, Inc., Miami, TXWorker was working the drilling board. A drill pipe came loose striking the worker on the head.
FY 201011/20/0911/21/09VT Halter Marine, Escatawpa, MSWorkers were using a thinner product to prepare the inner section of the bottom hull for painting. There was a fire/explosion killing two workers and hospitalizing two other workers.
FY 201011/27/0911/02/09NYSDOT Alder Creek Sub Residency, Alder Creek, NY 13301A New York State Department of Transportation Highway Maintenance worker, while working as a flagman in a work zone was struck b a motor vehicle.
FY 201011/27/0911/02/09Pfeiffer & Sons, La Porte, TX 77571Worker was in the process of installing a wireless point at a facility. He was using a 6-ft ladder to access the ceiling, fell backwards off the ladder, striking his head on the concrete floor.
FY 201011/27/0911/02/09Siu's Electric Coro., Honolulu, HI 96817Worker was crushed between a forklift and a parked flatbed truck.
FY 201011/27/0911/10/09Purchase College, Purchase, NY 10577The worker, a custodial supervisor, was found dead.
FY 201011/27/0911/17/09Bradens Towing & Collision, Wheeling, WV 26003Worker was performing detail work on a vehicle and ingested a wheel cleaning solution.
FY 201011/27/0911/19/09AGR Contracting, Ducor, CA 93218Worker fell off orchard picker ladder as he was ascending with an empty orange pickers bag.
FY 201011/27/0911/19/09Bo Bo Enterprises, Cleveland, VAWorker was struck by a tree.
FY 201011/27/0911/19/09Pilgrims PRide, Timberville, VAWorker was struck by a delivery vehicle.
FY 201011/27/0911/19/09WA St Transportation Dept, Olumpia, WA 98501Worker was struck in the head b dead top of tree.
FY 201011/27/0911/21/09Village Pantry, Indianapolis, IN 46885Worker was working alone when two men entered the establishment. They came behind the counter and shot the worker and stole 21 cartons of cigarettes and no money.
FY 201011/27/0911/22/09Old Dominion Tree Services, Poquoson, VAWorker (14 years old) was pulled into a wood chipper.
FY 201011/27/0911/23/09Nicor Gas, Naperville, IL 60564Worker was operating a Vermeer ditch witch backfilling a hole. The stringer was struck by a passing vehicle and the ditch witch tipped over, landing on top of the worker.
FY 201011/27/0911/23/09Resource Management-Chicago Ridge, L.L.C.Worker was walking back to his location and was struck by a forklift.
FY 201011/27/0911/23/09Thompson Grassvalley, Nevada City, CA 95959Worker collapsed walking into the office. Possible Heat Attack - Unknown.
FY 201011/27/0911/24/09Bertils Gravel Y Excavation LLC, Crookston, MN 56716A trailer attached to a truck ran over the worker who was loading gravel from the ground.
FY 201011/27/0911/24/09Palacios Marine and Industrial, Corpus Christi, TX 78469Worker was working on the 2nd floor of a building and fell through an open door way to the ground.
FY 201011/27/0911/24/09Yellow Checker Star Cab Company, Las Vegas, NV 89118The worker was in his cab at the back stand at Harrah's Casino Hotel. Hotel security was notified when someone found the worker to be in an unresponsive state. He was transported to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.
FY 201011/27/0911/27/09Ross Construction, Spicewood, TX 78669Worker was changing the hydraulic fluid in a dump truck with the dump bed raised. The dump bed fell, pinning him.
FY 201012/04/0906/14/09ARB, Inc., Bay Point, CA* 94565Worker was struck by train while in company vehicle.
FY 201012/04/0907/08/09Safeway, Pleasanton, CA* 94588Worker was found underneath the desk and pronounced dead at the scene.
FY 201012/04/0908/11/09CA, Transportation, Richmond, CA* 94801While taking tolls, a person drove up and shot the worker in the face.
FY 201012/04/0908/25/09Speed Link, Orinda, CA* 94563The worker was found in his vehicle by the Orinda P.D. and was unresponsive.
FY 201012/04/0909/04/09Accent Care, Walnut Creek, CA*94595Worker was found face down on site and taken to the hospital. Employer was informed that worker died on 9/7/2009.
FY 201012/04/0910/15/09SF American Taxicab, Inc., Orinda, CA*94563Worker's vehicle was clipped by another vehicle causing the worker's vehicle to hit an on-coming big rig. The impact between the worker's vehicle and the big rig caused the fatality.
FY 201012/04/0911/19/09Beyond Green, Inc., Paddock Lake, WI 53168Worker working in a tree, fell hitting their head.
FY 201012/04/0911/21/09A-Noohi Meat Packaging Co., Vernon, CA*The worker was unloading a truck when it started rolling and pinned the worker between a wall and the tire.
FY 201012/04/0911/23/09Z-Medical Inc., Irvine, CA* 92606Worker got into an accident, got out of the car, walked onto the street, and was hit by another car.
FY 201012/04/0911/24/09Johnson Controls Inc., Pulaksi, TN* 38478Worker was adjusting the temperature leaning through a guardrail. He was struck by a roller cam, and his head was caught between the guardrail and roller cam.
FY 201012/04/0911/24/09Roseburg Forest Products Co., Riddle, OR* 97469Worker was on a platform by a sander. The platform gave way, and the worker fell to the concrete floor.
FY 201012/04/0911/27/09Dix Hills FD Headquarters, Dix Hills, NY* 11746Worker suffered a stroke in his home on 11/21/2009. Worker responded to alarm earlier that same day. Worker died at the hospital on 11/27/2009.
FY 201012/04/0911/28/09Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, IL*While riding home from a football game, the worker was killed in an automobile accident.
FY 201012/04/0911/30/09AAA Planta Regional de Caguas, Caguas, PR* 00725Worker fell in underground pit tank where there were recirculating pumps.
FY 201012/04/0911/30/09King FIsher Marine Service, Inc., Port Lavaca, TX 77979Worker was painting a boat on the water and was unaccounted for. Worker drowned, and the body was found underwater.
FY 201012/04/0911/30/09Naperville School District 203, Naperville, IL*Worker gained access to the roof of the construction area. The worker fell from a significant height and died from those injuries. It is unclear whether the worker jumped or fell from the roof.
FY 201012/04/0912/01/09Main Street Feeds Inc., Monett, MO 65708Worker fell from atop of a feed truck.
FY 201012/04/0912/01/09Rafael Torres dba Rafael Torres, Oak Park, IL 60302Worker was removing a radiator from a house, and fell 7 feet off an unguarded wood deck.
FY 201012/04/0912/01/09Salem Golf Culb, Salem, OH 44467Worker was cutting down a tree using a chain saw. The tree fell onto another tree, causing a branch to fall on the worker.
FY 201012/04/0912/01/09United Industrial Services, Chelmsford, MA 01824Worker was preparing to remove waste containers from the highway and was struck by a motor vehicle.
FY 201012/04/0912/01/09Viking Electric, L.L.C., Phoenix, AZ* 85034Worker was changing the ballast on a light fixture and was electrocuted.
FY 201012/04/0912/02/09Raymond F. Kravits Center for Performing Arts, West Palm Beach, FL 33401Worker was installing stage lights at a height of 25 feet from a truss system and fell.
FY 201012/04/0912/03/09Kid Jones Oil Co., Tyler, TX 75701Worker was standing on the medium and was struck by a car.
FY 201012/04/0912/04/09Valero Refinery, Texas City, TX 77590Worker was lighting a pilot on a boiler in a stream unit when the boiler catastrophically failed.
FY 201012/11/0911/04/09NYSDSP Troop F, S. Cairo, NY* 12182Worker was driving north in patrol vehicle when an attempt was made to pass another northbound vehicle. The vehicles made contact and the worker's vehicle went off the road and hit a utility pole.
FY 201012/11/0911/09/09Newell & Company, Inc. dba Robertson & Company, Moraga, CA* 94556Worker was performing duties when he reportedly felt ill and then collapsed from cardiac arrest.
FY 201012/11/0911/27/09Ulises Jardines dba Cuba Drywall, Charlotte, NC* 28211Worker was found unresponsive with head injuries next to an overturned stepladder. The worker never regained consciousness.
FY 201012/11/0911/29/09Sodexo Healthcare, Long Beach, CA* 90806Worker was found in employee locker room and was taken to emergency room. Worker was pronounced dead shortly after of a possible heart attack.
FY 201012/11/0912/01/09Model Dairy, Reno, NV*Worker suffered a heart attack and died while walking to meet a forklift driver to get supplies.
FY 201012/11/0912/03/09McPherson Enterprises, Inc., Lemon Cove, CA* 93657Worker was crushed when the equipment he was standing on slid off the trailer it was loaded on. The worker was crushed between the bag house and the remaining equipment on the ground.
FY 201012/11/0912/04/09Pioneer Surverying and Engineering, Goldendale, WA* 98620Worker was on DNR property scouting for well sites for a municipal water system. Worker was riding an ATV, and it appears that the vehicle slipped on the steep terrain throwing the worker off and then landing on top of him.
FY 201012/11/0912/05/09Bank of America, Atascadero, CA* 93422Worker complained about not feeling well. The worker went home and collapsed about 3 hours later and died before taken to hospital.
FY 201012/11/0912/05/09Kane Kauffman, Lebanon, OH 45036Workers (2) were in a horse barn fire.
FY 201012/11/0912/06/09Exel Inc., Lancaster, PA 17061Worker was operating a picker and was pinned between the horizontal rack bar and the controls of the picker.
FY 201012/11/0912/07/09Cahaba Disaster Recovery, LLC, Coldwater, MS 38618Workers (2) were engaged in debris removal. They were in the cab of a Caterpillar D-4 dozer and drove it toward the river. The dozer fell into the river, and the two workers drowned.
FY 201012/11/0912/07/09First Choice Supply Inc., Brooklyn, NY 11219Worker was crushed by falling granite countertops.
FY 201012/11/0912/07/09ISS Facility Services, Sacramento, CA* 95827Worker was found having chest pains and was taken to the hospital. Worker died at the hospital.
FY 201012/11/0912/07/09R.C. Torre Construction Corporation Inc., Greenwich, CT 06830Worker was installing copper flashing on a roof and was found unresponsive on the ground between the bases of two ladders.
FY 201012/11/0912/08/09Community Asphalt Corp., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33324Worker was backed over on highway construction site.
FY 201012/11/0912/08/09Mountain Comprehensive Health, Whitesburg, KY* 41858Worker was fatally shot at a Perry County Clinic.
FY 201012/11/0912/09/09Apria Healthcare, Inc., Daytona Beach, FL 32114Worker was delivering medical products and was run over by his own truck.
FY 201012/11/0912/09/09International Paper, Modesto, CA* 95956Worker walked into cafeteria when he had a heart attack. CPR was initiated. Worker was taken to the hospital where he was declared dead.
FY 201012/11/0912/09/09J Nobile Sinns Plumbing Co. Inc., Bakersfield, CA* 93313Possible heart attack.
FY 201012/11/0912/09/09Southern Custom Exhibits, Hardeeville, SC 29927Worker was in the attic of a center under construction and was electrocuted.
FY 201012/11/0912/10/09International Chimney Corporation, Dunkirk, NY 14231Worker was pinned between the bed of a dump truck and the cab/chassis.
FY 201012/11/0912/11/09BJ's Wholesale Club, Inc., New Castle, DE 19720Worker was walking from the parking lot to the entrance and was run over by a delivery truck.
FY 201012/11/0912/11/09Land O'Lakes, Inc., Wooster, OH 44691Worker was shoveling corn into a bucket of a bobcat and was found unresponsive.
FY 201012/18/0911/25/09Arlington County Department of Environmental Services, Arlington, VAWorker was electrocuted after contracting an overhead high-voltage line with a portable light tower while working at a water main repair site.
FY 201012/18/0912/08/097-UP Re Bottling Company, Redlands, CA 92373Worker was found on floor unconscious, no witness. (Inspection planned)
FY 201012/18/0912/08/09Manning Masonry Inc., Williamston, NC 27892Worker was laying paper and plastic on finished floor and stepped into a hole, falling onto the concrete floor below.
FY 201012/18/0912/09/09Northumberland Town Highway Dept., Gansvoort, NY 12831Worker was performing highway snow plowing duties and was involved in a collision with a train at the crossing.
FY 201012/18/0912/09/09Robert Lee Williams, Batesville, MS 38606Worker was installing decorative lights on a 10-12 foot tree, touched an overhead electrical line and was electrocuted.
FY 201012/18/0912/10/09Bernard R. Huff Inc., Chesterfield, VAWorker was struck by a backhoe during land clearing operations.
FY 201012/18/0912/10/09Sand Hill Construction, LLC, Hudson Falls, NY 12839Worker fell from a pump jack scaffold.
FY 201012/18/0912/12/09Fidalgo Construction LLC, Anacortes, WA 98221The worker was lowering a residence to meet with the shortened foundation wall. The worker was trapped and crushed between a support beam and a small section of beam stock when the structure collapsed unexpectedly.
FY 201012/18/0912/12/09Tom's Creative Landscaping, Inc., Sugar Grove, IL 60554Worker was cleaning a dump truck. Worker stuck his arm into salting auger and was sucked in.
FY 201012/18/0912/13/09RES Investments, Williston, ND 58801Worker was thawing two 3-inch valves with a propane torch on a tank trailer that exploded.
FY 201012/18/0912/14/09Demand Communications, Inc., Montour Falls, NY 14865Communication tower collapsed, killing worker.
FY 201012/18/0912/14/09J & J Farms, Memphis, TX 79245Worker was found in the receiving basket of a cotton stripper.
FY 201012/18/0912/14/09VN Printing, Houston, TX 77002Worker was struck by a 1,500-lb load.
FY 201012/18/0912/15/09Gallagher's Landscaping, Chagrin Falls, OH 44023Worker was trimming a lower branch on a tree. An upper branch worked loose and fell on him, striking his head.
FY 201012/18/0912/16/09Casto Resources, Sissonville, WVWorker was performing timber felling operations and was struck by a tree.
FY 201012/18/0912/16/09Mission Open Air Market, San Antonio, TX 78221Worker was walking to the flea market's concession and was struck by a vehicle.
FY 201012/18/0912/18/09Cyr Construction Company, Presque Isle, ME 04769Worker was walking and working on the second level floor. Worker was moving equipment and fell 11 feet and was struck by an electrical panel that he was moving.
FY 201012/18/0912/19/09Coating Management Services, LLC, Denver, CO 80249Worker fell into a 4-ft by 8-ft hole leading to a 20-ft depth reservoir and drowned.
FY 201012/25/0912/17/09Manion & Associates, Inc., Brandenburg, KY 40108Two workers were doing road surveying each on either side of the road. A civilian driver came over the hill and suddenly applied his brakes, even though no person, equipment, or car was in the road. This caused his car to spin off the road, running over one of the workers.
FY 201012/25/0912/17/09TBM, Inc., Visalia, CA 93277Worker fell from a ladder while working inside an airplane.
FY 201012/25/0912/18/09Pro-Tech Contracting of Georgia LLC, Lawrenceville, GAWorker was securing tarp on a roof (not wearing fall protection, although it was available) and fell 35 feet to lower level.
FY 201012/25/0912/18/09Sonoma Compost Company, LLC, Petaluma, CA 94952Worker was on ground when he was run over by a front loader.
FY 201012/25/0912/19/09Auto Zone Store, Oakland, CA 94603Security guard worker was shot three times during robbery. The assailants took his weapon.
FY 201012/25/0912/20/09Gateco, Newbery Park, CA 91360Worker, who is the owner, was doing electrical work and fell through the skylight. (No inspection planned)
FY 201012/25/0912/20/09Premier Asphalt and Masonry, Inc., Coram, NY 11727Worker was found in vehicle with engine running; carbon monoxide over exposure.
FY 201012/25/0912/21/09Country Club Auto Repair, Inc., Lake Charles, LA 70305Worker was repairing a roof insulation and fell 14 feet to the ground.
FY 201012/25/0912/21/09County of Los Angeles - Office of Education, Downey, CA 90242Worker was found unconscious in her cubicle by a janitor. (Inspection planned)
FY 201012/25/0912/21/09Estes Express Lines, Seekonk, MA 02771Worker was crushed between the forklift he was operating and a concrete bollard next to the loading dock door after stepped off the forklift.
FY 201012/25/0912/21/09Kenvelm, Inc. dba KE Beal Company, Cape Coral, FL 33919Worker was part of a four man tree trimming crew and was in the process of cutting down a 25-foot palm tree. Worker walked into the path of the falling tree and was struck by the tree.
FY 201012/25/0912/22/093 ML Construction Company, Inc., Methuen, MAWorker was installing shingles and moving planks on a roof and fell 20' 6" from the roof to a driveway below.
FY 201012/25/0912/22/09ANF Engineering, Inc., Redwood City, CA 94061Worker was cleaning up on side of the road and was run over by a dump truck backing up.
FY 201012/25/0912/22/09South Dakota Wheat Growers Association, McLaughlin, SD 57642Worker entered a storage bin through a track side access hole that was 15 feet above ground and was engulfed by sunflower seeds.
FY 201012/25/0912/23/09Golden Empire Concrete Products, Inc., Bakersfield, CA 93311Worker, a Quality Control Manager, was found lying face down. (Inspection planned)
FY 201012/25/0912/23/09I.G. Express Electric, New Braunfels, TX 78130Worker was being elevated from a trash box on a forklift to reach a light pole. The trash box and worker fell to the parking lot.
FY 201012/25/0912/23/09Storage Battery Systems, Inc., Alsip, IL 60803Worker was working beneath an elevated hydraulic platform and the platform failed, crushing the worker.
FY 201012/25/0912/23/09Walls Contractors, Inc., Newport, AR 72112Worker was preparing drywall to be painted and found a coil of wire hanging from the ceiling. He attempted to throw the coil over a beam in the ceiling. The coil of wires struck the beam and fell back down. The wires contacted the worker and he was electrocuted.
FY 201012/25/0912/25/09Stark Excavation, Inc., Normal, IL 61790Worker was operating a track hoe to remove columns lodged against a building. The columns were rigged with a nylon strap and were attached to the track hoe. While hoisting the façade from the building, the strap broke and the concrete façcade fell on the cab of the track hoe, fatally injuring the worker.
FY 201012/25/0912/26/09Tomcat Drilling, LLC, Ames, OK 73718Worker on a derrick board fell with the collapsing mast. The derrick board broke loose from the mast and the worker was thrown against a metal structure on the ground.
FY 201001/01/1010/31/09The Pallet Factory Shady Dale, GA 31085Worker was contracted to remove and install a new breaker that controlled a chipper. The disconnect was placed in the off position and the worker began disconnecting the I/O cable from the lugs inside the box, when an arc flash occurred.
FY 201001/01/1012/22/09City of Corona, Public Works Department Corona, CA 92882Worker, an Inspector, was walking in a crosswalk when he was hit by a city vehicle.
FY 201001/01/1012/24/09Trinidad Bustillos San Diego, CA 92154Worker was loading lumber onto a flatbed truck. Worker climbed the load to put spacers under forklift load. As he climbed, the lumber collapsed onto him, crushing him.
FY 201001/01/1012/26/09Ford Motor Company, Kentucky Truck Plant Louisville, KY 40241Worker, a maintenance employee, was removing steel beam for the installation of new assembly equipment. After one end of the beam was cut by a welder, the beam apparently slid off the forklift it was raised on and struck worker.
FY 201001/01/1012/28/09Ajm Framers Inc. Broomfield, CO 80020Worker was removing icicles from the roof line of a building. Worker was located in a box attached to a forklift, the box shifted, and the worker fell 30-feet to the concrete below.
FY 201001/01/1012/28/09Douglas County Inc. Roseburg, OR 97471Worker was caught in the unscrambler.
FY 201001/01/1012/28/09Selbach Construction Amargosa Valley, NV 89020Worker was in a basket of an all-terrain forklift at 40 feet, when it tipped over.
FY 201001/01/1012/28/09SMM Business Corp. dba Tedes Chi Food Shop Jamaica Plein, MA 02130Worker was shot by an armed robber.
FY 201001/01/1012/29/09Burlington Northern Santa FE Railroad Fridley, MN 55421Worker was killed when a rail car jumped its tracks and pinned him against a building.
FY 201001/01/1012/29/09U.S. Postal Service Bethlehem, CT 06751Worker was driving a postal service truck on a town road and a tree fell, striking the truck.
FY 201001/01/1012/29/09USF Holland, Inc. Rock Island, IL 61201-7314Worker was at a trucking dock, unloading one truck and loading another. While parked at the dock, his truck caught fire; worker died in the fire.
FY 201001/01/1012/30/09America Granite & Marble Concepts Solon, OH 44139Worker was unloading granite slabs from a truck, the weight shifted. The worker was crushed by a slab.
FY 201001/01/1012/30/09Dixie Crane Service, Inc. dba Dixie Erectors Mableton, GA 30126Worker was working on an I-beam 20-feet above ground when another I-beam above came loose and fell, crushing him between the two I-beams.
FY 201001/01/1012/31/09Scott Company Marysville, OH 43040Worker in the process area was found under a freight elevator.
FY 201001/08/1011/07/09Grady Lee Nicholson Winston-Salem, NC 27051The worker was digging post holes with a tractor auger and his arm and clothing were caught in the drive shaft. The shaft mangled his arm and his clothing wrapped around his neck, strangling him.
FY 201001/08/1011/10/09Strata Networks Roosevelt, UT 84066Worker was installing a box in a residential yard when he was struck by a vehicle that was operated by a drunk driver. (Inspection Planned)
FY 201001/08/1011/25/09Consolidated Waste Industries, Inc. Clinton, MD 20735Worker was backed over by a garbage truck.
FY 201001/08/1012/09/09Anderson & Shah Roofing, Inc. of Florida Clearwater, FL 33761Worker was climbing a ladder and fell backwards 6 to 7-feet to the ground, striking his head on the concrete floor.
FY 201001/08/1012/18/09Gabe's Services, Inc. Rockville, MD 02850Worker was run over by a roll-off trash truck.
FY 201001/08/1012/21/09Building For You Brentwood, TN 37027Worker was working on the roof when he fell. He was taken to the hospital, where he passed away on 12/24/2009.
FY 201001/08/1012/22/09Schott Gemtron Corporation Sweetwater, TN 37847Worker was working with glass product when glass struck worker in the neck.
FY 201001/08/1012/23/09Sugar Hill Farm Fairfield, VT 05455Machine guarding was removed from the Houle Alley Scraper for maintenance and not reinstalled after servicing. Worker was caught in moving machinery and suffered fatal injuries.
FY 201001/08/1012/24/09Neill Grading and Construction Company, Inc. Hickory, NC 28603Worker was in a trench installing 8-inch pipes for a new sewer line. As another worker operated the excavator, he noticed the worker covered waist deep in dirt. After 20 minutes the worker was removed from the trench and transported to the hospital where he died.
FY 201001/08/1012/27/09Moran Towing Corp. Secaucas, NJ 07094Worker was crushed by a cable after being pulled into a motorized capstan.
FY 201001/08/1012/28/09Gladhill Tractor Frederick, MD 21703Worker was crushed by the boom of a skid loader while performing maintenance.
FY 201001/08/1012/30/09Fab Steel Inc. Lexington, KY 40511Worker's death believed related to long-time exposure to chemicals used in painting operations. Worker used paint, mineral spirits, and xylene. Worker passed away at his residence. (Inspection planned)
FY 201001/08/1012/31/09Golden Star Market Pittsburg, CA 94565The worker was handing a gun to a co-worker when the gun accidentally fired and shot the worker in the face.
FY 201001/08/1012/31/09Thundercloud Ranch LLC Scottsdale, AZ 85262A 78-yr old ranch worker died while supervising the operation of a powered auger. The event is described as an amputation.
FY 201001/08/1001/01/10Forrest Drilling Company, LLC Bethany, OK 73008Worker was resting in a recliner in his trailer when he was struck by a drilling pipe stand that fell from a derrick.
FY 201001/08/1001/02/10Telgent EMS L.L.C. Havana, FL 32333Worker was cutting a 55-gallon steel drum with an acetylene torch to make it a burn barrel. The barrel was not vented, and the isopropyl alcohol at the bottom of the barrel exploded from the top, dousing the worker, and engulfing him in flames.
FY 201001/08/1001/04/10Akal, Security, Lloyd D. George Federal Courthouse Las Vegas, NV 89101A gunman entered the front doors of the courthouse and shot the worker, a Court Security Officer, knocking him to the ground and killing him.
FY 201001/08/1001/04/10Cowen Truck Line, Inc. Perry, FL 32348Worker was struck and crushed by a truck trailer that was backing up.
FY 201001/08/1001/04/10Golden West Marble, Inc. Valencia, CA 91355The worker, president/owner of the company, was pinned by 5 sheets of granite which crushed his chest.
FY 201001/08/1001/04/10Grove US, LLC Shady Grove, PA 17256Worker was squatting down on the deck of a crane to install the bolts on an oil cooler and fell 6-feet to the concrete floor.
FY 201001/08/1001/04/10Sterling Transportation East Liverpool, OH 44432Worker, during the loading/unloading process of calcium fluoride, was found unresponsive on top of the tanker.
FY 201001/08/1001/05/10Bully Bros LLC Vidor, TX 77662Worker was lowering the dump bed of a dump trailer, which was stuck in the raised position. Worker entered beneath the upraised bed to rock the ram into position to lower the bed. The ram dislodged, causing the bed to fall. The bed struck and crushed the upper body of the worker.
FY 201001/08/1001/05/10Loveland Electric, Inc. Jupiter, FL 33458Worker working from a ladder, cutting a pipe, lost his balance and fell to the ground below hitting his head against the side wall.
FY 201001/08/1001/06/10Chesapeake Energy Barksdale AFB, LA 71110Worker was working on the dump valve flange and 3" line that led to a welded "T" of a high pressure separator when a fire/explosion occurred.
FY 201001/08/1001/06/10DJ Drilling and Blasting Inc. Lavergne, TN 27086Worker was moving a drill and contacted an overhead powerline.
FY 201001/08/1001/06/10Edaleen Dairy LLC Lynden, WA 98264Worker was preparing for herd health and was shutting the east overhead door when the door came down suddenly pinning the worker between the top of the gate and the bottom of the door.
FY 201001/08/1001/06/10Sierra Tire and Auto, dba Llantera Del Norte Tire Shop Las Vegas, NV 89115The worker was shot at least once in the chest/abdomen area during a robbery or attempted robbery.
FY 201001/08/1001/07/10ABB Inc St. Louis, MO 63120Worker armed himself with multiple weapons, fatally shooting three workers and self; wounding five other workers.
FY 201001/08/1001/07/10Charleston Pine Apartments Las Vegas, NV 89104Worker, a maintenance worker, was attempting to move a refrigerator down some stairs when he lost his footing and fell backwards, striking his head on the concrete stairs before falling down. The refrigerator fell onto the lower portion of the deceased.
FY 201001/08/1001/07/10Typex Masonry Developers Philadelphia, PA 19128Worker fell from a two-story residence.
FY 201001/08/1001/07/10Yakima Forest Products White Swan, WA 98952Worker had part of an end loader fall on him.
FY 201001/08/1001/08/10Atlantic Directional Drilling Lake Mary, FL 32746Worker was doing a retrofit when the excavated area began to fill with water. Worker was trying to locate the water service that was hit and was electrocuted on 2 large electrical conduits that had not been previously located.
FY 201001/08/1001/09/10Enbridge G & P (East Texas) LP Douglasville, TX 75560Worker was replacing a valve on a waste heat boiler when hydrogen sulfide was released to the atmosphere.
FY 201001/08/1001/09/10US Staffing Carol Stream, IL 60188Worker operating an overhead crane with a pendant was moving sheets of steel. He positioned himself between the load and a metal barrier guard that ran along the aisle or stacks of sheet steel on the opposite side of the aisle. The load struck the other stacks of steel or a metal barrier guard, causing the load to spin, catching the worker between the load and either the stacks of steel or the metal barrier guard.
FY 201001/15/1010/23/09Sheridan Excavating, Inc. Sheridan, AR 72150Worker was unloading pipes and was struck by two pipes that fell from the load.
FY 201001/15/1011/29/09Pizza by Vito's Indiana 46806Worker, a pizza delivery man, was shot fatally during a robbery.
FY 201001/15/1012/29/09Peterson Grain Decatur, IN 46733Worker fell 80 feet in grain silo.
FY 201001/15/1012/31/09Hyatt Penns Landing Philadelphia, PA 19106Worker was in the basement's mechanical rooms and suffered a heart attack.
FY 201001/15/1001/05/10Flour Maintenance Service, Inc. Quinton, AL 35130Worker was using a toga crane hoist. Worker inhaled a chemical (ammonia) that was leaking by the cooling tower.
FY 201001/15/1001/06/10Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Teton Village, WY 83025Worker was working on avalanche control and was buried in 6 feet of snow while setting charges to release the build up of snow to avoid an unplanned avalanche.
FY 201001/15/1001/07/10Beta Steel Portage, IN 46388Worker climbed the roof of the furnace to shut off all water when an explosion happened. The worker fell 12 feet to the floor from the furnace roof. Four (4) other workers were injured.
FY 201001/15/1001/07/10CA Justice Eureka, CA 95501Worker was performing clerical duties at the front office when she started feeling sick and vomited at her desk. She went to the restroom, she was incoherent and became unconscious. (Inspection Planned)
FY 201001/15/1001/11/10Davey Tree Experts Company Tallassee, AL 36078Worker was chipping brush and was struck by an automobile.
FY 201001/15/1001/11/10General Electric Transportation System Erie, PA 16531Worker was crushed by a locomotive alternator frame that fell off an oven table.
FY 201001/15/1001/11/10HIP Inc. Milwaukee, WI 53202Worker was working on a roof/deck and fell into an elevator shaft, 30-feet.
FY 201001/15/1001/11/10Scaffolding Rental and Erection Services, LLC McPherson, KS 67460Worker was erecting a scaffold and fell 30-feet to the ground.
FY 201001/15/1001/11/10Sheridan Production, LLC Big Spring, TX 79720Workers were replacing a vent line on top of a tank battery. They were exposed to hydrogen sulfide gas. One worker fatality and three workers were hospitalized.
FY 201001/15/1001/13/10AT&T Rome, GA 30161Worker was pulling telephone cable and tightening it up with a winch. He became entangled in the cable.
FY 201001/15/1001/13/10Guaranteed Finishing Unlimited, Inc. Cleveland, OH 44111Worker was taking a dip tank sample by hand with a 8-ounce plastic bottle. The automatic hoisting mechanism struck, caught and crushed him between the frame of the hoist mechanism and the dip tank transfer bar.
FY 201001/15/1001/13/10Island Operating Co. Cameron, LA 70631Workers were on the production platform sleeping when a fire/explosion occurred. They evacuated the platform and were in the water for 1.5-2 hours before being rescued. One worker fatality and two workers were hospitalized.
FY 201001/15/1001/15/10Metal-Bilt Ocala, FL 34474Worker was erecting a steel structure and was struck by a steel I beam.
FY 201001/15/1001/15/10Sturgeion Electric Company, Inc. Broomfield, CO 80020Worker fell off bucket 30-feet striking utility lines during his descent.
FY 201001/15/1001/16/10Crete Carrier Inc. Houston, TX 77029Worker was crushed between his trailer and another trailer that was backing up.
FY 201001/22/1010/30/09Amityville UFSD Park Ave Elementary School, Amityville, NY 11701Worker, a teacher, fell down one flight of stairs from the stairwell landing while escorting students from classroom to lunchroom. Possible heart attack prior to fall. (Inspection planned)
FY 201001/22/1001/11/10Criminal Task Investigation Inc, Caguas, PR 00726The gate of the entrance came loose and fell over the worker, a security guard, that was opening it.
FY 201001/22/1001/12/10Coleman American Moving Services Inc, Jackson, TN 38305Worker was unloading household goods at a residential site when the loading ramp to the truck allegedly slipped causing the victim to fall and strike the side of the ramp resulting in internal injuries. The worker was admitted to the hospital where he underwent surgery for a lacerated spleen, kidney damage and punctured lung the following day. Prior to discharge from the hospital the worker sustained a massive heart attack.
FY 201001/22/1001/13/10Talls Tree Timber Company, Bedford, IN 47421Worker, a logger, died several hours after removal from frigid water.
FY 201001/22/1001/14/10Thiesing Veneer Company, Mooresville, IN 46158Worker, a crane operator, suffered 3rd degree burns on his legs and back on 1/6/2010 and expired on 1/15/2010.
FY 201001/22/1001/16/10Citrus Memorial Health System, Inverness, FL 34452Worker tripped and fell during a visit to a patient's home.
FY 201001/22/1001/16/10Nick Ries Farms, Hastings, MN 55033Worker was working with a compost machine. His jacket was caught in the machine pulling him in the machine causing asphyxiation and death.
FY 201001/22/1001/16/10Speedy Petroleum (Shell), Indianapolis, IN 46222Worker, a store attendant, was working at convenience store/gasoline station and was shot fatally during robbery.
FY 201001/22/1001/16/10State of Oregon Department of TransportationWorker was found deceased in a creek bed. Initial investigation suggests the victim fell 36 feet off a bridge.
FY 201001/22/1001/18/10Bao Bui dba Bau Auto Repair, Knoxville, TN 37912The worker was cleaning the frame of a utility trailer in preparation for painting. The utility trailer was clamped/attached to the forks of a locally manufactured hydraulic lift. The worker raised the lift to its maximum height and while standing under the trailer, continued to hold the hydraulic pump lever in the up position. The hydraulic pressure was too great, a chain link broke, the lift and the 800-pound trailer collapsed on top of the victim.
FY 201001/22/1001/18/10Hampton Golf, Inc., Palm Coast, FL 32164Worker was crushed by a beverage cart that slid off a lift onto him.
FY 201001/22/1001/19/10Heinz North America, Chatsworth, CAWorker was crushed by a lift truck.
FY 201001/22/1001/19/10Marathon Petroleum Company, Kenova, WV 25530Worker fell from the deck of a tug boat transporting coal barges on the river. Worker was swept underneath the vessel by the river current and drowned.
FY 201001/22/1001/19/10Stuart's Landscaping, Fond du Lac, WI 54937Worker was operating a dump truck hauling rock that was being dumped into the lake. The dump truck fell through the ice near the dumping site killing the worker.
FY 201001/22/1001/20/10Arena Drilling Co., Andrews, TX 79714Worker was caught in a block line.
FY 201001/22/1001/21/10Color Spot Nurseries, New Summerfield, TX 75780Worker had entered a soil hopper system while the auger was rotating. Worker's clothes were caught in the rotating auger, pulling the worker's body into the auger.
FY 201001/22/1001/21/10Davis Excavation, Inc., McKinney, TX 75069Worker was in the process of installing the connector pins to secure two trench boxes. A cave-in occurred, knocking the upper trench box off the lower trench box and pinning the worker between the spreader bars of two trench boxes.
FY 201001/22/1001/21/10Schneider Electric, El Paso, TX 79912Worker was testing an electrical panel at 480 Volts and was electrocuted.
FY 201001/22/1001/22/10Lyondell Basell, Houston, TX 77017Worker fell from a tower at a non-operational unit at a refinery complex.
FY 201001/22/1001/23/10Bradley Plumbing and Heating, Inc., Tuskegee, AL 36088Worker was working on a mezzanine to move an air handling unit using a pry bar. Worker lost his footing and fell from an unprotected edge to the floor 20 feet below.
FY 201001/29/1011/12/09Clear Creek CBM LLC, Coshen, UT 84633Individual removed a strap to unload pipe from a semi-trailer and one of the pipes fell onto the individual which resulted in his death. After extensive review it has been determined there was no employer/employee relationship.
FY 201001/29/1001/08/10Mechanical Solutions LLC dba Simpson Company, Boulder, CO 80304Worker fell through a guardrail 8 to 10 feet from mezzanine to lower level.
FY 201001/29/1001/21/10Sergio Leon dba Sergio & Ruben, Hot Springs Village, AR 71909Worker was installing 2 by 6 ceiling joists on a home. One of the joists broke; the worker lost his balance and fell 10 feet to the concrete floor inside.
FY 201001/29/1001/22/10American Grading and Land Clearing, Peachtree City, GATwo workers were performing tree removal. The tree fell on the two workers. One worker fatality and one worker hospitalization.
FY 201001/29/1001/22/10Shannon Platt Construction, Centerville, SD 57014Worker was removing the cone-shaped roof of a grain bin. Worker was working from a basket that was attached lengthwise off of the end of the forks 12 feet and was elevated 35 feet in the air. The forklift tipped over and struck the ground.
FY 201001/29/1001/23/10Cooper-Vennette Property Services, Inc., Tampa, FL 33634Worker was spray painting a building and was found pinned/crushed between the aerial bucket and an awning structure.
FY 201001/29/1001/23/10Ethyl Corporation, Pasadena, TX 77503Worker was collecting a water sample and was found with the upper half of his body in a diked containment area containing 11 inches of rain water.
FY 201001/29/1001/25/10H.D. Supply, La Habra, CAWorker was standing beside his truck preparing to strap down a load of steel sprinkler pipe bundles, when a forklift operator loading bundles on the left side of the truck bed inadvertently knocked a bundle off the truck bed. The bundle struck the driver knocking him to the ground. He was transported to the hospital where he died later from internal injuries.
FY 201001/29/1001/26/10Cassens Transport Company, Gaithersburg, Maryland 20878Worker was struck by passing vehicle while he was delivering cars.
FY 201001/29/1001/26/10Lehigh Southwest Cement Co., Tehachapi, CA 93561Worker was run over by tractor trailer.
FY 201001/29/1001/26/10Roy Builders Inc., Lansing, NY 14882Worker fell from roof elevation.
FY 201001/29/1001/26/10Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, Rockville, MD 20805Two maintenance workers were killed when struck by a rail maintenance vehicle while establishing a work zone.
FY 201001/29/1001/27/10Alko Systems, Inc., Marco Island, FL 34145Worker was installing security cameras and fell from a flat roof 16 feet.
FY 201001/29/1001/28/10Max Convenience Stores, LLC, Louisville, KY 40223Worker was working at 2:47 a.m. in a convenience store, when he was shot during a robbery attempt. He was taken off life support on 1/27/2010.
FY 201001/29/1001/28/10Thermal Polymer Systems, LC, Angleton, TX 77515Workers were coating the interior of a trailer tank; fumes ignited from the trailer tank, causing a flash fire. One worker fatality and two workers were hospitalized.
FY 201001/29/1001/30/10Cargill Meat Solutions, Nebraska City, NE 68410Worker was disassembling storage racks from inside a scissor lift elevated 20 feet and attaching a strap to the rack and slowly leaning it over. The strap caught the lift and tipped over with the rack.
FY 201002/05/1011/14/09Manuel Orozco, Bethesda, MD 20817Worker was standing on a ladder with a chain saw to cut a tree trunk. The chain saw apparently struck the victim 's neck.
FY 201002/05/1011/18/09Welty Homes, Inc., Bethesda, MD 20817Worker either fell from ladder or roof.
FY 201002/05/1012/05/09SUNY Binghamton University, Binghamton, NY 13902A professor was assaulted while providing mentoring services in an assigned office space. Event occurred during normal office hours. Multiple stab injuries to abdomen and torso.
FY 201002/05/1001/07/10NYCHA Edenwald Houses, Bronx, NY 10466Worker of New York City Housing Authority was found dead at his work station in the boiler room. (Inspection planned)
FY 201002/05/1001/18/10Cinderella Properties, Auburn, WA 98002Skull fracture.
FY 201002/05/1001/19/10Oak Express, Syracuse, NY  13224Worker was unloading a trailer, and a box fell on him.
FY 201002/05/1001/20/10NYS Police Troop C, Morris, NYTrooper collided with a westbound tractor trailer.
FY 201002/05/1001/26/10NYC Department of Sanitation - Queens West 1, Astoria, NY 11106Worker was killed after being pinned between a tractor trailer and his garbage truck.
FY 201002/05/1001/29/10Capital Trading LLC, West Jordan, UT 84088Worker was crushed between a delivery truck and the loading dock resulting in serious injuries and his death.
FY 201002/05/1001/29/10Integrity Machining Inc., Seattle, WA 98117 Worker was struck by a steel shaft being worked on in a lathe.
FY 201002/05/1001/29/10Kitchell Contractors, Inc, Phoenix, AZ 85106 Worker was run over by a forklift on a construction site and fatally injured.
FY 201002/05/1001/29/10Parkdale Mills, Belmont, NC 28502 Worker was in the process of unloading a truck when the forklift he was operating overturned.
FY 201002/05/1001/30/10Octopus Car Wash, Albuquerque, NM 87113A car being driven off of the exit-end of the car wash conveyor to the drying area outside of the building accelerated suddenly, striking the worker standing near the auto door to the outside.
FY 201002/05/1001/30/10Sturdivant Woodyards, Inc., Sandersville, MS  39477Worker was found at the log loading site beneath the front right tire of a skidder.
FY 201002/05/1002/02/10Manheim's San Francisco Bay Auto Auction, Hayward, CA 94544 Worker was found lying dead on roadway adjacent to work. Apparent homicide.
FY 201002/05/1002/02/10Martinez Tire Shop, Houston, TX  77013Worker was inflating a tire that exploded, striking him
FY 201002/05/1002/02/10Stone Crafter, Wintor Park, FL  32792Worker was assisting in the delivery of granite slabs using a forklift.  The forklift hit two slabs that fell, striking the worker on the head.
FY 201002/05/1002/03/10Apac Southeast, Inc., Winter Haven, FL  33884 Worker was in the process of putting equipment on a machine and was found on the ground by other workers; apparent heart attack.
FY 201002/05/1002/03/10P.A.M. Transport, Inc., North Jackson, OH  44451 Worker was found unresponsive after pulling a tractor trailer into the shop building.
FY 201002/05/1002/03/10Palatka Welding Shop Inc., Palm Coast, FL  32164 Worker was installing metal roofing and fell 35 feet, hitting the concrete floor.
FY 201002/05/1002/04/10Long Foundation Drilling Co., Cullman, AL  35057Worker was lowered into a 30- to 35-foot deep shaft to perform hand cleaning and to drill a sample test of a rock.  He was being lifted out of the shaft by the use of a pneumatic winch system.  The winch system collapsed into the shaft, striking the worker.
FY 201002/05/1002/04/10Schneider National Carriers, Green Bay, WI  54313Worker was adjusting the wheel location of a trailer and was run over by the trailer of the truck.
FY 201002/05/1002/05/10Breeze National Inc., New York, NY  10027Worker fell from scaffold into a window opening and 20 feet down an elevator shaft.
FY 201002/05/1002/06/10Green Circle Bio Energy, Inc., Cottondale, FL  32431Worker received severe steam burns to his lungs during the clinker material clearing process.
FY 201002/05/1002/13/10Dynamic Wireless, Haskell, AR  72012Worker was disassembling a communication tower and fell 98 feet to the ground.
FY 201002/12/1001/14/10Mercy Medical Center, Mason City, IA 50401Worker noticed the sodium hydroxide pipe was leaking. He tried to stop the leak and got sodium hydroxide on himself. After cleaning the spill, the worker took a shower and collapsed and died.
FY 201002/12/1001/21/10Delta Air Lines Inc., Seattle, WA 91858Worker was operating a tug vehicle that transfers luggage from terminals to airplanes. The tug collided with a food service truck. The worker was ejected from the tug and struck his head on the pavement. He was transferred to the hospital where he later died.
FY 201002/12/1001/27/10Borinquen Metal Scrap Corp., Gurabo, PR 00778While working on a metal roof, the aluminum metal sheet, which was deteriorated, broke. The worker fell to the ground, later dying at the hospital.
FY 201002/12/1002/03/10Odele Incorporated, Morgantown, KY 47307Workers were painting a newly constructed sludge pit. Worker turned to find other worker slumped down by the wall.
FY 201002/12/1002/07/10Coverflex, Middletown, CT  06457Workers were doing a "blow down" to clear gas from the lines and an explosion occurred.  One worker fatality.
FY 201002/12/1002/07/10Instrument Sciences and Technology, Middletown, CT  06457Workers were doing a "blow down" to clear gas from the lines and an explosion occurred.  One worker fatality.
FY 201002/12/1002/07/10Julies Café LLC, Green Bay, WI  54301Worker slipped at work, fracturing ankle.  Worker died of blood clots two days later.
FY 201002/12/1002/07/10Keystone Construction & Maintenance, Middletown, CT  06457Workers were doing a "blow down" to clear gas from the lines and an explosion occurred.  There were three fatalities.
FY 201002/12/1002/08/10Alpine Courier Inc, Hillsboro, OR 97124Worker was caught between the back of a semi-trailer and a loading dock. He was transported to the hospital where he later died.
FY 201002/12/1002/08/10AT&T, Orlando, FL  32826Worker was shot by an unknown assailant in the parking lot and was hospitalized; shooter then committed suicide.
FY 201002/12/1002/08/10East Alabama Paving Company, Inc., Opelika, AL  36804Worker was struck by a dump truck.
FY 201002/12/1002/08/10Matuia & Matuia Construction, Inc., Lake Jackson, TX  77566Worker entered a manhole in an abandoned sewer line to remove a cap from a vent line and fell 7to 10 feet from a ladder.
FY 201002/12/1002/08/10Texas Disposal, Austin, TX  78610Workers were working under the chassis of a water pump that was up on four jack stands.  One of the jacks was removed and the water pump came down, crushing the worker.
FY 201002/12/1002/09/10Quality Surface Processing, Schofield, WI  54476Worker was dipping a metal part into a heated bath and an explosion occurred, burning worker.
FY 201002/12/1002/10/10JD Enterprises Inc., Laramie, WY, 82070Excavator broke through ice coming to rest on its side and entrapping worker underwater.
FY 201002/12/1002/10/10Time Warner Cable, Wichita Falls, TX  76306Worker fell out of bucket truck after his truck was struck by another vehicle.
FY 201002/12/1002/10/10Unknown, El Segundo, CA 90245Worker suffered heart attack and died while sweeping water from the roof of an apartment building. (Inspection planned)
FY 201002/12/1002/10/10Volunteers of America of Ohio, Cleveland, OH  44110Worker was assaulted by a homeless veteran.
FY 201002/12/1002/11/10D&S Tree Service, Inc., Marion IL  62959Worker was using a wood chipper to process branches from a tree trimming job.  The chipper discharge chute clogged up and the worker removed the pin that held the access panel down over the cutterwheel.  The cutterwheel was still rotating and discharged wood material against the access panel, which flipped open and the worker was hit in the face and forehead with the handle of the access panel.
FY 201002/12/1002/12/10Batzli Excavating Company Inc., East Rochester, OH  44625Worker was emptying rock salt out of the back of his dump truck with a spreader.  His arm was caught in the rotating auger distribution system.
FY 201002/12/1002/12/10Uptowner Inns Inc. dba Holiday Inn Hotel and Suite, Huntington, WV  25701Worker was exposed to a chemical stripping agent and suffered respiratory pain / illness due to poor ventilation.
FY 201002/19/1002/09/10KAL Services, Inc. dba Midwest Sanitation, Oskaloosa, IA 52577Worker was trying to grab a large piece of cardboard out of the back of the garbage truck when the driver began to close the tailgate. The driver heard the worker and opened it. The worker who had been caught by the tailgate was transported to the hospital where he later died.
FY 201002/19/1002/15/10Carr & Sons, Masonry, Inc., Clearwater, FL  33767Worker was working on a column and fell over safety rail from the second level.
FY 201002/19/1002/15/10Suburban Tire Company, St. Charles, IL  60174Worker was crushed between the ground and the arm of an automotive lift.
FY 201002/19/1002/16/10Galland Henning Nopak, Inc., West Milwaukee, WI  53215Worker was working in the yard moving a piece of steel with an overhead crane.  The piece fell, crushing the worker.
FY 201002/19/1002/16/10J & M Construction, McLoud, OK  74851Worker was attempting to tie into a main water line that was 17 to 20 feet underground when the trench collapsed.
FY 201002/19/1002/16/10Southland Steel Fabricators, Baton Rouge, LA  70816Worker was working from a manlift connecting a beam.  The beam being held by a crane, shifted and hit the manlift knocking the worker from the manlift, 14 to16 feet to the ground.
FY 201002/19/1002/17/10Duncan Oil Co., South Charleston, OH  45368Worker was refilling aboveground fuel oil tanks from a tank truck.  He had walked behind the truck and bent over, his coat was caught in the power take-off.
FY 201002/19/1002/17/10Eaton Corporation, Belmond, IA 50421Worker, a machine operator, was using a grinding machine and the grinding wheel on the machine broke into pieces. One piece of the wheel struck the worker in the face. The worker died instantly.
FY 201002/19/1002/17/10Elco Oil LLC, Beggs, OK  74421Worker was draining a tank; one of the employees climbed to the top of the tank and lit a cigarette and waved it over the opening in the tank.  The tank exploded, killing the worker.
FY 201002/19/1002/17/10Jeff Schoenfelder Farms, Rochester, Minnesota 55904Worker found unconscious in a hog barn.
FY 201002/19/1002/17/10The Clarion Hotel & Conference Center, Shepherdstown, WV  25443Worker was working in the kitchen area and fainted / fell to the floor, grabbing hold of a deep fryer, spilling hot grease out onto her and burning 30 percent of her body.
FY 201002/19/1002/18/10Total I.T. Solutions, Pearl, MS  39208Worker was removing an antenna from a hangar roof.  He was walking a beam and stepped off and fell through the roof of the hangar.
FY 201002/19/1002/19/10Nationwide Scrap, LLC, Brooklyn, NY  11385Worker was struck by a powered industrial truck that was loading paper bales into a semi-trailer.
FY 201002/19/1002/20/10Mountain State Carbon, LLC, Follansbee, WV  26037Worker was traveling underneath a coal transfer belt.  A large icicle broke away from the belt structure and fell onto the worker.
FY 201002/26/1002/04/10Hansell Mitzel Homes LLC, Mt. Vernon, WA 98273Worker was crushed by the bulldozer he was operating. He was transported to the hospital where he later died.
FY 201002/26/1002/14/10Severstal Sparrows Point, LLC, Sparrows Point, MD 21219Worker was descending from the cab/platform built into the side of the vehicle. The worker fell backwards and landed on the concrete floor.
FY 201002/26/1002/16/10Sound Storage Management, Everett, WA 98201Worker was bitten by a customer's dog at a gated storage facility while on duty. Worker passed away two days later at the hospital from blood poisoning related to the dog bite.
FY 201002/26/1002/18/10A to Z Island Maintenance, Inc., Chinquapin, NC 28521Six workers were installing bracing to trusses while working on/inside the web of the trusses with two workers on the ground. The trusses collapsed/rolled. Two workers fell from the trusses and were injured. One worker, the ground man, was cutting lumber to length. He was killed when the trusses fell on him.
FY 201002/26/1002/18/10Gary Pellandini Dairy, Galt, CA 95632Worker was moving hay out of a barn from a height of 10 to 12 feet. He fell and received head trauma, from which he died.
FY 201002/26/1002/18/10Lewis Tree Service, Inc., Troy, NC 27371Worker was struck on the head by a tree limb while felling a tree.
FY 201002/26/1002/18/10Peninsula Packaging Co., LLC, Wilson, NC 27893Worker was performing maintenance on an extruder machine. He was discovered caught in the machine by the plant manager. He was pronounced dead at the scene.
FY 201002/26/1002/18/10State of MD Department of Juvenile Services/ChettenhamWorker was murdered.
FY 201002/26/1002/21/10Celina Aluminum Precision Technology, Inc., Celina, OH  45822Worker was troubleshooting a Makino, multi-axis, computer numerical controlled (CNC) machine; the machine activated and the worker's head was impaled by the tooling spindle.
FY 201002/26/1002/22/10Center Point Energy, Baytown, TX  77521Worker was climbing a tower at a height of 58 feet and began having convulsions.
FY 201002/26/1002/22/10City of Chicago Police Department, Chicago, IL 60653Police officer was involved in a vehicle accident with a marked car. Apparently he struck a pole and tree and was pronounced dead at the hospital.
FY 201002/26/1002/22/10County of Cleveland - Self-McNeilly Solid Waste Management Facility, Shelby, NC 28150Worker was working as a landfill spotter. He was behind a CAT 836G compactor and the operator of the compactor did not see him. The operator of the compactor backed over the worker. He was taken to the hospital where he later died.
FY 201002/26/1002/22/10George J. Roll & Sons, Inc., Blue Island, IL  60406Worker was attempting to find the problem of a hydraulic flatbed truck.  He rose up the flatbed and positioned himself beneath the raised flatbed and the frame.  The hydraulics gave way and the worker was crushed.
FY 201002/26/1002/22/10Ricklefs Excavating LTD, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404Workers were utilizing excavator with pipe clamp to plastic-wrap 18-foot pipes. Upon completion of wrapping, the pipe excavator operator picked up pipe with the clamp. The pipe came out of the pipe clamp resulting in the pipe falling onto the worker's chest which caused a fatal crushing injury.
FY 201002/26/1002/22/10Unibridge System Inc., Woodward, OK  73801Worker was in the process of unloading pipe from a trailer.  He was removing a chain that was routed through the middle of the front weigh bridge, when the pipe rolled off the top of the load, striking the worker in the upper extremities knocking him down on the ground.
FY 201002/26/1002/24/10B K D Construction Inc., Juana Diaz, PR 00795While operating a boom truck attempting to move a junked truck, suddenly the boom broke from its base and stuck the worker causing a serious chest injury. The worker was killed.
FY 201002/26/1002/24/10Gaudiosi Hauling Inc., Wolcott, CT  06716Worker, acting as a spotter, was struck by the garbage truck that was backing up.
FY 201002/26/1002/24/10Horween Leather Company, Chicago, IL  60614Worker was working on a step ladder adjusting a pipe on top of the pasting machine and fell backwards off of the ladder, hitting his head on the metal plate floor.
FY 201002/26/1002/24/10Sea World, Orlando, FL  32821Worker, an animal trainer, was attacked by a killer whale in an aquarium's exhibition tank.
FY 201003/06/1001/20/10Brown's Trash Removal, Perrysville, OH  44864Worker had exited the cab of a truck.  Worker ran across the street to collect garbage and was hit by a vehicle.
FY 201003/06/1001/21/10Sure Steel Inc, Pahoa, HI 96778Worker of a structural steel erection crew that was installing roof decking fell from the deck under construction to the concrete floor below. Worker was transported to the hospital where he later died.
FY 201003/06/1002/12/10Rainaway Rain Control, Inc., Miami, FL  33126Worker was doing a job on a 6-foot ladder, lost his balance and fell, striking his head.
FY 201003/06/1002/15/10Wal-Mart Store, Rogerville, TN 37857Worker tripped on an extension cord and fell onto a tiled floor in the deli. She was transported to the hospital where she later died.
FY 201003/06/1002/16/10Municipio de Utuado, Utuado, PR 00641Worker caught by the garbage truck compactor.
FY 201003/06/1002/23/10Township of Murphysboro - Public Works, Murphysboro, IL 62966Garage worker was found pinned by a vehicle at 6:45 a.m. The vehicle was still in drive and he had been pinned for a undetermined amount of time. He was taken to the hospital for treatment where he died later.
FY 201003/06/1002/26/10Aramark Services, Charleston, IL  61920Worker was returning from the rest room and collapsed.
FY 201003/06/1002/26/10Birney Elementary School, Tacoma, WA 98408Teacher was shot multiple times as she entered the workplace.
FY 201003/06/1002/27/10Mercados Bakery, Lajas, PR 00667Bakery worker, was using a home-made elevator to hoist material from the first level to the second level on a two story building. Upon entering  the elevator at the second floor, the chain sling supporting the elevator failed. The elevator in free fall caught the employee in/between the floor edge. He was found dead by a fellow worker.
FY 201003/06/1002/28/10AGJ Four, Inc., Smithtown, NY  11787Worker fell in a sewage pit.
FY 201003/06/1003/01/10Cooper T. Smith Stevedoring Co., Inc., Houston, TX  77014Worker had climbed a ladder to watch his gang.  A rolling crane was approaching his location and he did not see the second crane coming.  The walkway of the crane struck him off the ladder onto the ship's main deck. He was then caught by a piece of pipe and dragged until the crane was stopped.
FY 201003/06/1003/02/10Coastal Chemical Co. LLC, Beaumont, TX  77705Worker was struck by a 500-gallon tank that fell off the tines of a forklift.
FY 201003/06/1003/02/10Northwest Insulation, Artesia, NM 88211Four insulation contractors were installing insulation on top of a new crude storage tank. The tank had been filled with water during recent hydrostatic testing. The workers were completing construction. Workers were welding when a fire ignited. Two fell from the tank, sustaining injuries, and were hospitalized. A third worker remained on top of the tank and was fatally burned. Fourth worker remains missing and is presumed dead.
FY 201003/06/1003/03/10Church's Fried Chicken, Kenedy, TX  78119Worker pressure washing a freezer via gasoline-powered washer was overcome by carbon monoxide.
FY 201003/06/1003/03/10Eastman Drilling Co., Blackwell, OK  74631Worker was drilling a water well.  The boom of the drilling rig contacted a high voltage power line of a cell phone tower.  Worker was electrocuted.
FY 201003/06/1003/03/10Fikes Truck Lines LLC, Houston, TX  77041Worker was in the process of removing synthetic straps from a load of four, 7-inch by 50-foot long, metal utility poles, when one of the poles, stacked on top, fell and landed on top of him.
FY 201003/06/1003/03/10M & L Services Co, Junction City, KS  66441Worker was flushing a refrigerator line and did not extinguish the pilot light on the water heater.
FY 201003/06/1003/03/10Peoples Gas Light and Coke Company, Chicago, IL  60606Two workers were conducting a pressure test on a pipe located in a timber-shored trench.  The workers were pressurizing the pipe to the desired amount.  The pipe burst and the pressure of the air forced the pipe and the timber shoring toward the workers.  One worker fatality and one worker hospitalization.
FY 201003/06/1003/03/10Wireline Control Services, Alice, TX  50518Worker was working in a pressure wash bay, cleaning some open-ended pipe, and was found collapsed on the concrete floor.
FY 201003/06/1003/04/10Contract Transportation Systems Inc, Oakridge, OR 97463Worker was driving a commercial truck and collided with several large bales of hay that fell off an unknown semi-trailer.
FY 201003/06/1003/04/10DE Best Plumbing, Inc., Columbus, GA  31901Worker was making preparations to stack steel beams in a storage area; an I-beam fell from a mansport truck, striking the worker.
FY 201003/06/1003/04/10Finger Lakes Service Group, Rochester, NY  14607Worker was using a "Better Spreader" to apply glue to the rubber membrane, walking backwards.  He backed off the roof and fell 27 feet to the ground below.
FY 201003/06/1003/04/10Kojis Signs, LLC, Kirbyville, TX  77595Worker was installing lamp/bulbs while in an elevated bucket on a truck and contacted a live wire, receiving a lethal shock.
FY 201003/06/1003/05/10Erickson Contract Surveying, Inc., Beach, ND  58621Worker was conducting seismographic drilling operations. Worker was tipping pipe out of the hole; the pipe came loose, and fell on the worker.
FY 201003/06/1003/05/10M Construction, Alamo, TX  78516Worker was working inside a trench without a protective system; the trench walls collapsed.
FY 201003/06/1003/05/10Tyson Refrigerated Processed Meats, Inc., Houston, TX  72762Worker was working on the electrical wiring for overhead fluorescent lights in the attic of a plant, and was electrocuted.
FY 201003/06/1003/05/10U.S. Marine Corps, Marine Corps Community Service, Jacksonville , NC  28540Worker had taken a flat bottom boat out for a ride to put 10 hours of usage on the new motor.  Worker fell from the moving boat and his body was found later, floating.
FY 201003/13/1003/04/10Ames Construction, Phoenix, AZ 85382Worker was killed when he overturned his side dump truck and struck a parked water truck.
FY 201003/13/1003/04/10University of Wyoming, Laramie, WY 82071A material handler was walking in a parking lot when he slipped on some ice causing him to fall, striking his head on parking lot surface.
FY 201003/13/1003/05/10Big Boyz Truck, Motley, MN 56466Worker was working beneath a trailer when the jack stand broke.
FY 201003/13/1003/06/10Valor Technologies, Inc., Mt. Prospect, IL  60058Worker was disposing waste parquet flooring and tile from a gondola plastic cart into a dumpster.  Worker collapsed into the dumpster; apparent heart attack.
FY 201003/13/1003/10/10Dave Shaw Concrete & Block Inc., Hermosa Beach, CA 90254 Worker was standing on platform/plywood on forklift and fell into a 15-foot excavation which collapsed around him, burying him.
FY 201003/13/1003/10/10Etchegaray Farms, McFarland, CA 93250  Worker was struck by falling windmill blades when he went to start equipment.
FY 201003/13/1003/11/10AEE Tecnica de Rio Piedras, Santurce, PR 00908 Worker was hit in the forehead by the hook of a crane that was being used to install a utility pole. He was knocked unconscious and transported to the hospital where he later died.
FY 201003/13/1003/12/10GATX Corporation, Camp Minden, LA  71058Worker had climbed down a ladder into a railcar, which had been identified as a confined space, wearing an acid gas respirator with an organic vapor cartridge.  As he began to exit the railcar, climbing up the ladder, he collapsed and fell back into the railcar.  It is believed there was a nitrogen atmosphere in the railcar.
FY 201003/20/1002/23/10North Star Emergency Services, LLC, Charlotte, NC 28277Worker was inspecting a roof on 2/23/2010 when he fell 23 feet. He later died from his injuries on 3/10/2010.
FY 201003/20/1003/09/10Florida Rock & Tank Lines Inc, Nashville, TN 37209Worker was using a power take-off (PTO) pump to transfer gasoline from one underground storage tank to another. The output pipe of the pump broke, spraying fuel over the worker. The fuel later ignited and the worker was seriously burned. He died the next day.
FY 201003/20/1003/12/10Cross Crete Concrete, Midland, TX  79706The company was applying a coat of stain and two coats of sealant.  Two workers were observed outside the building getting air, as the fumes were getting to be too much. One worker fatality and one worker hospitalization.
FY 201003/20/1003/14/10AEE Tecnica de Aguadilla, Moca, PR 00676Worker was repairing damage to a 4160-Volt power line. The worker grabbed the part of the line which was not de-energized and was electrocuted, instantly causing his death.
FY 201003/20/1003/16/10AT&T Contracting, Philadelphia, PA  19124Worker was conducting roofing work, removing sky lights, and fell 50 feet to the lower level.
FY 201003/20/1003/16/10Clinton Hill Golf Course, Swansea, IL  62229Worker was spraying fertilizer with a utility cart boom sprayer.  The cart overturned trapping the worker.
FY 201003/20/1003/16/10Walsh Construction, Gary, IN 46403Worker was working on highway with two other Walsh Construction workers and a subcontractor patching potholes. He was struck by a drunk driver speeding at up to 90 mph.
FY 201003/20/1003/17/107-Eleven, Kansas City, MO  64134Worker was killed during a store robbery.
FY 201003/20/1003/17/10Demolition Disposal Services Inc., Lexington, KY 40509Two workers were at the Lexington landfill loading one dumpster into another. During the process a chain became hung up and one worker stepped into the dumpster to free the chain. The dumpster fell on the worker. He was transported to the hospital where he later died.
FY 201003/20/1003/17/10General Mills, Inc., Newdale, ID  83436Worker attempted to break a grain bridge manually by entering the bin and fell into the grain.
FY 201003/20/1003/17/10Pacific Gas & Electric Co., Bencia, CA 94510Worker was working in a vault and was electrocuted.
FY 201003/20/1003/17/10Precision AG Service, Inc., Pocahontas, AR  72455Worker was in the process of transferring grain from one bin to another, and was found in a grain bin covered by a few feet of corn, 20 to 25 feet away from the door.
FY 201003/20/1003/17/10Roane Transportation, Rockwood, TN 37854Worker was standing on a flatbed trailer while a crane operator was loading three coils of steel onto the truck. The coils fell off the truck striking the worker who had jumped off the truck to get out of the way.
FY 201003/20/1003/18/10Cal-Sierra Pipe Inc., La Grand, CA 95333Worker was unloading pipe from a flatbed trailer when he was knocked off the trailer by pipe that then fell onto him.
FY 201003/20/1003/18/10Munday Machinery, Lakeland, FL  33809Worker was working on a large RV vehicle with the front suspended on a jack.  The jack collapsed, and the vehicle fell on the worker.
FY 201003/20/1003/19/10Intermech Inc., Silverdale, WA  98605Worker was carrying an oxygen/acetylene hose.  Worker was walking uphill across a roadway and was struck by an end loader.
FY 201003/20/1003/19/10Performance Contractors, Plaquemine, LA  70764Worker was directing the driver of an 18-wheeler truck backwards into a Poly A Unit.  Worker ended up in a position where the 18-wheeler tires rolled over and crushed his head.
FY 201003/20/1003/19/10Pine Island Ridge Country Club, Davis, FL  33324Worker was driving a golf cart, picking up debris along the roadway, and was struck by a vehicle.
FY 201003/20/1003/19/10Spirit Aero Systems, Tulsa, OK  74116Worker was working on the airbrakes of the cab of a tractor trailer.  The truck engine engaged and dragged the worker until the truck hit another building.  Worker was found pinned between the left front tire and engine.
FY 201003/20/1003/20/10Reed's Salvage Corporation, Grafton, OH  44035Worker was accessing the area under a load and was crushed/struck-by the scrap vehicle.
FY 201003/27/1003/17/10GE Transportation, Kansas City, MO  64153Worker was working on the wheel and axle line, using an overhead bridge crane to lift a 5,100-lb locomotive wheel set.  Worker lifted the locomotive wheel set, causing it to swing in a pendulum motion, pinning his leg against another stationary locomotive wheel set.
FY 201003/27/1003/17/10The Pit Stop, Chico, CA 95926Worker became entangled in the rear differential of a vehicle.
FY 201003/27/1003/18/10Simpson Bridge Company Inc., Clevland, TN 37311Worker fell about 7 feet while pouring a concrete column for a new bridge. He was taken to the hospital where he died during back surgery.
FY 201003/27/1003/18/10Yacov Likhterman, Brooklyn, NY  11215Worker fell 25 feet off a manlift.
FY 201003/27/1003/19/10Bottom Dollar Tree Service, New Port Richey, FL  34654Worker was cutting tree branches and cut himself with a chainsaw.
FY 201003/27/1003/19/10Hidden Mill Marina Center, Egg Harbor Twp., NJ  08234Worker was working on a client's boat, and an explosion occurred.
FY 201003/27/1003/19/10Southern Pump and Tank Company, Charlotte, NC 28629Worker was working under a pull-behind compressor/generator and it fell off the jack stands.
FY 201003/27/1003/20/10Triple S Oilfield Construction, Odessa, TX  79766Worker received a severe electrical shock after an overhead crane derailed in the facility he was working in.
FY 201003/27/1003/21/10T.J.B. Logistics, LLC., Mountain Lakes, NJ  07046Worker fell off of an unguarded stair landing and struck his head on edge of stair tread 10 feet below.
FY 201003/27/1003/22/10Columbia Forest Productions, Presque Isle, ME  04769Worker went into a stacker to clean dust off a photocell eye.  He did not use lockout/tagout, and after the dust was cleared away, the stacker activated.
FY 201003/27/1003/23/10Miles City Auction Yard Miles City, MT  59301Worker was trampled by a bull.
FY 201003/27/1003/23/10United States Infrastructure Corporation, Fort Wayne, IN 46825Worker was spray painting utility when he was struck by a vehicle. Worker later died on 3/19/2010.
FY 201003/27/1003/24/107-11 Store #13693, North Las Vegas, NV 89030Worker was fatally shot during a robbery and was pronounced dead at the scene.
FY 201003/27/1003/25/10AIM Construction, LLP, Delran, NJ  08075Two workers were moving an aluminum ladder.  The ladder contacted an overhead power line.  One worker was electrocuted and the other was hospitalized.
FY 201003/27/1003/26/10Phoenix Fabricators and Erectors, Cleburne, TX  76033Worker fell from an elevated water tower area.
FY 201003/27/1003/27/10Creative Biomass Inc., Fitchburg, MA  01420Worker was working on a motor, contacted live wires and was electrocuted.
FY 201004/03/1003/17/10Lujan Drilling, Pecos, NM 87552Worker was operating a boom on a water well truck, when boom came in contact with overhead power line, electrocuting the worker. 
FY 201004/03/1003/23/10Washington Merchant Patrol, Federal Way, WA 92023Worker, at the end of fourth day on night shift, drove company car into back of parked trucks. He received multiple head injuries.
FY 201004/03/1003/26/10Hermann Brothers Logging and Construction, Port Angeles, WA 98362Worker was sitting on a conveyor and welding, when the conveyor system was energized causing the employee to be crushed. No locks were used to lockout the conveyor system.
FY 201004/03/1003/27/10Blackburn Farming, Firebaugh, CA 93622Worker was driving a JackRunner chipper. He left the cab of the chipper and got caught in the auger of the JackRabbit bank-out car. 
FY 201004/03/1003/27/10Digital Domain, Venice, CA 90291Worker was checking on office of a coworker. The worker opened the window and stepped out on the ledge where he slipped and fell to the parking lot below - approximately 20 - 25 feet. 
FY 201004/03/1003/28/10Velo Promo, Oakland, CAThree volunteers setting up 40-foot portable antenna for radio communications during bicycle event. Top of antenna swayed 10 feet and touched high voltage line. One killed; one injured. 
FY 201004/03/1003/29/10Anderson Erickson Dairy, De Moines, IA 50317Worker was attempting to clear a jammed flat of milk product containers when the ram actuator started moving forward, pinning the worker between the actuator and positioning post, crushing the worker. 
FY 201004/03/1003/29/10Cal Trans, Oakland, CA 94612Worker fell from 15-story building to 6th floor atrium.
FY 201004/03/1003/29/10JAF Company Telephone Contractor, Yauco, PR 00698Worker was installing a telephone cable while standing on a fiberglass ladder. He came in contact with a 4,000-Volt electrical line and fell 15 feet to the ground and died.
FY 201004/03/1003/30/10Asplundh Tree Expert Co., Moutheard, KY 41548Two workers had begun setting up traffic demarcations alongside the highway. The workers were struck by a tractor trailer whose brakes failed. 
FY 201004/03/1003/30/10Coopers Creek Store, Bryson City, NC 28713Worker complained about not feeling well. He went to the basement of the store where he was running a gasoline powered generator. He was found at the bottom of the stairs. It was reported that carbon monoxide levels in the basement measured greater than 900 parts per million. 
FY 201004/03/1003/30/10Village of Homewood - Fire Department, Homewood, IL 60430During a rescue attempt at a fully engulfed residential fire, two firefighters were injured and taken to the hospital. One firefighter died from his injuries. 
FY 201004/03/1004/01/10MagnaGro Corporation, Lawrence, KS  66046Two workers were cleaning a clogged pipe at the bottom of an enclosed molasses tank and were asphyxiated in the tank.
FY 201004/03/1004/01/10Michael F. Ronca & Sons, Inc., Nottingham, PA  19362Worker was performing work on filter galleries of a waste water treatment plant.  Worker appeared to have a heart attack and fell 9 feet to the bottom of the filtering bed, suffering head trauma.
FY 201004/03/1004/01/10Robinson Drilling of Texas, Ltd., Midland, TX  79701Worker was on a twelve-foot ladder and tapped on a valve connection from a pump union.  The union struck and destroyed the ladder.  Worker fell and was impaled on debris.
FY 201004/03/1004/01/10Village of Washington Park, Washington Park, IL 62204Mayor of the Village of Washington Park was driving through the village at 6 a.m., after leaving his second job. He stopped when someone asked for assistance and was shot twice by someone in a passing car. 
FY 201004/03/1004/02/10Color Star Growers of Colorado, Fort Lupton, CO  80621Worker was transporting roofing materials and fell from height.
FY 201004/03/1004/02/10Tesoro Refining & Marketing Company, Anacortes, WA 98221A naphtha hydrotreater located at a refinery released fuel which ignited.  Five workers died; two were critically injured. 
FY 201004/10/1002/12/10D & P Trucking, Inc., Tucson, AZ 85742Owner was in the process of cleaning the scissor lift. He raised the lift, making contact with overhead power lines, and was electrocuted. 
FY 201004/10/1003/04/10Thermal Conditioning Inc., Charlotte, NC 28278Worker was performing air conditioning work on the roof a building when he fell 25 feet to the ground. 
FY 201004/10/1003/20/10Jif Trucking, El Monte, CA 91733Worker was walking at a truck stop when he was struck and killed by a tractor trailer. 
FY 201004/10/1003/26/10Penro Construction Company, Inc., Macy, NE  68039Worker was working on a water line in a trench at a depth of 9 feet.  The wrench he was using slipped off of the bolt and he fell backwards into a deeper trench at a depth of 14 feet and struck his right knee on a cast iron fitting.  Worker had a heart attack/blood clot.
FY 201004/10/1003/31/10Morgan Builders, Inc., New York, NY  10011Worker fell down the stairway.
FY 201004/10/1004/01/10Ed Yamashiro, Inc., Kaneohe, HI 96744Heavy equipment driver was in the process of stepping down backwards from a low-boy trailer when he fell and hit his head on the asphalt. He never regained consciousness and died 4 days later. 
FY 201004/10/1004/02/10Peterson Construction, Blairsburg, IA 50034A free-standing masonry wall that was approximately 12 feet long by 22 feet high collapsed, crushing the worker.
FY 201004/10/1004/02/10Rich Contracting LLC, Waveland, MS  39576Worker was struck by a pickup truck.
FY 201004/10/1004/05/10Auto Truck Group, Inc., Barlett, IL  60103Worker was mounting a crane on a truck.  The crane fell and hit the worker.
FY 201004/10/1004/05/10Black Hills Trucking, Killdeer, ND  58640Worker was installing floor plates on a drilling rig.  The bridal line and equalizer fell to the derrick floor, crushing the worker.
FY 201004/10/1004/05/10Timberwolf Thinning LLC, Greensburg, LA  70441Worker had exited his truck and walked in back of the skidder.  The skidder backed over the worker.
FY 201004/10/1004/06/10Brian's Professional Cleaning & Restoration Co., Inc., Bethlehem, PA  18015Worker was remodeling a residential home and fell through a second floor window opening onto a pump jack scaffold and then onto the ground.
FY 201004/10/1004/06/10JBS United, Inc., Union City, TN 38261Truck driver was at a location to pick up a load. He was somehow run over by another truck. He was underneath the truck and dragged 100 feet. 
FY 201004/10/1004/06/10Overton County Sheriff Department, Livingston, TN 38570Sheriff Deputy was walking through the woods, working a cold case, and fell 161 feet into a sink hole. 
FY 201004/10/1004/06/10Whataburger Restaurants, Houston, TX  77040Worker was inspecting the parking lot and was struck by a vehicle.
FY 201004/10/1004/07/10A Bagnoll & Sons, Inc., Hudson, OH  44236Two workers were working in a trench without trench protection and the trench collapsed.  One worker fatality and one worker was hospitalized.
FY 201004/10/1004/07/10ADF Industries Inc., Milford, CT  06460Worker was instructed to drive the excavator back to the laydown yard.  The excavator boom was elevated and struck a steel girder of an overpass.  This caused the excavator to move to the center lane where it was struck by a tractor trailer.  Worker was ejected from the excavator and was run over by the rear wheels of the tractor trailer.
FY 201004/10/1004/07/10API Construction, LLC, Oaklyn, NJ  08107Worker was sandblasting the bottom of a water tower and fell to the ground.
FY 201004/10/1004/07/10Delta Timber Co., Inc., Delta, CO  81416Worker was dislodging lumber from a piece of equipment and another piece of lumber entered the area, crushing the worker.
FY 201004/10/1004/07/10Modern Painting & Decorating, New Kensington, PA  15068Worker was positioned on the roof of a building, painting the exterior, using a plastic pole that had an aluminum pole on the inside of the plastic paint stick with a metal roller that was connected to the pole.  The paint roller or pole contacted a high voltage 7,500 Volt energized electric power line.  Worker was electrocuted.
FY 201004/10/1004/07/10Solarcity Corporation, San Pablo, CA 94806Worker fell from a three story roof onto a concrete walkway.
FY 201004/10/1004/07/10Specified Urethane Systems, Plano, TX  75074Worker was installing a roof and fell 20 feet through a skylight, landing on the ground.
FY 201004/10/1004/07/10Wallace Cotton, Centertown, KY 42328Logger was attempting to dislodge a tree that did not fall after it was cut. He attempted to cut another tree to hit the lodged tree. The second tree fell on him. He had worked for the company for one week.
FY 201004/10/1004/08/10MOD Space, San Antonio, TX  78222Worker was working on his own vehicle and was pinned by the forks of a forklift and the vehicle.
FY 201004/10/1004/09/10The Tiger and Elephant Encounter, Wilkes Barre, PA  18704Worker was kicked by an elephant.
FY 201004/10/1004/10/10Amitron Corp., Elk Grove Village, IL  60007Worker working in a room with inert chemicals was found unconscious; apparent heart attack.
FY 201004/10/1004/10/10Kirberg Roofing, Inc., Kansas City, MO  64120Worker walked on the un-barricade or uncovered cut section of a roof decking and fell.
FY 201004/17/1011/19/09Bowen Service Company, Smyrna, GA  30080Worker was on the roof cleaning out the gutters.  He moved the aluminum ladder to relocate to another part of the roof and contacted a power line.
FY 201004/17/1001/13/10Tioga Fire Co #1, Tioga Center, NY 13734 While responding to an emergency call, worker struck the rear of a recycling truck that was stopped.
FY 201004/17/1002/22/10Vegas Tunnel Constructors, Boulder City, Clark County, NVWorker death originally considered as result of heart attack. An investigation is now being conducted after receiving information that other factors may have contributed to his death. 
FY 201004/17/1003/13/10Choyce Products, Honolulu, HI  96819Worker was pulling frozen food boxes for customer orders while standing on a wooden pallet lifted up by a company forklift truck. The forklift operator lowered the forklift, with worker still on pallet, to approximately 10 feet above the concrete floor, and began backing up. Operator heard something fall and found the worker lying face down on the concrete floor. 
FY 201004/17/1004/02/10Tesoro Refining & Marketing Company, Anacortes, WA 98221A naphtha hydrotreater, located at the refinery, released fuel which ignited. Initial count:  five workers died; two were critically injured. Update: one of the critically injured has died.
FY 201004/17/1004/06/10Bob Frolic Room (Bar), Los Angeles, CA 90028Worker who was pushed by one of the customers, fell and hit his head on the floor.  He was taken off life support on 4/15/2010.
FY 201004/17/1004/07/10James Anderson Logging, Inc., Moravian Falls, NC 28654Worker was found underneath skidder's rear tire, after skidder was pulled into deck.
FY 201004/17/1004/10/10Compton Transfer and Storage Co., Boise, ID  83706Worker was backing a forklift out of a truck and the truck moved away from the dock.  The forklift and worker fell out the back of the truck onto the concrete pad.
FY 201004/17/1004/11/10Inder Singh, Vegetable Farm, Lodi, CAWorker fell off the tractor and was run over by the disc.
FY 201004/17/1004/12/10McKenzie Trucking, Inc., Hanover, MD 21076Worker was attempting to unload slabs of granite from the bed of a truck when the slabs tipped over and fell on him, causing fatal head injuries. 
FY 201004/17/1004/12/10Murph South Construction Co., Inc., Seaside Heights, NJ  08751Worker fell off of an unprotected edge of a roof.
FY 201004/17/1004/12/10Unit Drilling Company, Opelousas, LA  70570Worker was struck by a 50-pound weight ball.
FY 201004/17/1004/12/10Waste Management, Ft. Myers, FL  33913Worker was dumping trash into the back of a waste management vehicle and was struck by a motor vehicle.
FY 201004/17/1004/13/10AP Specialty Metals, Inc., Alpharetta, GA  30004Worker was operating the Coil to Coil Polishing Machine and was caught in the coil portion of the machine.
FY 201004/17/1004/14/10Exeion Business Services Company, Bedford Park, IL  60638Worker was assigned to move a wooden crate with nine large insulators that weighed 2,800 lbs.  In the process of loading the crate onto the rear of the flatbed truck, the crate fell over, crushing the worker between the crate and the rear of the truck.
FY 201004/17/1004/14/10Oconee Fast Truck, Norcross, GA  30093Worker was repairing a roof and fell through the skylight, 20 feet to the concrete floor.
FY 201004/17/1004/14/10Roslyn Auto Express, Roslyn, NY  11577Worker was cleaning a dump truck and was pinned between the dump body and truck frame.
FY 201004/17/1004/15/10Clark Moving & Storage Inc., Rochester, NY  14624-1124Worker was caught between fork truck and another vehicle.
FY 201004/24/1004/15/10Argo Chemical, Inc., Bakersfield, CA 93263Worker was in a boom lift, taking pictures, and was electrocuted after coming in contact with power lines.
FY 201004/24/1004/18/10Special Operations Associates, Inc., Las Vegas, NV 89169Security guard shot in the face by unidentified assailants while taking a break on the job.
FY 201004/24/1004/18/10Union 76, Daly City, CA 94015Worker was electrocuted.
FY 201004/24/1004/19/10Becon, Port Arthur, TX  77640Worker was under a load when the boom of the crane collapsed, dropping the load on the worker.
FY 201004/24/1004/19/10Desert Sky Mobile Home Park, LLC, Las Vegas, NV, 89120Worker was repairing swamp cooler units. He slipped from a ladder and struck his face on a fence post.
FY 201004/24/1004/19/10Las Flores Convalescent Hospital, Gardena, CA 90249Worker was storing supplies, fell backward, and sustained a fatal head injury.
FY 201004/24/1004/19/10Midas Auto Center, Westmont, IL  60559Worker was welding on a 55-gallon drum of what might have been methanol and a explosion/fire occurred.
FY 201004/24/1004/19/10Tom Thumb Store #3560, Dallas, TX  75231Worker was backing a truck into an inclined loading dock.  He got out to check on the dock clearance and walked between the truck and the dock wall.  The truck rolled back on him.
FY 201004/24/1004/20/10Pike Electric, Inc, Mount Airy, North Carolina 28719Worker was thrown from the seat of the digger derrick truck as the boom detached from the truck.
FY 201004/24/1004/20/10Treeman Landscaping, Bethel Park, PA  15102Worker was cutting a limb from a tree, the tree fell and contacted an uninsulated 13.2 KV electric line.  Worker was electrocuted.
FY 201004/24/1004/21/10Nordic Cord Storage, Buckmart, GA  30153Worker was operating a forklift, pulling pallets from a bin.  He pulled a pallet and the pallet above fell and spilled product on the floor.  He got off the forklift, tripped and slid on the concrete floor, he was knocked out.
FY 201004/24/1004/22/10Birds Eye Foods, Waseca, MN 56093Worker fell unconscious while participating in a hazardous material response drill. He was wearing a respirator and protective clothing at the time. He died at the hospital.
FY 201004/24/1004/22/10Weyerhaeuser Company, Port Wentworth, GA  31407Worker was walking down the roadway to his car and was struck by a rough terrain Lull forklift.  Worker was dragged 30 feet under the Lull along the roadway.
FY 201004/24/1004/23/10Clean Earth of North Jersey, Inc., Kearny, NJ  07032Worker was struck by a loader.
FY 201005/01/1002/22/10Gilster-Mary Lee Corporation, Wilson, AR  72395Worker was riding on a freight elevator; placed his head over the elevator's gate before it stopped and was caught in a pinch point between the gate and the second floor.
FY 201005/01/1003/10/10Sallee, Inc., Dodge City, KS  67801Worker was transferring chemicals from tractor trailer to stand alone trailer.  He reached over a power take-off (PTO) shaft and his coat got caught on a screw.
FY 201005/01/1004/08/10Blackwell Electric Inc., Lampass, TX  76550Worker was in the process of replacing a line and collapsed.  Not sure of heart attack or electrocution.
FY 201005/01/1004/12/10Cub Foods Mankato West, Mankato, MN 56001Worker suffered shoulder strain while installing portable greenhouse. Over time, developed severe pain and was sent back to physician. He died on April 22 from an infection.
FY 201005/01/1004/15/10Ozark's Electric Cooperative Corporation, Fayetteville, AR  72702Worker was pouring cable lubricant from a 5-gallon bucket into a new conduit near the floor of an underground primary switch.  Worker lost his footing and contacted the energized portion of the switch.
FY 201005/01/1004/19/10Wal-Mart, Sylva, NC 28779Worker climbed onto a rack. While attempting to access the ladder, missed it and fell to the concrete floor below.
FY 201005/01/1004/21/10The Lane Construction Corporation, Washington, NC 27889Worker was struck by a 20-foot steel column that broke loose from its rigging while being moved by a crane from one location to another.
FY 201005/01/1004/22/10Dillon Companies, Inc., Woodland Park, CO  88862Worker was performing some welding of conduit pipe.   The worker was welding on a floor next to a fryer. The wheel of the fryer rolled into a drain, causing the fryer to tip.  Hot oil at 325 degrees was dumped on the worker.
FY 201005/01/1004/23/10Rice Plumbing, Inc., Beaville, TX  78102Worker was standing on the back of a pickup, loading PVC pipe, lost his balance and fell from the truck, striking his head.
FY 201005/01/1004/24/10Helmerick & Payne International Drilling Co., Sycamore, PA  15364Worker was hit in the head by a broken valve and related piping after the high-pressurized water line blew.
FY 201005/01/1004/26/10Battle Creek Farmers Coop, Bloomfield, NE  68718-4000Worker was loading a semi with the use of a drag conveyor in a corn storage building and was engulfed in grain.
FY 201005/01/1004/26/10New York City Transit Authority, Division of Tracks, Forest Hills, NY 11375Track maintenance supervisor was electrocuted after coming into contact with a high voltage rail while working in the capital track group.
FY 201005/01/1004/26/10Nye County Sheriff's Office, Pahrump, NV 89060Deputy Sheriff was shot to death while responding to a domestic violence call.
FY 201005/01/1004/27/10Griffin Roofing, Inc., Weddington, NC 28104Worker fell approximately 18 feet onto a slate porch while installing a slate roof on a residence.
FY 201005/01/1004/28/10BRB Contractors Inc., Angola, KS  67357Worker had cut the last band holding a bundle of pipe together and was crushed after the poly pipe shifted.
FY 201005/01/1004/29/10Schreiber Foods Inc., Stephenville, TX  76401Worker was repairing a hose on a hydraulic dock plate and the dock plate fell on the worker.
FY 201005/01/1004/30/10Golden Arrow Concrete Pumping, Houston,TX  77045Worker was to determine why a boom section of a concrete pumping truck would not retract.  A bolt on the holding valve was loosened and nearly removed, high pressure hydraulic fluid blew the valve and bolt from the cylinder, striking the worker who was sitting in the boom.
FY 201005/08/1008/14/09Tec Electric Co., Richmond, UT 84333Worker installing electrical wiring in a false ceiling, fell from ladder.
FY 201005/08/1004/19/10Tonopah Family Restaurant, LLC, Tonopah, AZ 85354Maintenance worker tripped on top rung of ladder and fell from roof.
FY 201005/08/1004/27/10VHP Enterprises Inc., Manns Harbor Bridge, Dare County, NCBridge painter, not wearing a life vest, fell 18 feet from the bridge to the water and was swept away.
FY 201005/08/1004/28/10Stanley Steemer International, Inc., Palatine, IL  60067Worker fell from ladder.
FY 201005/08/1004/29/10Fertig Drilling Company, Elko, NV 89803A worker loading drill rods onto a carousel was struck in the head by dislodged rod.
FY 201005/08/1004/29/10Lexington Division of Police, Lexington, KY 40507A police officer investigating loud music from a vehicle was struck and killed by passing vehicle, in a hit and run accident.
FY 201005/08/1004/29/10Marcus De Los Santos, San Antonio, TX  78207Worker was descending from a scaffold and fell seven stories.
FY 201005/08/1004/30/10C & F Forge, Batavia, IL  60510Worker was shoveling coal and became overheated and died.
FY 201005/08/1005/02/10Nationwide Insurance, Union, OH  45322Worker was doing a roofing inspection and fell.
FY 201005/08/1005/03/10Fisher Concrete Inc., Holland, NY  14080Worker was crushed in a trench collapse.
FY 201005/08/1005/03/10George's Tire, Dickinson, ND  56801-7164Worker was struck by a vehicle that was backing out of the garage stall.
FY 201005/08/1005/03/10Parsec, Inc., Atlanta, GA  30318Worker was standing between a loaded trailer and an unloaded trailer chassis.  He was crushed between the unloaded chassis and the loaded trailer after a truck collided with the unloaded chassis.
FY 201005/08/1005/04/10North Florida Tower Service, Inc., Hines, FL  32347Worker was working on a communication tower that was 240 feet in height, slipped, and fell from the tower.
FY 201005/08/1005/04/10Union Drilling, Inc., Lovington, NM 88260A worker fell 90 feet from the derrick onto the drilling platform, while tipping pipe into a well.
FY 201005/08/1005/05/10Amtec Corporation, Huntsville, AL  35898Two workers were recovering/extracting ammonium perchlorate, and both were severely burned and died after a fire/explosion took place.
FY 201005/08/1005/05/10Commercial Aquatic Services, Tustin, CA 92780Pool maintenance worker drowned while servicing pool drain.
FY 201005/08/1005/05/10Murph's Roofing & Repairs, Lawrenceville, GA  30045Worker was in the process of re-roofing and fell 13 feet.
FY 201005/08/1005/05/10Patterson - UTI Drilling Company, LP, Midkiff, TX  79755Worker was making a drill stem connection and was struck on the head by the pipe after it was lifted from the mousehole.
FY 201005/08/1005/06/10372 Doughty Blvd Corporation, Inwood, NY  11096Worker was leaning over a parapet wall to take measurement of windows and fell from roof.
FY 201005/08/1005/06/10D.H. Pace Company, Inc. dba Overhead Door of Atlanta, Atlanta, GA  30354-3926Worker was installing a 12-foot roll-up door from a ladder and fell.
FY 201005/08/1005/06/10Dynasty Transportation, Harvey, LA  70058Worker was found lying in a pool of blood in the parking yard.
FY 201005/08/1005/06/10North Western Energy, Columbia Falls, MT  59912Worker was responding to a gas leak in a 2-inch gas main and was struck by debris from the house that exploded.
FY 201005/08/1005/07/10D.O.D. Fort Hood Network Enterprise Center, Fort Hood, TX  76544Worker was operating a bucket truck to raise a communications wire that was hanging too low.  A truck drove by and caught the cable, pulling the worker out of the bucket truck 20 feet to the ground.
FY 201005/08/1005/08/10Gloria's Produce, Houston, TX  77022Worker was removing produce from a truck.  He was entering a glass enclosed back porch and his hand went through the plate glass window.  A piece of glass came down and cut the main blood vessels in his arm.
FY 201005/15/1012/02/09Dempsey Electric, Houston, TX  77079Worker was making an electrical connection in a junction box, working from an 8-foot ladder, and fell striking his face on a concrete floor.
FY 201005/15/1005/02/10Blue Sky Mason, Honolulu, HI 96822A tree trimmer died after becoming inverted in his harness and being unable to free himself.
FY 201005/15/1005/05/10Tampa International Shipyard, Tampa, FL  33610Worker was sent to check on an electrical panel and was found unconscious.
FY 201005/15/1005/06/103M Company, Cynthiana, KY 41031Worker was electrocuted by static electricity built up on a plastic film roll line.
FY 201005/15/1005/06/10Menifee County Fiscal Court, Wellington, KY 40387Worker suffered fatal injuries after falling off a moving garbage truck.
FY 201005/15/1005/08/10Carmel High School, Carmel, IN 46033Maintenance worker was fatally injured when the riding lawn mower he was using exploded.
FY 201005/15/1005/08/10OUI Deliver, LTD, Addison, IL  60101Worker was underneath a semi-trailer working on the driveshaft when the trailer began rolling backwards toward the street.  Worker was caught and dragged along with the semi-tractor.
FY 201005/15/1005/09/10A Class Towing Corp., Miami, FL 33145Worker was getting out of his tow truck and was struck by a motor vehicle.
FY 201005/15/1005/10/10Baillie Roofing & Construction Inc., New Pot Richey, FLWorker was on a roof performing an estimate for a re-roofing job and was stung by a wasp.
FY 201005/15/1005/10/10Caliber Oil Field Services, Dimock, PA  18816Worker was working from an elevated platform on the mast of a drilling rig and was struck by a rotating steel casing.
FY 201005/15/1005/10/10Jeffboat LLC, Jeffersonville, IN  47130Worker was carrying a welding feeder case on the port side of a barge, lost his hold on the case.  In trying to keep the case from falling, grabbed the whipline, and was pulled between the rails.
FY 201005/15/1005/10/10Mr. Bult's Inc., Antioch, TN 37013Worker was buried under waste being pushed into a trailer by a bulldozer, and suffocated.
FY 201005/15/1005/11/10Angel Brothers Enterprises, LTD, Lockhart, TX  78644Worker was engaged in testing asphalt and was run over by the truck.
FY 201005/15/1005/11/10Baker Pile Driving and Site Work LLC, Shreveport, LA  71115Worker was changing out a boom section and removed the wrong pin, causing the boom to open up from the bottom, striking him.
FY 201005/15/1005/11/10Ferris Metal Processing, Brooklyn, OH  44144Worker was struck on the head by banding.
FY 201005/15/1005/11/10First Baptist Church of Alhambra, Alhambra, CA 91801Maintenance worker was overcome while using a chemical stripper to prepare for painting.
FY 201005/15/1005/11/10Metheny Commercial Lawn Maintenance, Grand Prairie, TX  75051Worker was removing debris with a leaf blower and was struck by an automobile.
FY 201005/15/1005/11/10N.G.A. Company, Brooklyn, NY  11222Worker fell from a pump jack scaffold after a section of the work platform collapsed.
FY 201005/15/1005/11/10Signature Landscape Design & Irrigation, Boyton Beach, FL  33484Worker was operating a riding lawn mower on a sloped area of a retention pond.  Worker rolled the mower over into the pond and was trapped under the mower and water, drowning.
FY 201005/15/1005/12/10ChapmanTrucking, Parshall, ND  58770Worker was dismantling an oil rig and was crushed between  a forklift and a truck.
FY 201005/15/1005/12/10Norampac Industries Inc. Niagara Falls Division, Niagara Falls, NY  14303Worker was crushed between a forklift truck and a roll of paper.
FY 201005/15/1005/12/10Reliable Container Corporation, San Francisco, CA 90670Worker suffered fatal injuries after being pinned between a forklift and machine.
FY 201005/15/1005/12/10Robinson Drilling of Texas, LTD, Rankin, TX  79778Worker, disconnected from his fall protection, stepped off or fell off the monkeyboard.
FY 201005/15/1005/13/10Ortowski Construction, Gainesville, TX  76240Worker was running alongside a forklift to jump on, slipped, fell, and was run over by the forklift.
FY 201005/15/1005/13/10Reid Construction Company, Carrollton, GA  30117Worker was laying sod and was later found unconscious.
FY 201005/15/1005/13/10Security and Safe of Colorado, Littleton, CO  80127Worker was installing a safe that fell off its cribbing, pinning the worker.
FY 201005/15/1005/14/10BenchMark Wireline Products, Simonton, TX  77476Worker was assisting with moving a metal conveyor containing metal shavings, which was being lifted by a jib crane.  The load shifted and the end of the conveyor struck the worker on the chest.
FY 201005/15/1005/14/10Brickman Group dba Grass-Roots, Inc., Olathe, KS  66061-5879Worker was mowing a grassy hill along a creek and was later found pinned under the mower in the creek.
FY 201005/15/1005/14/10Jeffboat LLC, Jeffersonville, IN  47130Worker was working at the bottom of a barge, cleaning it up.  He was at the top of a ladder with a broom in one hand, his other hand released from the ladder and he fell back, striking a concrete structure.
FY 201005/15/1005/14/10John McLoughlin General Contractor, Bradley Beach, NJ  07720Worker fell from a ladder.
FY 201005/22/1004/12/10Roosevelt Fire Department, Engine Co. #1, Hyde Park, NY 12538Worker died after developing chest pains while training.
FY 201005/22/1005/11/10Hixon Home Improvement, Highland, IN 46322Worker died from head injuries after falling down stairs, while moving a chest freezer.
FY 201005/22/1005/12/10FS Commercial Landscaping, Carson, CA 92509Worker died after he began vomiting and shaking. He was moved to the shade and first aid was administered (presumed heat stress).
FY 201005/22/1005/13/10A & M Carpentry, Olney, MD 20832Worker died after falling 23 feet from an extension ladder.
FY 201005/22/1005/13/10Capstar Austin Partners, LP dba Doubletree Austin, Austin, TX  78752Worker was cleaning out a deep fat fryer and spilled some hot grease, receiving a significant burn to his left leg.
FY 201005/22/1005/13/10John Davis Trucking Company, Battle Mountain, NV 89820Driver suffered fatal injuries after truck left the road and overturned.
FY 201005/22/1005/13/10Scholastic Book Fair, Inc., Bloomingdale, IL  60108Worker was working from a cherry picker and fell.
FY 201005/22/1005/14/10NC State Natural Resources Foundation, Inc., Maysville, NC 28555Worker died after being backed over by a truck while walking along the road.
FY 201005/22/1005/15/10Eagle Sorters, LLC, Porter, TX  77365Worker was painting a dredging vessel.  He was down in a hole, located inside the vessel, and an explosion occurred.
FY 201005/22/1005/15/10Super Mart Convenience Store, Las Vegas, NV 89108Convenience store worker died after being shot during a robbery.
FY 201005/22/1005/17/10C.D. Davenport, Inc., Northfield, MA  01360Worker was struck by 8-inch high density polyethylene (HDPE) water piping that burst.
FY 201005/22/1005/17/10Saxon Drilling Rig 140, Damascus, AR  72039Worker was on top of a generator house preparing for hook-up and was found unconscious.
FY 201005/22/1005/18/10BIS Frucon Industrial Services Inc., Perry, FL  32347Worker stepped in front of a Lull® telehandler and was run over.
FY 201005/22/1005/18/10Conveyor & Storage Systems Co. Inc., Portland, PA  18343Worker fell from a mezzanine, 11 feet above the lower level.
FY 201005/22/1005/19/10Alpha Auto Repair, LLC, Crestwood, IL  60445Worker was pinned between two vehicles as he tried to stop a car from rolling out of a car bay.
FY 201005/22/1005/19/10Ellis Arms Logging, Wartburg, TN 37912Worker died after being struck by a tree during a logging operation.  The tree was supposed to fall in the opposite direction.
FY 201005/22/1005/19/10Post Road Fuel Incorporated, Warwick, RI  02888Worker put a car on the car lift and raised the car 4 feet, to repair the left front tire, and the worker went under the car.  The front of the car started leaning toward the floor, then fell to the floor; the rear of the car then came off the lift, falling to the floor.  The worker was still under the car and was crushed.
FY 201005/22/1005/20/10Artic Car Sales, Inc., Rapid City, SD  57701Worker was crushed by an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) after it rolled over during a photo shoot.
FY 201005/22/1005/20/10CBI Services, East Windsor, NJ  08520Worker was inside a water tower ascending a ladder and fell.
FY 201005/22/1005/20/10National Park Service, American Fork, UT  84003Worker was riding a motorized bike up a trail and went off the edge of the trail, falling 1000 feet.
FY 201005/22/1005/20/10Nordpal Corporation, Galesburg, IL  61401Worker was repairing a large overhead hanger door, and was later found caught in the folded door.
FY 201005/22/1005/21/10Trinity Marine Products Inc., Madisonville, LA  70447Worker was fitting and welding into place a center line frame on a barge.  The frame fell on the worker, crushing the worker.
FY 201005/29/1001/19/10Sabinsa Corp., Payson, UT 84651Worker died after inhaling a selenium compound.
FY 201005/29/1005/19/10Louisville Metro Public Works & Assets Department, Louisville, KY 40217Sanitation worker died after being struck by a garbage truck.
FY 201005/29/1005/22/10Brinkley Farms, Dos Palos, CA 93620Worker servicing the hydraulic system on cultivator tractor, was crushed by the cultivator tractor tire.
FY 201005/29/1005/22/10Scales Mound Fire Department, Scales Mound, IL 61075Worker searching for missing person was killed when his all-terrain vehicle (ATV) struck a deer and rolled over.
FY 201005/29/1005/23/10Cirrus Flight Operations, Blaine, MN 55449Worker was refueling trucks used to refuel airplanes.  Worker was found dead on top of a truck with his head in the refueling hole.
FY 201005/29/1005/23/10Unilever, Hammond, IN 46320Worker servicing an 800-pound temperature probe/agitator, used to mix contents in rail cars, died after being hit/crushed by the agitator.  Safety latch on a jib crane failed.
FY 201005/29/1005/24/10Done-Rite Tree Company, Inc., Caldwell, ID  83605Worker was using a chainsaw to cut through a tree stump when the chainsaw got stuck in the stump.  A skid steer with a grapple attachment was used to push against the stump to free the chainsaw. The worker motioned for more pressure on the stump, and then he bent down and forward to look at the chainsaw.  The grapple cycle shot, striking the worker in the temple area.
FY 201005/29/1005/24/10Doran's Inc., North Haven, CT  06473Worker was stabbed by patron with a knife.
FY 201005/29/1005/24/10GBC Metals LLC., dba Olin Brass Somers Thin Strip, Waterbury, CT  06720Worker was performing a heat change on a furnace and was running the product.  Worker was later found caught up in the rolls of the bridle.
FY 201005/29/1005/25/10Design Metals, Columbia, MO  65203Working was removing roof panels, became tangled with either an electrical cord or rope.  He disconnected his fall protection to untangle it, stepped back and fell through a section of the roof that had been removed, falling 23 to 25 feet to the concrete below.
FY 201005/29/1005/27/10ESCO, Windsor, CT  06095Worker was working on an electrical system.  Unknown whether the worker sustained injuries from an electrical shock, natural causes, or a fall from a ladder.
FY 201005/29/1005/27/10Roth Metal Works, Brooklyn, NY  11205Worker doing steel erection fell 60 feet from a structural steel beam.
FY 201005/29/1005/28/10AAA Asphalt Paving, Inc., Pasadena, TX  77502Worker was probing a ditch for gas lines and was struck by a vehicle.
FY 201005/29/1005/28/10Chalfont Custom Painting, Chalfont, PA  18914Worker was trimming branches from a tree using a metal painter's pole near a 2400 Volt electrical wire.  Worker was later found on the ground at the bottom of the ladder.  Worker was electrocuted.
FY 201005/29/1005/28/10Paul Construction Company LLC, Mountain Home, AR  72653Worker was installing new cell phone cables and antennas.  He was descending the tower and fell 240 feet.
FY 201006/05/1012/23/09Diamond D Ranch, Inc., Stanley, ID 83278Worker was operating a front end loader on a narrow mountain road and the loader rolled over.
FY 201006/05/1003/27/10Wada Farms Potatoes Inc., Pingree, ID 83262Worker fell 10 feet from a bin.
FY 201006/05/1003/28/10High Sierra Energy, LP, Wheeler, TX 79096Worker was transferring liquid petroleum from a tank battery to his tanker truck, and an explosion/fire occurred.
FY 201006/05/1003/29/10MOC, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA 15219Worker fell from the roof of a 55-story office building.
FY 201006/05/1003/31/10Advanced Composites, Inc., Sidney, OH 45365Worker was operating a forklift. She was caught/crushed between the forklift and a stack of palletized Gaylord boxes containing plastic pellets.
FY 201006/05/1003/31/10Jim Hovis dba Hovis Transportation, Champaign, IL 61822Worker was delivering a semi-trailer load of pallets to a warehouse and was run over by his truck.
FY 201006/05/1003/31/10Mill Run Logging, Inc., Tioga, WV 26691Worker was cutting a felled tree. The tree fell into a larger adjacent tree, striking the worker.
FY 201006/05/1003/31/10Planters Cotton Oil Mill, Inc., Pine Bluff, AR 71601Worker was assisting in cleaning the clean-up room, and was having trouble breathing. Worker had an asthma attack.
FY 201006/05/1005/20/10Clark County Child Support-Family Support Division, Las Vegas, NV 89119Worker died from heart failure, several days after suffering 3 broken ribs from falling on the floor on the way to the restroom.
FY 201006/05/1005/26/10Champion Cooler Corp., Denison, TX 76020Worker collapsed in men's bathroom due to a massive stroke.
FY 201006/05/1005/26/10Unknown (TBD - possibly friend of homeowner), Abington, PA 19001Worker was not wearing a harness, 20 feet in the air, cutting a tree limb, the limb broke, swung around and knocked the worker from the ladder he was working from.
FY 201006/05/1005/27/10Heckert Construction, Pittsburg, KS 66762Worker was standing on the ground, tarping his truck with a roll of overtarping, and fell backwards striking his head on the pavement.
FY 201006/05/1005/27/10Randy Morris Logging, Waynesboro, TN 38485Worker was topping a tree while a second worker was felling another tree. The tree being felled, twisted and struck the first worker topping a tree.
FY 201006/05/1005/28/10Triad International Maintenance Corporation, Greensboro, NC 27410Worker died after falling 30 feet from a floor opening on a mobile scaffold while performing maintenance on an aircraft.
FY 201006/05/1005/29/10Windsor Door Sales, Inc., Albuquerque NM 87114Worker repairing an overhead garage door, fell from the ladder and struck his head.
FY 201006/05/1005/30/10Unit Texas Drilling, LLC, Cleburn, TX 76033Worker rigging-up; fell 90 feet to the derrick floor.
FY 201006/05/1006/01/10Bulk Transport Corporation, Michigan City, IN 46360Mechanic was crushed under an unsecured forklift that he was working on.
FY 201006/05/1006/01/10Francois Lessard, T3R13, ME 04462Worker was operating a propane cook stove and was severely burned after the propane gas system ignited causing a fire and/or explosion.
FY 201006/05/1006/01/10Jennings Implement Co., Bement, IL 61813-1347Worker was working on a chisel plow. He became trapped between the tire and the plow.
FY 201006/05/1006/01/10L & S Packing Company, Inc., East Farmingdale, NY 11735Worker was putting labels on boxes and was crushed by falling pallets.
FY 201006/05/1006/01/10Mankato Place Ramp, Mankato, MN 56001Worker died after falling from a 5-story ramp.
FY 201006/05/1006/01/10Sobarea Ranch, Fremont, CA 94539Farm worker climbed onto stack of hay and fell into the hay baling machine.
FY 201006/05/1006/01/10Universal Maintenance Services dba APM Terminals, La Porte, TX 77571Worker was removing a sign from the front of her truck and was struck by another truck.
FY 201006/05/1006/02/10Express Energy Services, Azle, TX 76020Worker was trying to stab a pipe into the bottom of an elevator. The bottom bale of the elevator struck the pipe and swung into the worker, striking the worker on the face/head.
FY 201006/05/1006/02/10Feher Rubbish Removal Inc., Canastota, NY 13032Worker was caught and crushed between rails of a roll container truck.
FY 201006/05/1006/02/10N.C. Department of Transportation, Wilmington, NC 28401One worker was killed and another was injured when they were struck by a tractor trailer on Interstate 40, as they were closing a lane preparing to start bridge construction.
FY 201006/05/1006/02/10Rocha Construction, Lees Summit, MO 64086Worker was engaged in the setting of a structural steel beam, either fell on top or was struck by the beam as it fell from the top of a concrete basement wall.
FY 201006/05/1006/03/10Delta Airlines, Madison, WI 53704Worker was cleaning planes and was exposed to chemicals.
FY 201006/12/1005/22/10Viper Construction, Wayne, PA 19087Worker was climbing down a ladder with tools in his hand and slipped through the ladder, fell backwards, striking his head.
FY 201006/12/1005/26/10Unknown (TBD), Muncie, IN 47303Plumber working in a well was overcome by muriatic acid fumes. Passerby trying to rescue him was overcome and later died. Two volunteer firefighters were hospitalized. Plumber may have been off duty.
FY 201006/12/1005/26/10Watson Tree Service, Henderson, TX 75654Worker was trimming a tree and received an electrical shock.
FY 201006/12/1006/03/10Sabra, Wang & Associates, Inc., Annapolis, MD 21401Worker died after being struck and run over by an unknown motor vehicle that kept going; worker was thrown into the center lane and run over a second time by a tractor trailer.
FY 201006/12/1006/05/10Swift Transportation, Phoenix, AZ 85038Worker died after tractor trailer he was driving ran off the road and turned over.
FY 201006/12/1006/07/10C & H Power Line Construction, Co., Cleburne, TX 76033Worker was performing drilling operations with an auger-type drilling machine to install and set utility poles into the ground. During the drilling process, a high pressure liquefied natural gas pipeline was struck and ruptured. One fatality and six wor
FY 201006/12/1006/07/10Dryden Diving, Buchanan, NY 10511Worker was performing repairs under water.
FY 201006/12/1006/07/10Melga Sales Corp, Brooklyn, NY 11231Worker was reglazing a bathtub and was found dead.
FY 201006/12/1006/07/10Premier Maintenance, Inc., Milford, CT 06460Worker was power washing a three-story house and was moving a ladder, lost his hold, the ladder went back hitting a primary conductive power line. Worker was electrocuted.
FY 201006/12/1006/07/10Tampa Electric Company, Tampa, FL 33602Worker contacted a power transmission line.
FY 201006/12/1006/07/10The Grain Systems, Inc., Newton, IL 62448Worker was operating an automated laser cutter and became caught in a pinch point after the structure that holds the laser cutter moved to the right front area near the metal structure of the machine.
FY 201006/12/1006/07/10Travel Centers of America, North Haven, CT 06473Worker was in the process of filling fuel into a tractor trailer and was struck by another tractor trailer.
FY 201006/12/1006/08/10Diego Landscaping Services, Inc., Miami, FL 33133Worker was working from a mango tree; his pruner struck an overhead powerline and he was electrocuted.
FY 201006/12/1006/08/10Jimmy Ray Adams, Washington, NC 27889Residential construction worker doing framing fell from a makeshift scaffold.
FY 201006/12/1006/08/10KSM Construction, Alhambra, CA 91803Worker died after falling unconscious while moving a pry bar during welding activities.
FY 201006/12/1006/08/10Nick Thomas Inc., Canadian, TX 79014Workers were excavating caliche for an oil field location pad. The bulldozer nicked an unidentified pipeline, resulting in an explosion. Two worker fatalities and one worker was hospitalized.
FY 201006/12/1006/08/10Trafalgar Supply Company, Plant City, FL 33566Worker had delivered a load of steel tubing on a flat bed trailer and was struck by a bundle of steel tubing that was being off-loaded.
FY 201006/12/1006/09/10Fresh Wave LLC, Vineland, NJ 08360Worker was crushed between a tractor trailer and a loading dock.
FY 201006/12/1006/10/10Unit Drilling Co., Wheeler, TX 79096Workers were moving a weighted sign to the entrance of a rig site with a forklift; questionable lightning strike. One worker fatality and one worker hospitalization.
FY 201006/12/1006/11/10Lux Brothers, Inc., Millbank, SD 57252Worker was struck from a falling load after the load fell off a forklift.
FY 201006/12/1006/11/10Nimaris Construction, Macungie, PA 18062Worker was performing site survey work and was backed over by a dozer/grader.
FY 201006/12/1006/12/10Newman & Company Inc., Philadelphia, PA 19135Worker was crushed by a paper hopper that was being loaded by a forklift.
FY 201006/12/1006/12/10Top Notch Cleaners, LLC., Valley, AL 36854Two workers were performing cleaning and buffing activities and were found dead. One worker was found with a dust mask over his mouth and the other worker was found in a hallway.
FY 201006/19/1005/27/10US Deer Antlers Export & Import, Los Angeles, CA, 90006Worker sustained head injuries after falling from an 8-foot ladder in store; died 9 days later.
FY 201006/19/1005/31/10Contemporary Homes of the Southwest, Inc., Rio Rancho, NM 87124Worker, framing a second-level addition on a home, died after falling about 10 feet.
FY 201006/19/1006/05/10Overdorf Mechanical, Inc., Punxsutawney, PA 15767Worker was conducting HVAC repairs and was working from a 6-foot ladder on the HVAC system above the ceiling tiles. He was found on the floor in an unresponsive state.
FY 201006/19/1006/08/10Camp Glen Arden Group, LLC, Tuxedo, NC 28784Worker on tractor pulling a loaded manure spreader was run over and pinned by the spreader when tractor and spreader became disengaged and rolled backwards.
FY 201006/19/1006/10/10Arbuckle Construction, Minneapolis, MN 55438Worker hanging sheetrock fell from ladder and struck head.
FY 201006/19/1006/11/10Rock Solid Security, Nashville, TN 37211Security guard on night duty, patrolling country music festival grounds during 100-degree weather, was found collapsed inside a medical tent that was closed for the night.
FY 201006/19/1006/13/10Clifford-Lee and Associates, Franklin, LA 70538Worker was placing a ladder to access a roof. The ladder contacted a power line and the worker was electrocuted.
FY 201006/19/1006/13/10Robert Koumarianos Plumbing, Sacramento, CAWorker installing a gas line in the attic of a house collapsed from the heat.
FY 201006/19/1006/13/10Wiper Technologies, Inc., Milwaukee, WI 53223Worker was fabricating oil absorbent booms filled with raw cotton fibers that float on water to absorb and limit the spread of spilled oil. Worker was operating a pallet-wrapping machine, as well as placing finished oil absorbent booms on the pallets. W
FY 201006/19/1006/14/10Blake Electric, Stockton, CA 95203Worker was electrocuted while working on a high voltage panel; was entrapped on the panel for one hour.
FY 201006/19/1006/14/10Coastal Flow Measurement, Inc., Mont Belvieu, TX 77580Worker was freeing a pump component under pressure and was impaled by the pump component.
FY 201006/19/1006/14/10McJunkin Red Man Company - Labarge, Hueytown, AL 35023Worker was loading a semi-flat bed trailer with 41-foot metal pipes with a weight of 5,000 pounds, and was struck by a pipe that rolled off of the truck.
FY 201006/19/1006/14/10Select Energy Services LLC dba Cactus Lease Services, Catarina, TX 78280Worker was loading pipe onto a flatbed trailer with a forklift. Worker was struck by a pipe and knocked off of the trailer bed.
FY 201006/19/1006/14/10U.S. Postal Service, Hayward, CA 94541Worker was found unresponsive in a trash dumpster.
FY 201006/19/1006/15/10Benes Heating and Air Conditioning Service, Inc., Raymond,NE 68428Worker was on a loft/balcony area and fell from the elevated area.
FY 201006/19/1006/15/10Delta Airlines, St. Paul International Airport, St. Paul, MN 55111Worker greasing gears in airport gate at night put head into gear door and was struck by door.
FY 201006/19/1006/15/10Memphis Light Gas and Water, Memphis, TN, 38103Worker was tearing down a transmission structure using a digger-derrick when a pole broke and struck him on the head.
FY 201006/19/1006/15/10OCS Industries, Rock Tavern, NY 12575Worker was replacing structural roof panels and fell through the roof.
FY 201006/19/1006/15/10Rothamn Furniture Inc., O'Fallon, MO 63366Worker was retrieving a load of furniture from shelving with a stock picker. He was driving the stock picker backwards, the load snagged on the shelving and fell on top of the worker pinning him to the controls.
FY 201006/19/1006/15/10Southeastern Steel Buildings, Caddo, OK 74729Worker was engaged in cutting an 8,000-lb boiler in sections with a cutting torch. The section being cut, fell off allowing the remaining section, 5000 lbs., to flip over onto its bottom and land on the worker.
FY 201006/19/1006/15/10Whrad Silva Farms, Stockton, CA 95203Worker drowned after being pinned under a large grader that fell into a ditch/pond.
FY 201006/19/1006/16/10AUI Inc, Alamillo, NM 87831Driver pulling a trailer with work materials lost control of the vehicle and collided with a tractor trailer.
FY 201006/19/1006/16/10Bayou Concrete, Gulfport, MS 39501Worker was working under a truck fixing the brakes when the truck rolled onto the worker.
FY 201006/19/1006/16/10Nassau University Medical Center, East Meadow, NY 11554Worker was shot and killed by an off-duty corrections officer while outside hospital entrance on a break.
FY 201006/19/1006/16/10NYCTA Division of Tracks, Forest Hills, NY 11375Worker inspecting a passenger train at night was found unconscious at end of shift.
FY 201006/19/1006/16/10Stuart & Kim Sorenson Feed and Grain LLC., Zachow, WI 54182Worker was in a grain bin breaking loose bridged grain that was not flowing and was buried in the corn.
FY 201006/19/1006/16/10Temple-Inland, Inc., Rome, GA 30165Worker was working at an unstacker, went under a catwalk, and failed to lockout the equipment. Worker raised her arm up toward the roller and was caught and pulled into the roller.
FY 201006/19/1006/17/10Complete HVAC Plumbing and Electric, Inc., Fairfield, IL 62837Worker was running a lateral sewer line when the trench wall collapsed.
FY 201006/19/1006/17/10Crane Masters, Richmond, VA 23231Worker cleaning up a trainwreck died when crane brake failed and crane fell and crushed him .
FY 201006/19/1006/17/10Lake Erie Construction Company, Canton, OH 44720Worker was working with a truck boom. The boom struck a power line and the worker was electrocuted.
FY 201006/19/1006/17/10PI & I Motor Express, Inc., Masury, OH 44438Worker was standing on top of a trailer load of pipes pulling the tarp up to cover the load. He fell over 10 feet from the top of the load, striking his head on the concrete floor.
FY 201006/19/1006/17/10Tangent Rail Corporations, Alexandria, LA 71302Worker was found inside the plant on the side of a ditch with a four-wheeler on top of him.
FY 201006/26/1004/07/10Windward Sea Venture, League City, TX 77573Worker was cleaning out the bottom of yachts and was found floating near the pier.
FY 201006/26/1006/05/10Delta Window Cleaning Company, Inc., Orinda, CA 94563Worker elevated in an aerial boom lift was killed when lift made contact with 115 KV transmission line.
FY 201006/26/1006/16/10Robert Robinson, San Jose, CA 95682Worker suffered mass trauma to his body; cause was not known.
FY 201006/26/1006/17/10Virgin Islands Paving, St. Thomas, VI 00801Worker was struck by a car.
FY 201006/26/1006/18/10Omni Stone Masonry Inc, Ross, CA 94957Worker suffered critical head injury after falling from a scaffold.
FY 201006/26/1006/20/10Professional Facilities Management, Inc., Montgomery, AL 36116Worker died from an oxygen-deficient atmosphere.
FY 201006/26/1006/21/10Lewis Petro Properties, Inc., Encinal, TX 78019Worker was removing a frozen bolt from the track of a catepiller front end loader and was struck by a bolt that entered his forehead.
FY 201006/26/1006/22/10Beth Abraham Family of Health Services, Inc., Bronx, NY 10467-8108Worker died from an explosion.
FY 201006/26/1006/22/10Comcast of Georgia, Atlanta, GA 30331Worker was doing a cable connection, working on a ladder 20 feet up, became unresponsive and fell to the asphalt.
FY 201006/26/1006/22/10Garden City Tire, Garden City, KS 67846Worker was repairing tires on a front-end loader. Worker crawled under the loader with a bead bar to attempt to break the tire bead from the wheel rim. The equipment shifted and came off the jacks, crushing the worker under the rear of the loader.
FY 201006/26/1006/22/10Gleneagles Country Club, Plano, TX 75093Worker was riding in a golf cart after a housekeeping assignment, collapsed and fell out of a moving golf cart, striking her head on the concrete cart trail.
FY 201006/26/1006/23/10Joe Cook Logging, Lewiston, ID 83501Worker on the ground was struck by the boom of a tree delimber.
FY 201006/26/1006/23/10Rocke Overhead Doors Inc., Sullivan, IL 61951Worker was repairing an overhead door motor. He had removed the cover of the motor exposing the electrical components to replace a component. Worker leaned over the motor after replacing the component to make an adjustment to the chain, and began to shak
FY 201006/26/1006/24/10AGCO Incorporated, Russell, KS 67665Two workers were off-loading trucks on the exterior of the grain elevator and two elevator grain tubes collapsed. Both workers were buried under structure debris.
FY 201006/26/1006/24/10Arbor Tech, Doyline, LA 71023Worker was cutting limbs from a tree and fell 50 feet.
FY 201006/26/1006/24/10Champion Communication, Philadelphia, PA 19107Worker was working on a TV dish from a roof, lost his balance, and fell 9 stories to the ground.
FY 201006/26/1006/24/10Maxwell Heating & Cooling, Inc., Carrollton, GA 30117Worker was installing an air conditioning unit. He was using a torch to sweat a pipe joint and was electrocuted.
FY 201006/26/1006/25/10Preferred Transit aka Brinker Enterprises, Brooklyn, NY 11230Worker was struck by a load of wall panels that fell off his truck.
FY 201006/26/1006/25/10RG Installation, Longmont, CO 80504Worker was on a scaffold and the scaffold tipped over. Worker fell off and hit his head.
FY 201006/26/1006/26/10Berlin Industries, Inc., Carol Stream, IL 60188-9401Worker was found crushed in the paper baler.
FY 201007/03/1004/05/10Pipe Distributors, Ltd., Amelia, LA 70340Worker was loading pipe onto a truck and was struck by pipe.
FY 201007/03/1006/10/10Francisco Campos dba Paco Painting, Clayton, NC 27520Four workers were injured by electrical shock. One later died.
FY 201007/03/1006/13/10True Drilling LLC, Bonanza, UT 84008Worker was fatally struck in the head by the kelly bushing, which broke free during rig-up procedures.
FY 201007/03/1006/16/10Sabre Steel LLC, West Valley City, UT 84115Worker putting decking on roof joists was blown off roof by wind. He fell 17 feet and hit his head on a rock.
FY 201007/03/1006/22/10Tim Nicely dba Tim Nicely Construction, Bean Station, TN 37708Worker fell 14 feet to the ground from the roof decking on a 10/12 pitch residential roof.
FY 201007/03/1006/23/10EPNM Inc., Electrical Products Co., Albuquerque, NM 87102Worker died after falling to the ground when hydraulic ram elevating a telescoping ladder truck broke in half.
FY 201007/03/1006/24/10H. Schrier & Co., Inc., Brooklyn, NY 11234Worker fell out of a man lift.
FY 201007/03/1006/24/10Smith Roofing Company, Brownwood, TX 76801Worker was in the process of finishing a roofing contract and fell from the roof.
FY 201007/03/1006/25/10Thunder Valley Motocross, Morrison, CO 80401Worker was setting up a camera and fell 20 feet.
FY 201007/03/1006/25/10Wilcin Enterprises, Inc., Fort Myers, FL 33907Worker was cleaning out gutters and fell from a ladder.
FY 201007/03/1006/26/10Reel Brothers Timbering, Lumberport, WV 26386Worker was felling a tree and was struck by another tree.
FY 201007/03/1006/27/10Texas Pack, Inc., Port Isabel, TX 78578Worker was performing maintenance on a forklift truck battery charger and contacted live electrical parts of the battery charger.
FY 201007/03/1006/28/10ABECO, Rochester, MN 55904Worker was crushed by a roller that tipped over.
FY 201007/03/1006/28/10Royal West Amusements Inc., West Valley City, UT 84120Worker died when his head was impaled by metal from the drive section of a Ferris wheel. The employee slipped after acknowledging he was clear and the wheel began to turn, trapping his head.
FY 201007/03/1006/28/10Trees Are Us, Mishawaka, IN 46545Tree trimmer struck in the head while walking under a tree on which employees were working; tree had been damaged by thunderstorms.
FY 201007/03/1006/29/10CBS, Inc., Weskan, KS 67662Worker was working on the elevator bin deck area and fell into grain bin.
FY 201007/03/1006/29/10Comcast, Broomall, PA 19008Worker was electrocuted after contacting a sagging 4000-volt power line.
FY 201007/03/1006/29/10Farm, San Joaquin County, CA 95321Worker got off tractor, which then began to move. Then he tried to get back on to stop tractor, slipped, and was run over by tractor and trailer.
FY 201007/03/1006/29/10Las Vegas Paving Corporation, North Las Vegas, NV 89032Worker was run over by a reversing loader which was moving dirt around a "pork chop" near an interstate entrance.
FY 201007/03/1006/29/10Securitas Security Services USA, St. Joseph, MO 64501-1738Worker was waving a truck to cross a railroad track and struck by the train rolling the truck over, pinning the worker under the truck.
FY 201007/03/1006/30/10Atlas Roofing, Harrison, TN 37341Worker apparently fell while stepping out of a cherry picker and onto a scaffold.
FY 201007/03/1006/30/10Clearwater Paper Corporation, Lewiston, ID 83501Worker was removing a jam from the back of the machine and fell onto the conveyor in the paper pulper. Worker drowned or was scalded.
FY 201007/03/1007/01/10LM Glasfiber Inc., Grand Forks, ND 58206Worker was working from a scissor lift removing a glass wagon and was struck by/crushed by an overhead gantry crane.
FY 201007/03/1007/01/10Priority Plastics Inc., North Las Vegas, NV 89030Temporary worker sustained a fatal crushing head injury when his head was caught between two moving parts while removing purge from a blow molding and conditioning machine.
FY 201007/03/1007/01/10Utility Lines Construction Services, Augusta, GA 30907Worker was working on a transformer came in contact with an energized 37 kV cable inside a transformer.
FY 201007/03/1007/03/10AT&T, Angleton, TX 71515Worker was found unresponsive.
FY 201007/10/1006/28/10Diamond Links, Inc., dba Diamond Links Golf Club, Catlettsburg, KY 41129Worker was operating a Bobcat machine while installing a culvert drain pipe. The worker was thrown from the seat when the machine slid off an embankment, and was killed when the machine rolled over him.
FY 201007/10/1007/01/10Larson Construction Company Inc., Independence, IA 50344Worker was assisting with the setting of tilt-up precast wall panels and was struck in the head by a falling pipe brace.
FY 201007/10/1007/02/10Grays Tree Service, Alabaster, AL 35007Worker was on top of a tree and was repelling down to make his cut, and hit the ground.
FY 201007/10/1007/02/10Keolohi Fishing Inc., Lahaina, HI 96761Worker was diving for black coral and drowned.
FY 201007/10/1007/03/10Western Kentucky Correctional Complex, Fredonia, KY 42411Worker was going to her car after work when she was struck by the vehicle of another worker pulling their truck out to leave.
FY 201007/10/1007/06/10Aerospace Manufacturing CT Systems LLC., Fredonia, KS 66736Worker had installed a new tool and was making a dry run. The tool flew out of the machine and struck the worker on the head.
FY 201007/10/1007/06/10Kolat Construction, Rices Landing, PA 15357Worker was working construction installing a swimming pool. Worker died from a heat stroke.
FY 201007/10/1007/07/10B & W Welding, Fremont, OH 43420Three workers were repairing two vertical support columns. During this activity the roof collapsed. One worker fatality and two workers were hospitalized.
FY 201007/10/1007/07/10Hillside Manor Rehab and Extended Care Center LLC., Jamaica Estates, NY 11432Worker was struck by flying metal debris.
FY 201007/10/1007/07/10Latham Hi Tech Seeds, Alexander, IA 50420Worker fell from ladder while installing trim on the side of a warehouse (metal building).
FY 201007/10/1007/07/10Marden Industries, Mulberry, FL 33860Worker was renovating a piece of farm equipment. A piece of the equipment fell and crushed him.
FY 201007/10/1007/07/10Marriott Austin, Austin, TX 78744Worker doing laundry work and became dizzy.
FY 201007/10/1007/08/10ABC Construction, Aurora, NE 68818Worker was attaching sheet metal screws on a pre-fabricated metal building and fell from a scissor lift or a forklift platform.
FY 201007/10/1007/08/10ACI Services, Englewood, CO 80110Worker was working on an oil and gas tank; the tank exploded.
FY 201007/10/1007/08/10Boyer's Nursery, Biglerville, PA 17303Work collapsed in the field from heat exhaustion.
FY 201007/10/1007/08/10CW Greenwood, Tallapoosa, GA 30176Worker was performing electrical wire replacement, placed electrical wire in mouth, then grabbed a metal scaffold. Worker was electrocuted.
FY 201007/10/1007/08/10Environmental Safety & Health Consulting Services, Freeport, TX 77542Worker was inside a 212-foot diameter tank cleaning out sludge when the air line to the respirator popped off; worker collapsed.
FY 201007/10/1007/09/10Buenavista Construction Inc., Disney's ESPN Wild World Sport, 700 S. Victory Way, Kissimmee, FL 34747Worker was working in a temporary transformer and was electrocuted.
FY 201007/10/1007/09/10Cedar Homes Inc., dba All Affordable Tree Service, Flanders, NJ 07836Worker was struck on the head by a falling tree.
FY 201007/10/1007/09/10Halliburton Energy Services Inc., San Augustine, TX 75972Worker was found unresponsive in the lab.
FY 201007/10/1007/09/10Nabors Well Services, Lambert, MT 59243Worker was at the top of a four-tank group to gather readings and was found collapsed in the walkway.
FY 201007/10/1007/09/10Zartman Construction Inc., Northumberland, PA 17857Worker was working in a roof truss for a winery. The roof truss collapsed and the worker fell.
FY 201007/17/1006/07/10Professional Sales Services Inc., Wichita, KS 67213Worker was disassembling/disconnecting a vertical turning lathe and was struck by the 1200-pound head ram of the lathe.
FY 201007/17/1006/26/10Ironbound Enterprises LLP., dba Supreme Car Wash, Newark, NJ 07105Two workers were struck by a customer's car. One worker fatality and one worker was hospitalized.
FY 201007/17/1007/01/10J. Pacheco Landscaping, Westerly, RI 02891Worker was performing lawn care services and was struck by an oncoming car.
FY 201007/17/1007/06/10Sacramento Overnight Inc., Sacramento, CA 95811Truck driver sustained fatal injuries as a result of being involved in a three-vehicle accident with company truck.
FY 201007/17/1007/07/10Canoyer Country Greenhouse, dba Canoyer Garden Center, Papillion, NE 68133Worker was working on the roof of a greenhouse repairing a hole. Worker slipped and began to slide six feet down the roof until falling through the hole, landing on feet, then falling back, striking the ground with head.
FY 201007/17/1007/07/10City of Chicago Police Department, Chicago, IL 60636Police officer was finishing his shift when an individual walked up to him in his personal vehicle. The individual reached for the officer's service revolver and fired three shots at him, striking him in the head.
FY 201007/17/1007/07/10Premier Bakers, Inc. dba Fresh Start Bakeries North America, 141 East Palm Lane, Phoenix, AZ 85004Worker discovered by co-workers after falling from ladder. Died enroute to hospital.
FY 201007/17/1007/09/10Benham LLC, Naples, FL 34119Working was using a lawn mower, it flipped over pinning him beneath the water, and worker drowned.
FY 201007/17/1007/10/10Alcon Transport Inc., Los Angeles, CA 90021Worker was helping to hook up a trailer, when he was crushed by a truck backing into a dock.
FY 201007/17/1007/10/10Speedy Rooter Inc., North Sioux City, SD 57049Two workers were fixing a clogged sewer and were overcome by sewer gases. One worker fatality and one worker was hospitalized.
FY 201007/17/1007/10/10Vee-Jay Cement Contracting, Springfield, IL 62794Worker was setting anchor bolts into a 4-foot concrete-formed wall, collapsed, and fell backwards. Worker suffered from heat exposure.
FY 201007/17/1007/11/10Root Brothers Farm, Albion, NY 14411Worker was run over by a flatbed truck.
FY 201007/17/1007/12/10Boston University, Boston, MA 02218Worker was found on the floor with a mask on, connected to two hoses, one for air and the other for nitrogen.
FY 201007/17/1007/12/10Calvi Electric Company, Linwood, NJ 08221Worker was working on an energized electrical cabinet and was electrocuted.
FY 201007/17/1007/12/10General Dynamics Ordinance and Tactical Systems, Carthage, MO 64839Worker was engaged in welding activities on an overhead air pollution control unit and was struck by a small piece of welding equipment/tool that fell from overhead.
FY 201007/17/1007/12/10Phoenix Stamping Group LLC, Atlanta, GA 30336Worker was on a scissor lift, stripping electrical wires, and was noticed lying on the floor of the bucket of the scissor lift. Worker was electrocuted.
FY 201007/17/1007/13/10Advance Pipe Bending & Fabricating Co., Huntington Park, CA 90255Worker fell from a pallet that was elevated eight feet above the ground by a forklift.
FY 201007/17/1007/13/10Reid Gardner Power Plant, Moapa, NV 89025Worker's left arm was amputated while working near a conveyor. Emergency assistance was called but the employee was pronounced dead at the scene.
FY 201007/17/1007/13/10Trinidad Drilling, Arlington, TX 76010Worker was in the process of rigging up the cable that was holding up the rig. The cart and the top drive track fell. The cart struck the worker.
FY 201007/17/1007/14/10Donaldson Enterprises Inc., Tallahassee, FL 32314Worker was changing a flat tire on a business trailer. Worker was jacking up the trailer and the trailer fell onto the worker.
FY 201007/17/1007/14/10Porter Cattle Co., Admire, KS 66830Worker was in the process of moving between cattle pastures. Worker got out of the truck to open the gate and was struck by the truck.
FY 201007/17/1007/14/10Shelley and Sands, Columbus, OH 43215Worker was working on the roadway, milling a joint in front of a bridge, and was struck by a vehicle.
FY 201007/17/1007/14/10Simcals Inc., Mount Miegs, AL 36057Worker was doing electrical work on an overhead crane and was standing on the bridge of the crane by the control motors. Worker either had an electrical shock or a heart attack.
FY 201007/17/1007/14/10Unknown, Blackfoot, ID 83221Worker was performing weed abatement using an all-terrain vehicle and was found on his back with the vehicle across his chest.
FY 201007/17/1007/15/10Bruce J. Koerner Crane & Equipment Inc., Rockaway, NJ 07866Worker was working on the ground, contacted an energized wrecking ball, and was electrocuted.
FY 201007/17/1007/15/10Dansville Hauling Corporation, Forestville, MD 20747Worker stepped out of driver's door of dump truck and was struck by another dump truck that was backing up within the lane closure.
FY 201007/17/1007/15/10MP Technologies, Bellville, TX 77418Worker was installing a new wire for a 72 kV transmission line and was electrocuted.
FY 201007/17/1007/16/10Westerchil Construction, Alexandria, LA 71301Worker was cleaning up the jobsite by picking up lumber and other debris. He was seen lying on the ground unconscious, possible heat stroke.
FY 201007/24/1004/22/10Tactical Cleaning, Commerce City, CO 80022Worker was cleaning the inside of a rail car that previously had gas inside. A flash fire occurred and worker was burned.
FY 201007/24/1005/24/10Phillips Construction, Pewaukee, WI 53072Worker was preparing and pouring a concrete patio. Worker began to show signs of heat exhaustion/heat stress, lost consciousness.
FY 201007/24/1007/04/10Whitestar Development Corporation, Niagara Falls, NY 14303Worker fell into a compactor and was crushed.
FY 201007/24/1007/12/10Streb Construction Co. Inc., Iowa City, IA 52244Worker was run over by a dump truck while working as a laborer on a road construction project.
FY 201007/24/1007/13/10TMK/IPSCO, Camanche, IA 52730Truck driver was strapping down steel coils on his trailer when one of the coils fell off the truck and struck him.
FY 201007/24/1007/15/10Randy Clanton Farms Inc., Hermitage, AR 71647Worker was removing stakes and strings from the fields, and collapsed.
FY 201007/24/1007/16/10Platinum Property Management, Ft. Myers Beach, FL 33931Worker was standing on a ladder performing tree trimming and fell from the ladder.
FY 201007/24/1007/17/10C & C Transload LLC, Tyler, TX 75702Worker was transferring sand from a rail car into a truck using a conveyor belt loading machine. Fell onto the rotating conveyor belt and was caught inside the machine.
FY 201007/24/1007/18/10Sunnybrook Golf Club, Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462Worker fell off the back of a golf cart, hitting his head.
FY 201007/24/1007/19/10CR&R Inc., Stanton, CA 90680Worker was adjusting an hydraulic front-end bucket with a clamping device on a truck, when he was crushed between the bucket and clamping arm.
FY 201007/24/1007/19/10Reclamation Sciences, LLC, Phoenix, AZ 85212Worker was crushed between the boom of the backhoe and the stabilizer (outrigger) leg.
FY 201007/24/1007/19/10Sohnrey Farms, Chico, CA 95928Worker shooting squirrels was killed when hit by a falling limb.
FY 201007/24/1007/20/10Newmar Corporation, Nappanee, IN 46550Worker riding in the back of a pickup truck fell out of the truck and hit his head when the truck hit a bump.
FY 201007/24/1007/21/10Accelerated Courier Inc., Bensenville, IL 60106Worker was loading a truck and passed out.
FY 201007/24/1007/21/10AEE Tecnica de Cayey, Cayey, PR 00737Worker was servicing a utility pole to restore service to clients, came in contact with the energized part of an electric transmission line and was electrocuted.
FY 201007/24/1007/21/10Conco Concrete Specialists, Whiteriver, AZ 85941Worker fell into a blocklayers mortar mixer and was killed by revolving paddles.
FY 201007/24/1007/22/10Arnolds Masonry Construction, Baton Rouge, LA 70808Worker was climbing down from a scaffold to get water and fell from the scaffold.
FY 201007/24/1007/22/10DOD Directorate of Logistics, Fort Hood, TX 76544Worker was working under a forklift. The front being supported by two jackstands. He was removing a hydraulic cylinder, it fell on his hand. The jackstands became dislodged and the forklift fell on the worker, crushing his head and chest.
FY 201007/24/1007/22/10Horsehead Corporation, Monaca, PA 15061There was an explosion in B column. Two worker fatalities.
FY 201007/24/1007/22/10Nichols Construction Company, Welch, WV 24801Worker was working to install a fiberoptic line and became unconcious, possible heat stress.
FY 201007/24/1007/23/10Northeast Energy Management Inc., Cheswick, PA 15024Two workers were in the process of performing arc welding on a oil tank that contained 85 barrels of crude oil. The tank exploded. The workers were blown up to 60 feet from the pad of the oil tank, receiving fatal burns.
FY 201007/24/1007/23/10Tennessee Steel Haulers, Dupo, IL 62239Worker was standing by a flatbed trailer during loading operations and material rolled from the trailer, striking the worker.
FY 201007/31/1007/17/10Milton Heard, Baltimore, MD 21218Worker trapped in trench up to his waist, was struck in the head.
FY 201007/31/1007/19/10Brazeway, Inc., Hopkinsville, KY 42240Worker suffered an electric shock while operating a resistance welder. Hospitalized after injury, and died five days later.
FY 201007/31/1007/20/10Buck Creek Freight Inc., Lusk, WY 82225Worker was struck in the head when a pipe rack on an oil drilling rig failed/collapsed. At the time of the failure the employee was positioned under a portion of one of the support members for the pipe racks.
FY 201007/31/1007/20/10Northeast Services, dba Horton Tree Services, Arlington, TX 76012Worker was in bucket truck performing tree trimming services and fell 15 feet, hitting his head.
FY 201007/31/1007/20/10Southwest Kidney-DaVita Dialysis Partners, LLC, Phoenix, AZ 85004Worker became stuck in top opening of a 37-inch deep mixing tank. Was found unresponsive with head and torso in the tank.
FY 201007/31/1007/22/10Mike Pihl Logging Company Inc., Vernonia, OR 97064Worker drove off an embankment while driving a loaded log truck.
FY 201007/31/1007/22/10Sevier Solid Waste Board Inc., Pigeon Forge, TN 38763Worker was found crushed in a digester tube at a compost facility. Worker had previously been reported missing, and was found after a three-day search.
FY 201007/31/1007/22/10Universal Linen Service LLC, Louisville, KY 40208Worker was crushed when caught between an automatic laundry hopper on a shuttle conveyor and an industrial washing machine.
FY 201007/31/1007/23/10Utili-Comm South, Inc., Terre Haute, IN 47802Worker doing cable installation fell off ladder to the ground.
FY 201007/31/1007/25/10Guardsmark LLC, Lima, OH 45804Worker was using a powered vehicle conducting a routine security inspection. The vehicle rolled over, pinning the worker.
FY 201007/31/1007/26/10Anson Mechanical Services, Inc., Polkton, NC 28135Worker electrocuted while working on a residential air conditioning unit.
FY 201007/31/1007/26/10APC Paper Co., Claremont, NH 03473Worker was feeding paper to a paper reel winder, his hand got caught and he was pulled through, receiving crushing injuries.
FY 201007/31/1007/26/10Larry Flint's Hustler Erotic Ultra Club, Las Vegas, NV 89118Worker was replacing a tire on a skid steer loader when he was crushed between the bucket assembly and the main frame of the loader.
FY 201007/31/1007/26/10Noe Barrillas & Jorge Barillas dba Barillas Drywall, Chattanooga, TN 37450Worker, sanding the ceiling of a breezeway, fell approximately 30 feet from a third floor landing to the floor below. There were no guardrails in place, and the employee was not wearing fall protection at the time of the accident.
FY 201007/31/1007/26/10Terik Roofing, Circleville, OH 43113Worker was using a forklift to move a small dumpster to a larger dumpster. He got off the lift to adjust the dumpster and did not lower the lift or turn it off. The lift moved forward and crushed him.
FY 201007/31/1007/26/10Transystems Corp., Independence, KS 67301Worker was taking samples at a new road construction job-site and was struck by a dump truck or asphalt truck.
FY 201007/31/1007/27/10Crisp & Crisp, Inc., Robbinsville, NC 28771Worker was struck in the head by a metal pulley being used to drag fallen trees, when the nylon strap to which it was connected broke.
FY 201007/31/1007/27/10SCUBA Bob, Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814Worker was retrieving golf balls and drowned.
FY 201007/31/1007/28/10Haasbach LLC, Mt. Carroll, IL 61053Worker was engulfed in corn.
FY 201007/31/1007/28/10Solar Testing Labs Inc., Richfield, OH 44286Worker was performing paving work activities outside the established work zone and was struck by a passenger motor vehicle.
FY 201007/31/1007/28/10Sure Heet Chimney Repair & Cleaning Co., Inc., New York, NY 10030Worker was ascending to the roof and fell from the ladder.
FY 201007/31/1007/29/10ABBTS, Inc., Baltimore, MD 21093Worker struck in the head after a dead tree being cut down, fell on top of another tree, which fell on the worker.
FY 201007/31/1007/29/10Paul McGrath Contracting, Los Angelas, CA 90272Worker was buried in 11 feet of soil after a trench collapsed during the connection of piping for installation of a trench drain.
FY 201007/31/1007/29/10Sturgeon Services International, Bakersfield, CA 93308One worker was killed and another was injured after falling 20 feet when a scissor lift being used to attach a sling to an unsecured beam was knocked over when the beam tipped.
FY 201007/31/1007/30/10AmerCable Inc., El Dorado, AR 71730Worker was performing electrical testing and sustained injuries.
FY 201007/31/1007/30/10Kinney Contractors Inc., Greenup, IL 62428Worker was collecting TTC signs and was struck by a tractor trailer.
FY 201007/31/1007/30/10Nagera Construction, Coldwater, MS 38618Worker was operating an extended boom forklift to set roof trusses. He was driving on a sloped surface when the truss he was carrying dug into the ground. Worker raised the boom to get the truss out of the ground and the forklift became unstable.
FY 201008/07/1007/03/10Town of Shelton Police Department, Shelton, CT 06484A police officer was struck and killed by a vehicle while performing traffic control at a fireworks event.
FY 201008/07/1007/12/10JJ Ferguson, Greenwood, MS  38930-0660Worker was constructing a bridge and fell.
FY 201008/07/1007/20/10Pryer's Topnotch Tree Service, Inc., Illiopolis, IL  62539Worker was performing tree removal services and was standing on top of his bucket truck waiting to winch some logs.  Worker fell off the truck to the ground between some logs.
FY 201008/07/1007/24/10City of Bridgeport Fire Department, Bridgeport, CT 06605Two Bridgeport firefighters died in a house fire on the third floor on 7/24/2010.
FY 201008/07/1007/26/10Your Preferred Real Estate, West Pointem CA 95255Worker suffered brain injury after tripping over phone cord that got wrapped around his leg during a phone call and falling on right side.
FY 201008/07/1007/30/10Blossman Gas Of North Carolina, Waynesville, NC 28786Worker was delivering liquid propane to a residence when he was struck by a 500-gallon aboveground tank that dislodged and rolled on top of the worker.
FY 201008/07/1007/30/10Crowley Puerto Rico Services, Inc., San Juan, PR  00902Worker was in a roll-on roll-off (RO/RO) operation and was struck by an intermodal container.
FY 201008/07/1007/30/10J & L Spray, Los Angelos, CA 90011Worker was electrocuted after making contact with a truck that had a fallen powerline on it.
FY 201008/07/1007/31/10Augie Gonzalez Tree Trimming, Brentwood, CA 90049Worker electrocuted after making contact with power lines while trimming trees.
FY 201008/07/1007/31/10USPS, Redlands, CA 92373Worker was unloading a metal crate from a truck inside a loading dock when metal crate door unexpectantly opened.  Suffered fatal crushing injuries.
FY 201008/07/1008/01/10Cardinal Building Systems, Inc., Atlantic Beach, FL  32233Worker was performing steel erection and fell.
FY 201008/07/1008/02/10DCD Construction, Inc., Moss Point, MS  39563Worker was constructing curb and gutter work in preparation for a concrete pour.  Worker was found later, collapsed; hyperthermia was listed as cause of death.
FY 201008/07/1008/03/10Hardwood Tree Service Corp., River Edge, NJ  07661Worker fell 35 feet from a tree.
FY 201008/07/1008/03/10Hartford Distributors, Inc., Manchester, CT  06040Workplace violence; shots were fired, nine workers were killed.
FY 201008/07/1008/03/10Mackaben Excavating, LLC, Spearfish, SD  57783Worker was working in an excavation and the trench wall caved in on the worker.
FY 201008/07/1008/03/10Robert Boitnott Painting, Jackson, MO  63755Worker was in an aerial lift and made contact with an electrical wire.
FY 201008/07/1008/04/10ABC Professional Tree Services, Vidor, TX  77662Worker was piling up tree limbs and said he wasn't feeling well.  He sat under a tree and slumped over, possible heat stroke/medical condition.
FY 201008/07/1008/04/10Creative Masonry, Johnstown, OH  43031Two workers were working in a building that collapsed from high winds.
FY 201008/07/1008/04/10George Ruiz dba American Mobile Home Services, Brownsville, TX  78521Worker was working on a double-wide mobile home.  The jack failed and the mobile home shifted, crushing the worker.
FY 201008/07/1008/04/10Hofmann Construction, Inc., Edgerton, OH  43517Worker was struck by a interior block wall.
FY 201008/07/1008/04/10Jack Gibson Construction Company, Brookville, PA  15825Worker was crushed by a concrete form.
FY 201008/07/1008/04/10Northwest Cable Construction, Oshkosh, WI  54901Worker was working in a trench and the trench collapsed, burying the worker.
FY 201008/07/1008/04/10Premier Timber Products, Inc., Moscow, TX  75960Worker was complaining of being hot and was later found unresponsive.
FY 201008/07/1008/04/10The Nexus Group, Tullahoma, TN 37388Worker was electrocuted after making contact with a 7200 volt electric line while installing fiberoptic cable.
FY 201008/07/1008/05/10B Trenchless, Avon, CO  81620Worker was operating a boring auger machine that was located at the bottom of a trench and was struck by the boring auger machine.
FY 201008/07/1008/05/10Riverside Contracting, Inc., Deer Lodge, MT  59756Crew was using a bottom (belly) dump to lay a window of hot asphalt.  Worker was bent over with his back to the approaching belly dump and was struck and crushed by the wheels of the loaded belly dump.
FY 201008/07/1008/05/10US Dept. of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service, White Sulphur Spgs, MT  59645Worker was riding an all-terrain vehicle (ATV), and taking soil samples.  The ATV crested the top of a ditch, struck a boulder and overturned.  ATV landed on top of the worker.
FY 201008/07/1008/06/10CB Richard Ellis, Cleveland, OH  44112Worker was troubleshooting a humidity problem and fell from a ladder.
FY 201008/07/1008/06/10Davenport Transportation Inc., Newton, NC  28658Worker was reconnecting a trailer section that had come loose and was struck by another semi truck.
FY 201008/07/1008/06/10Grace Utility, LLC, Houston, TX  77040Worker collapsed after exiting a manhole.
FY 201008/14/1007/01/10West Texas Oilfield Trucking, Odessa, TX  79766Worker was using a broom handle to push ground wire into the live wire and caused an arch electrocution.
FY 201008/14/1007/12/10Streb Construction Co. Inc., Iowa City, IA 52244Worker run over by a dump truck while working as a laborer on a road construction project.
FY 201008/14/1007/15/10Georgia Power Company, Alpharetta, GA  30009Worker was working from a bucket in the process of removing a utility pole.  An auger was being used to widen the hole and remove the dirt. The auger hit a gas line and exploded, burning the worker.
FY 201008/14/1008/05/10Ward Trucking Co., LLC., West Chester, PA  19380Worker was unloading a skid, lost control, fell and hit his head on the ground.
FY 201008/14/1008/06/10Sunstreet Mortgage, LLC., Tucson, AZ 85718Worker fell and hit his head while trying to climb over a partition wall to gain entry into a locked adjoining office.
FY 201008/14/1008/07/10City of Wyoming Police Department, Wyoming, IL 61491Worker (Police Chief) involved in a motor vehicle accident with civilian driver. 
FY 201008/14/1008/07/10Inket Fisheries, Fort Pierce, FL  39496Worker was traveling in a boat and struck an intracoastal channel marker.  He was ejected from the boat and struck the pylon head first.
FY 201008/14/1008/08/10North Central Power, Winter, WI  54862Worker was repairing a 7200-volt, two-strand, electric distribution line and was electrocuted.
FY 201008/14/1008/08/10Ralph's Machine Shop, Delano, CA 93215Worker fell through roof of his business while attempting to fix an air conditioner.
FY 201008/14/1008/09/10Alan Blackman, Griffin, GA  30224Worker was working on a roof of a fire-damaged building.  He was on a ladder and slipped, falling from the upper roof to a lower roof, then to the asphalt 20 feet below.
FY 201008/14/1008/09/10Bootz Industry, Evansville, IN 47712Worker was operating a forklift when he hit a curb, becoming pinned under overturned forklift.
FY 201008/14/1008/09/10California Baptist University, Riverside, CA 92504Worker killed in vehicle accident en route to Mammoth, CA.
FY 201008/14/1008/09/10City of Chicago Fire Department, Chicago, IL 60601Worker fell from an iron rung ladder at the top of a 4-story building while carrying equipment up the ladder.
FY 201008/14/1008/09/10Hentges Arborist Group Inc., Fulton, MO  65251Worker contacted a power line and was electrocuted.
FY 201008/14/1008/09/10Innovative Mattress Solutions LLC., Avon Lake, OH  44012Worker was unloading mattresses and box springs and was stung by a bee.
FY 201008/14/1008/09/10W.F. Wilson & Sons, Inc., Laurel, MD 20723Worker was struck by the counterweight and revolving superstructure of an excavator when he walked between the excavator and a hillside.
FY 201008/14/1008/10/10Acne Barricades, K.C., Jacksonville, FL  32221Worker was underneath an attenuator truck releasing the cushing bed.  He released the bed and it fell on him, crushing him.
FY 201008/14/1008/10/10Clarence Welti Associates, Inc., Waterbury, CT  06708A drill rig lost footing and rolled down a hill, landing on the worker.
FY 201008/14/1008/10/10Clements Dean Building Company, LLC., Talladega, AL  35160Worker was removing a roof that was under renovation and fell through a section of galvanized sheet metal, 35 feet to the concrete floor.
FY 201008/14/1008/10/10Village of Cowden Police Department, Cowden, IL 62422Worker (police officer) died of injuries suffered after losing control of a police car which overturned during a chase, ejecting the officer.
FY 201008/14/1008/11/10Rocky Plumbing, Alvin, TX  77511Worker was working 10 feet below street level, cleaning dirt from a newly installed culvert, when the worker fainted.
FY 201008/14/1008/11/10Sherwin-Williams - Store 1902, Richmond, KY 40475Worker sustained fatal injuries after company truck, which worker was driving, was struck by an oncoming train.
FY 201008/14/1008/11/10WATCO, North Kansas City, MO  64116Worker was found slumped over against building.
FY 201008/14/1008/12/10Burke Repo Outlet, North Webster, IN 46555Worker was test-driving a cycle for a customer when he received fatal injuries from a traffic accident.
FY 201008/14/1008/12/10Superior Boiler Works Inc., Hutchinson, KS  67504Worker was sandblasting a metal plate.  The plate fell over and crushed him.
FY 201008/14/1008/13/10Superior Coating VL, Farmersville, TX  75442Worker fell 160 feet from water tower.
FY 201008/21/1002/03/10General Plumbing, Inc., Waddell, AZ 85355Plumber fell 20 feet through a ceiling to the floor below. Sustained abdominal injuries and severe fractures; died 6 months later, never fully recovering from injuries.
FY 201008/21/1002/21/10Henson Robinson Company, Mossville, IL  61552Worker was performing roofing activities and fell 40 feet to the concrete surface below.
FY 201008/21/1006/16/10Smeller Machine, Highland Heights, OH  44143Worker was working on a machine which was supported on the forks of a fork truck.  The machine shifted and fell off the fixture which was supporting the machine on the forks.  The machine fell on the worker.
FY 201008/21/1007/16/10Plumb-Air Plumbing Inc., Walnut Cove, NC 27052Worker was electrocuted while working underneath a residential home performing plumbing work.
FY 201008/21/1007/20/10Stolt Tank Containers, Channelview, TX  77530Worker was cleaning the tank of a diesel truck and was on top the tank car replacing a cap and fell from a height of more than 10 feet.
FY 201008/21/1008/04/10Boral Bricks, Inc., Marshall, TX  75670Worker collapsed with seizures.
FY 201008/21/1008/11/10Pioneer Contracting Co. Inc., Baltimore, MD 21224Two workers were walking on ramp of interstate, when one of the workers tried to cross/step over the jersey wall and fell 23 feet onto two concrete pipes.
FY 201008/21/1008/13/10Homestead Property, Columbus, OH  43215Worker was refurbishing a house and fell from a porch, down four steps onto cement.
FY 201008/21/1008/13/10Pack's Inc., Morehead, KY 40351Worker was electrocuted while installing a drop pole in an office cubicle in a state office building. Worker was wiring the whip for the power pole when the pole was energized.
FY 201008/21/1008/13/10QuadGraphics, Dickson, TN 37055Worker was seriously burned after becoming doused in solvent while operating a forklift near a solvent line. Employee left forklift to cut off solvent supply. Solvent ignited while en route to safety shower.
FY 201008/21/1008/16/10Michael Jefferys, Washington, DC  20001Worker was performing exterior painting and fell 20 feet out of a manlift.
FY 201008/21/1008/16/10Scarborough Construction Inc., Grand Island, NE  68801Worker was working from a manlift.  He was working below power lines and raised the bucket of the aerial lift into the power lines where his forehead contacted the power lines.
FY 201008/21/1008/16/10Self Service, Inc. dba A&H Logging, Stouts Mills, WV  26439Worker was felling a tree manually using a chain saw and was struck on the head by a limb from the tree.
FY 201008/21/1008/16/10Super Mix of Wisconsin Inc., Kenosha, WI  53144Worker was caught between rotating drum and loading hopper of a ready-mix truck.
FY 201008/21/1008/18/10General Mills Inc., Albuquerque, NM 87113Worker fell from catwalk or scaffold.
FY 201008/21/1008/18/10Post Buckley Schuh and Hernigan Inc., Jourdanton, TX  78026Worker was found unconscious; probable heat stroke.
FY 201008/21/1008/19/10American Wrecking Inc., South El Monte, CA 91733Worker was run over by a co-worker at a job site.
FY 201008/21/1008/19/10APM Terminals, La Porte, TX  77571Worker was standing behind his semi-tractor rig and attached chassis and was pinned against the chassis attached to his truck by another rig and chassis.
FY 201008/21/1008/19/10Facilities Solutions Group, LLC., Austin, TX  78754Worker was lying down near a location where a job meeting was to be held; worker was non-responsive.  Suspected heart attack.
FY 201008/21/1008/19/10Ruppels Plumbing & Heating, Fort Morgan, CO  80701Worker was performing solder work to repair a hot water heater leak and dropped burning solder onto the floor causing an explosion to occur.  Worker ran out of the house with severe burns.
FY 201008/21/1008/19/10United Personnel, South Deerfield, MA  01373Worker was elevated 25 feet in the air on a high-lift rider truck.  The truck was knocked over by a second fork truck and the worker struck his head on concrete.
FY 201008/21/1008/19/10Valley Pools, Rancho Mirage, CA 92270Reported as an electrocution; however, there is dispute about whether or not worker was electrocuted or became entangled in cord that fell in pool.
FY 201008/21/1008/20/10Ricks Auto Repair, Barboursville, WV  25504Worker was working underneath a vehicle.  The vehicle fell off the jack stands that were supporting it, crushing the worker.
FY 201008/21/1008/20/10Stock Building Supply, Elkins, AR  72727Worker was found pinned under the mast of an overturned 3-wheel powered industrial truck.
FY 201008/28/1006/24/10Rocky Mountain Welding & Fabricating, Pleasant Grove, UT 84062Worker struck in head from material falling from crane while fabricating tank in bender.
FY 201008/28/1007/29/10All Hours Plumbing, Albuquerque, NM 87123A plumber was electrocuted while performing repairs under a home.
FY 201008/28/1008/13/10Grannis Construction, Detroit Lakes, MN 56505Worker fell from catwalk while removing a hopper on a silo.
FY 201008/28/1008/16/10Platt Hill Nursery Inc., Bloomingdale, IL  60108Worker was eating lunch and swallowed a bee.
FY 201008/28/1008/18/10Delta Air Lines, Inc., Dept. 025, Atlanta, GA  30320Worker was operating a baggage tug and was ejected.
FY 201008/28/1008/18/10Tom's Tire and Lube, Bronte, TX  76933Worker was inflating a mounted semi-trailer tire and was struck on the crown of the head by the exploding tire.
FY 201008/28/1008/19/10Humboldt Redwood Co/ Grove Construction, Scotia, CA 95565Worker sustained fatal injuries after becoming pinned under a tree.
FY 201008/28/1008/19/10Nashville Electric Services, Nashville, TN 37246Worker electrocuted after making contact with live wire while moving lives from an old pole to a new one.
FY 201008/28/1008/19/10Sam Mazzola, Columbia Station, OH  44028Worker was attacked by a bear that he was feeding/training.
FY 201008/28/1008/20/10Amberling Companies Inc., Youngstown, OH  44512Worker was working on a security light and fell from a ladder.
FY 201008/28/1008/20/10PG&E, Tuolumne, CA  95379Worker was setting up a truck to auger a hole for a power pole.  While raising the drill, boom made contact with 17 KV overhead power line.
FY 201008/28/1008/20/10Western Sales, Bunker Hill, KS  67626Worker was performing salvage operations of an oil field tank battery following an explosion from a lightning strike.  During the salvage operations, there was hissing noise followed by an explosion, fatally injuring the worker.
FY 201008/28/1008/21/10Genesis Wireless, Braham, MN 55006Worker sustained fatal injuries after being struck in the head as a 4-wheel crane, which worker was in the back of, fell over while erecting a cell tower.
FY 201008/28/1008/23/10Bechel Brothers Inc., Blair, WI  54616Worker was unloading products from a truck.  While working from the top of the truck, fell and cracked head open.
FY 201008/28/1008/23/10Foltz Welding Ltd., Vernon, IL  62892Worker was struck on the head by a pipe that was being moved.
FY 201008/28/1008/23/10Marzetti Co., Columbus, OH  43213Worker was struck by a forklift and hit into a compressor.
FY 201008/28/1008/23/10Moen Steel Erection, Sioux Falls, SD  57104Worker was connecting a 36-foot steel beam to imbeds on a poured concrete wall.  The beam was being held by two clips.  The worker was sitting on top of the wall, the clips failed and the beam fell pullling the worker off the wall.
FY 201008/28/1008/23/10R.L. Brink Corp., Rushville, IL  62681Worker was engaged in road work and was struck by a vehicle.
FY 201008/28/1008/23/10University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Bartlett, IL 60103Research assistant hit by train while studying the effects of the forest preserve on the surrounding wildlife.
FY 201008/28/1008/24/10Chicago Architectural Metals Inc., Chicago, IL  60611Worker climbed over a guardrail and fell through a floor hole.
FY 201008/28/1008/24/10Goodmen Treemen, Westlake, OH  44145Worker was cutting down wind damaged trees and a  60-foot tall tree fell on him.
FY 201008/28/1008/24/10HMHS International, Inc., Kansas City, MO  64131Worker was moving a large metal shelving unit and drove one wheel of the powered industrial truck off the edge of the dock platform.  Worker attempted to jump clear as the truck began to fall and struck and pinned to the concrete surface by the protective cage of the truck.
FY 201008/28/1008/24/10JMF Company, Bettendorf, IA 52732Worker crushed to death by a load of copper tubing after losing his balance when load came off the hook as it was being loaded on a flat bed semi.
FY 201008/28/1008/24/10Robert Cobb Inc., Bessemer, AL  35020Worker was part of a litter crew that was working along a roadway and was struck by a car.
FY 201008/28/1008/24/10Spray Polyurethane Foam, El Paso, TX  79927Worker was applying acrylic roof coating on a building roof and the section of the roof gave way due to corrosion.  Worker fell through the roof and landed on a concrete surface 30 feet below.
FY 201008/28/1008/24/10Steve Wills Trucking & Logging, CAWorker sustained fatal injuries after being hit by a log that became unsecured.
FY 201008/28/1008/25/10Adam Tree Service, Inc., Greenwood, CO  80121Worker was working in an aerial lift on a boom truck.  The boom snapped in half and the worker fell with the boom.
FY 201008/28/1008/25/10Airmech, Inc., Murrieta, CA 92563Worker crushed to death after getting pinned in a roll-up door that was closing.
FY 201008/28/1008/26/10Mike Davis Concrete, Arlington, TX  76001Worker was laying concrete and collapsed.
FY 201008/28/1008/26/10Simplex Grinnell LP., Akron, OH  44333Worker was re-locating sprinkler heads, working from a 10-foot step ladder, and fell four to six feet to the ground.
FY 201008/28/1008/27/10Americold Logistics LLC., Russellville, AR  72802Worker was using a stand up forklift to pull an order of frozen chicken from a 5 tier rack with 3 pallets per location.  Worker was found on the floor covered with bags and cases of frozen chicken.
FY 201008/28/1008/27/10Hillsdale Elevator Company, Geneseo, IL  61254Worker was unclogging auger openings in a grain bin.  The grain that was caked on the walls fell on the worker, engulfing him.
FY 201008/28/1008/28/10Griffin's Waste Services, Inc., Indianola, MS  38751Worker was caught between a waste collection truck and a trash bin.
FY 201009/04/1007/05/10Skyline Produce LLC, Hatch, NM 87937Worker was riding a pallet on the forks of an industrial truck when his foot was caught between the pallet and stationary object.  Worker died of a reported embolism at a medical facility.
FY 201009/04/1008/13/10Good Shepherd Medical Center dba Champion EMS, White Oak, TX  75693Worker was found sleeping at the ambulance station, carbon monoxide poisoning.
FY 201009/04/1008/13/10Prestonwood Baptist Church, The Colony, TX  75056Worker was assembling industrial racks and fell five feet to the ground below, striking his head on the concrete floor.
FY 201009/04/1008/24/10PR Management Corp. dba Panera Bread, Bedford, NH  03110Worker slipped in the kitchen area.
FY 201009/04/1008/26/10Chapparl Energy, Clinton, OK  73601Worker was running electrical lines through metal conduit and collapsed.
FY 201009/04/1008/26/10D.R. Mozeley, Inc., Charlotte, NC 28216Worker was run over by co-worker while making grade measures.
FY 201009/04/1008/26/10Sonoco Recycling, Inc., Salisbury, NC 28144Worker suffered fatal injuries after getting caught between forklift mast and 1600 lbs of baled cardboard.
FY 201009/04/1008/26/10Timber Roof Service, Gualala, CA 95445Tree service worker suffered fatal injuries after falling 63 feet from a tree and landing on previously cut limbs and branches.
FY 201009/04/1008/27/10DJE Leasing, Inc., Phoenix, AZ 85043Worker was fatally injured after getting caught in between while connecting a second trailer to a lead trailer.
FY 201009/04/1008/27/10Kansas City Southern Railroad, Port Arthur, TX  77640Worker was found near an electrical enclosure, unresponsive.
FY 201009/04/1008/29/10Sorey Tire, Inc., Forest, MS  39074Worker was installing a tire on a truck.  The tire exploded, striking the worker.
FY 201009/04/1008/30/10Complete Land Sculpture, Dallas, TX  75220Worker was performing maintenance work on a water pump and was electrocuted.
FY 201009/04/1008/30/10Stebbins Engineering, Watertown, NY 13601Worker was hung by a safety strap while working on an extended boom lift, after the boom snapped.
FY 201009/04/1008/31/10BEJT, LLC., Paterson, NJ  07522Worker was crushed by an industrial truck that fell on him.
FY 201009/04/1008/31/10Nemeth Contracting, White Oak, PA  15131Worker was standing on the edge of the roof and fell 60 feet.
FY 201009/04/1008/31/10Rick's Electric, Burwell, NE  68823Worker was tracing an electrical short and contact was made with the live circuit.
FY 201009/04/1009/01/10Allens Air Conditioning. Phoenix, AZ 85008Worker was electrocuted after making contact with a 110-volt doorbell transformer while performing A/C service.
FY 201009/04/1009/01/10Dominos Pizza, Hyde Park, MA  02136Worker was stabbed and murdered at delivery site.
FY 201009/04/1009/01/10J & E Electric, Murfeesboro, TN 37128Worker was electrocuted after cutting into an energized electric line while working in the attic of a residence.
FY 201009/04/1009/01/10Transworld Plastics Films, Inc., Rochelle, IL  61068Worker was operating a machine and was pulled through the machine.
FY 201009/04/1009/02/10J.D. Parker & Sons Co., Inc., New Port Richey, FL  34652Worker was run over by truck.
FY 201009/04/1009/02/10Yecta Inc. dba Morningside Plumbers, Inglewood, CA 90302Worker suffered fatal injuries (burns) consistent with electrocution while working 35 to 40 feet into a crawl space while attempting to repair water heater.
FY 201009/04/1009/03/10Back Nine Club, LLC, Lakeville, MA  02747Worker was operating a riding lawn mower.  The lawn mower went into a pond, pinning the worker under it.
FY 201009/04/1009/03/10Embry Shaw dba 220 Electric Inc., Hammond, LA  70401Worker was in the process of installing a backup generator and was electrocuted.
FY 201009/04/1009/03/10Tridelta Systems, LLC, Graceville, FL  32440Worker was performing welding repairs on the log selector gate and was crushed by the gate.  The equipment was not properly locked and tagged out for maintenance.
FY 201009/11/1008/27/10Gallo's Nursery, Hacienda Heights, CA 91745Worker received fatal head injuries while loading a tractor on a trailer for hauling.
FY 201009/11/1009/02/10Knochel Bros, Inc., Phoenix, AZ 85024Worker received fatal injuries after being run over by a road grader.
FY 201009/11/1009/03/10D & D Westlake, Fresno, CA 93650Worker had been cleaning out a trench to install sprinkler lines and was later found unresponsive.  Death under investigation.
FY 201009/11/1009/03/10MN Power, Duluth, MN 55802Worker was found unresponsive after taking pictures at a new maintenance building.  Electrical burns found on body during autopsy.  Possible electrocution.
FY 201009/11/1009/04/10Everett Acres, Inc., Princeton, FL  33032Worker's tractor rolled into a canal.
FY 201009/11/1009/06/10Neighbor Well Service, Duson, LA  70529Worker was performing maintenance on a rig.  The rig's floor came down, striking the worker on the head.
FY 201009/11/1009/06/10Ringo Drilling 1, L.P. Rig #18, Ozona, TX  76943Worker was installing a drain pipe to a tank and collapsed.
FY 201009/11/1009/07/10Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative, Inc., Luling, TX  78648Worker was removing a large tree that caused outages.  Worker was in the bucket and made contact with a live line at shoulder or hand.
FY 201009/11/1009/07/10Iron Industries, Hanford, CA 93230Worker received fatal injuries from equipment roll-over while trying to set a beam on top of small building.
FY 201009/11/1009/07/10Lauderhill Ten Management Corporation, Inc., Lauderhill, FL 33313Worker was operating a mower and mowing grass near a canal.  The lawn mower rolled into the canal, worker drowned.
FY 201009/11/1009/07/10Lonesome Dove Concrete Pumping, Great Falls, MT  59404Worker was caught between two trucks and crushed.
FY 201009/11/1009/07/10Oakley Missouri, Inc., Hayti, MO  63851Worker was greasing the bearings on a conveyor and fell 50 feet from a catwalk.
FY 201009/11/1009/07/10Unknown Contractor, Risingsun, OH  43467Worker was pulled into a tree chipper machine.
FY 201009/11/1009/08/10New Coat Sealing, LLC., Robinson, IL  62454Worker was flagging traffic and was struck by a truck.
FY 201009/11/1009/08/10Woodwork Manufacturing & Supply, Hutchinson, KS 67501-5373Worker discovered a fire in a sawdust collection system and attempted to extinguish the fire by opening the dump doors on the bottom of the sawdust collector and a flash fire occurred, enveloping the worker in flames/burning sawdust.
FY 201009/11/1009/09/10American Suncraft Indian Heights, Kokomo, IN 46901Worker was working on a water tower when he fell resulting in fatal injuries.
FY 201009/11/1009/09/10Skanska-Koch, Brooklyn, NY  11211Worker was pinned by aerial lift and beam.
FY 201009/11/1009/09/10Westscapes, Inc., Hanford, CA 93230Worker collapsed after unloading 11-gallon plants and 15-gallon trees from truck.
FY 201009/11/1009/09/10Yakama Forest Products, White Swan, WA  98952Worker was working on a planer and was pinned by the door used to access the cutting heads.
FY 201009/11/1009/10/10Ralph Surles Company, Jacksboro, TX  76458Worker was in the process of assembling a steel double billboard.  One billboard fell onto another, pinning the worker between the signs.
FY 201009/11/1009/11/10Gorski Trash Removal, Inc., Penns Park, PA  18943Worker was performing maintenance on the back of a trash truck.  The support gave way and the tailgate came down on the worker.
FY 201009/11/1009/11/10Industrial Piping, LLC, Pryor, OK  74361Worker was working from an elevated platform and was descending a ladder from the platform.  Worker was found later hanging in his harness.
FY 201009/18/1008/17/10Scott Walston Construction, Visalia, CA  93279Worker suffered fatal head injuries after falling 10 feet from a ladder while climbing to retrieve some material.
FY 201009/18/1008/26/10Jack Crump Tree & Moving Service, Pilot Mountain, NC  27041Worker was electrocuted after making contact with an overhead power line while securing a de-limbed tree from a boom truck basket.
FY 201009/18/1008/30/10Swanson Glass Inc., Iowa City, IA  52242Worker suffered fatal injuries while operating a reciprocating saw on a ladder, losing his balance and falling 24 feet to a concrete slab.
FY 201009/18/1009/08/10Seaboard Wellhead Control, Inc., Houston, TX  77047Worker was struck by a pallet with a load weighing 2000 lbs.
FY 201009/18/1009/11/10Johnson Feed, Inc., North Sioux City, SD  57049Worker was washing trucks from an elevated platform 9 feet high and was found lying at the bottom of the platform.
FY 201009/18/1009/13/10Fast Trek Steel Inc., New Haven, CT  06510Worker was struck by a steel beam that fell from a building to the ground.
FY 201009/18/1009/13/10Lowe's Home Improvement, Searcy, AR  72143Worker climbed a rolling stepladder to retrieve stock from an overhead rack.  He lost his balance and fell, striking his head on a beam and landing on the concrete below.
FY 201009/18/1009/13/10Wayne's Tree Removal, Simsbury, CT  06070Worker was engaged in tree removal activities.  The tree snapped in half at the base; the worker was still attached to the tree as it fell to the driveway.
FY 201009/18/1009/14/10Clark's Heavy Equipment & Oil Field Service, Minot, ND 58701Worker was performing maintenance on skid steer and was later found pinned between the lifting arms and the cab of the skid steer.
FY 201009/18/1009/14/10Proscape Holdings, LLC., Plantation, FL  33324Worker using a riding lawn mower rolled over into a lake and drowned.
FY 201009/18/1009/14/10Riley Stripping, Bond & Black Top, Livermore, CA  94550Worker suffered fatal injuries after being crushed between two farm vehicles.
FY 201009/18/1009/14/10Valley Prestress Products Inc., Grand Prairie, TX  77050Worker was test-starting an engine to put in sidewinder.  The fan blade came off, striking the worker on the chest and head.
FY 201009/18/1009/14/10Vulcraft Carrier Corporation, Aberdeen, MD  21005Worker was struck by two bar joists that fell from a load of steel bar joists on a flatbed truck.
FY 201009/18/1009/15/10Hatcher Roofing, New Philadelphia, OH  44663Worker was tearing off and installing a new roof.  He stepped backward off the roof, falling 12 feet to a concrete patio.
FY 201009/18/1009/15/10Honey Fix-It, Media, PA  19063Worker was painting a fascia board and fell from an extension ladder.
FY 201009/18/1009/15/10Park N Fly, Coppell, TX  75019Worker was servicing a van.  The van rolled off of the ramps, pinning him between the muffler, transmission of the van, and the auto creeper.
FY 201009/18/1009/15/10RockTenn, Norcross, GA  30071Worker was assigned to operate a commercial printer.
FY 201009/18/1009/15/10United Parcel Service, Inc., Des Moines, IA  50321Worker suffered fatal injuries after being struck by a moving semi truck while loading/unloading freight.
FY 201009/18/1009/15/10Wright Tree Service, McAlester, OK  72331Worker was trimming a tree limb 25 feet high. The limb sprung back and struck him on the chest.
FY 201009/18/1009/16/10Dallas Metal Works, LLC, Pensacola, FL  32505Worker was replacing a metal roof and fell through a skylight.
FY 201009/18/1009/16/10LeBron's Construction, Springfield, MA  01107-1039Worker was in the process of reroofing and fell from the second story roof.
FY 201009/18/1009/17/10Gavilon Grain LLC, Morral, OH  43337Worker was working inside a grain silo in removal of the grain by manually moving wood slats covering the discharge auger.  Worker was standing on the grating and was unhooking a sensor cable from the grating.  The grating came loose; the worker fell and was pulled into the operations discharger auger.
FY 201009/18/1009/17/10Lindsey Masonary Co., Inc., Overland Park, KS  66062Worker fell 30 feet after the scaffold collapsed.
FY 201009/18/1009/17/10Midwest Fence Corporation, Forest View, IL  60402Worker was performing repair operations on an impact attenuator and was struck by a truck.
FY 201009/25/1008/18/10M & R Construction Co., Arkadelphia, AR  71923Worker was operating a backhoe at a gravel pit to load gravel into the bed of a dump truck.  Worker exited the backhoe that was still running and got beneath the front bucket of the backhoe.  The bucket fell, crushing the worker.
FY 201009/25/1008/31/10Anderson Columbia Co., Crystal River, FL  34429Worker was doing electrical work and was exposed to an arc flash.
FY 201009/25/1009/17/10Alameda Tower, Los Angeles, CA  90021Worker sustained fatal injuries after being hit by a trailer on company property.
FY 201009/25/1009/17/10Becnel Family Vineyards, Healdsburg, CA  95448Worker suffered fatal injuries in a roll-over accident while backing down a hillside.  Worker not wearing seatbelt.
FY 201009/25/1009/17/10Evergreen Turf, Inc., Chandler, AZ  85286Worker sustained fatal injuries after being crushed by forklift that he was operating.  The forklift lost control in a skid down a hill, throwing the worker who was not wearing a seatbelt.  The forklift landed on and crushed the worker.
FY 201009/25/1009/17/10Mussop, Inc., El Dorado, AR  71730Worker worked as part of an industrial cleaning crew.  After leaving the work site, he collapsed, exhibiting signs of heat stroke.
FY 201009/25/1009/17/10Rabalais I & E Constructors, Corpus Christi, TX  78460Worker was working from a scissor lift installing conduit and came in contact with overhead crane rail conductors that were energized.  Worker was electrocuted.
FY 201009/25/1009/17/10Work Source, Los Angeles, CA  90010Worker fell, hitting her head on cabinet before hitting floor.
FY 201009/25/1009/19/10Huellinghoff Brothers, Inc., Jerseyville, IL  62052Worker was delivering a load of propane. A piping failure occurred causing a leak, a series of explosions, and a fire.  Worker was caught in fire.
FY 201009/25/1009/19/10J. B. Hunt Gas & Oil Drilling, LLC, Rankin, TX  79778Worker was in the process of running casing. A high pressure hose burst, striking the worker and knocking him down the rig steps, 20 to 25 feet.
FY 201009/25/1009/19/10T.B.H. Corp., Destin, FL  32541Worker was conducting pH balance tests of an indoor pool and had a heart attack.
FY 201009/25/1009/20/10AT&T, Columbus, OH  43215Worker was working at a network junction box.  He was pinned between his work van and the junction box after the vehicle rolled forward.
FY 201009/25/1009/20/10Davco Electrical Contractors Corporation, Port Orange, FL 32129Worker was digging up an underground electrical conduit.  He reached into the ground, grabbing the conduit and was electrocuted.
FY 201009/25/1009/20/10Riceland Foods, Inc., McGehee, AR  71654Worker was assisting with vacuum operation and fell into the boot pit, 20 feet.
FY 201009/25/1009/22/10Tri State Roofing, Woodland Park, CO  80863Worker fell from a roof.
FY 201009/25/1009/23/10Aguirre's Electric Service Inc DBA Aguirre's Green, Windcrest, TX  78239Worker was installing a light fixture, received an electrical shock, and fell from a ladder.
FY 201009/25/1009/23/10Dish Network Services LLC, Naper, NE  68775Worker was installing a satellite dish and received an electric shock from an unknown source.
FY 201009/25/1009/23/10Grant and Hagan Farms, Eden, ID  83325Worker was on a pallet supported by a forklift working on a potato storage door and was crushed, falling to the ground.
FY 201009/25/1009/23/10L & K Contracting Company, Inc., Enterprise, AL  36330Worker was in a 12-foot deep section of a trench in the process of lowering and connecting a section.  A large portion of the wall gave way, covering the worker up to his shoulders.
FY 201009/25/1009/24/10Directorate of Public Works, Fort Hood, TX  76544Worker was changing out a ballast and capacitor for an outdoor floodlight with 277 volts and was electrocuted.
FY 201009/25/1009/24/10John  R. Jurgensen Company, Fairfield, OH  45014Worker, during highway paving operations, was backed over by a loaded dump truck.
FY 201009/25/1009/24/10Marks Electric, Washington, DC  20020Worker was conducting testing and exposed to 270-volt supplied conductors contained in an electrical box and was electrocuted.
FY 201009/25/1009/24/10Supreme Service Specialty, Broussard, LA  70518Worker was using a pressure testing device.  Tool inside went one direction and the vessel went in another, striking the worker's torso.
FY 201009/25/1009/25/10Pioneer Oilfield Trucking, Inc., Eagle Pass, TXWorker was in the process of backing up a trailer to another trailer to unload a rig.  Worker was crushed after one of the trailers backed up pinning him against the opposite trailer.